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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream Recommended by Whom You Know

NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream is one more hit from this amazing company: This rich face cream is ideal for first time AHA users to target the prevention and correction of photoaging.
A rich face cream that is appropriate in all seasons, it is lovely for your spring!  Whom You Know's Beauty Panel put this to the test:

I was very excited to receive this lotion.  I am always looking for new products for my face!  I have a very uneven skin tone around my nose and cheeks and was thrilled to see this cream helps even skin tone.  I also liked that this cream has antioxidant protection, which I've not seen in many of the other products I've tried.  Over time, using the cream helps minimize the effects of the sun and pollution.  I find this a huge help!  Anything that can help keep my skin looking healthier and younger is a plus.  I have never known a cream to also act as an exfoliating moisturizer as well as this, renewin cells, and this cream does that.  I also tried the cream on my hands, and that is where I felt the most relief.  My hands and cuticles can get extremely dry and I could tell a difference immediately.  This is such a wonderful product and I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream contains 8%Glycolic Acid and 2% Citric Acid.  This combination, not only works great on your skin, but it smells fresh.  The cream is very light and does not feel like it clogs the pores.  Make up glides on easily after applying this lotion.  I use this just once daily each morning.  My skin feels much tighter and glows.  I feel my facial skin has definitely softened since I started using this cream.  I love my new smooth look.  I apply sunscreen after this cream, to protect my skin daily.  This is a great product for anyone with dry dull skin. You will be happy that your skin will glow along with the warmer weather.

NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream – AHA 10 rich face cream targets prevention and correction of those visible signs of photoaging.  It is oil-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic/acnegenic.  Formulated with 8% glycolic acid and 2% citric acid it creates this nice, rich face cream.  Made with one of the key ingredient, glycolic acid that is a natural constituent of sugar cane.  The anti-oxidant benefits of the citric acid component have to be used to be truly appreciated!  Daily apply this wonderful, silky-smooth face and neck cream and enjoy the results!  You will be quite happy with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while making your skin look younger.  It is easy to tote because it comes in an easily dispensable plastic tube.   I cannot wait to take it on my next trip.  Thanks NeoStrata for supplying us with this terrific face cream!

NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream - AHA 10 is like the fountain of youth! This exfoliating moisturizing cream helps clear dead skin. I love that it polishes the skin and renews it to make it glow. At the same time this lotion exfoliates! Believe it or not it really makes your skin sparkle!! It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This lotion can not only be used on your face, but also on our body and hands! Any sight of sun damaged or even acne damaged skin kiss it good-bye. With the help of this smoothing cream it will help diminish any imperfections slowly, gently and safely! Oh and if you're wondering if it has a harsh chemical smell, NOPE! Fragrance-free! 
Size:  1.4 oz.  Price:  $26.00     

  • Ultra-rich, anti-aging cream that targets signs of aging
  • Formulated with 8% Glycolic acid and 2% Citric acid
  • Ideal for first time AHA users with non-sensitive skin
  • Created by dermatologists

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NeoStrata products are available through physicians and through select online retailers,
for more information visit or call 1-800-865-8667. 

The NeoStrata brand offers a comprehensive range of skin care products featuring the most advanced hydroxy acid technology including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) and Polyhydroxy Bionic Acids to meet the needs of every skin type.  An amphoteric delivery system enhances AHA gentleness, helping to reduce stinging and improve tolerability.

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