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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Antidote Skin Care Changes Name to Beautisol New name accurately represents the company’s new direction into the sun care industry

Antidote Skin Care, the leading sun care experts, announced the retirement of its original name.  The sun care company will now be known as Beautisol.  The new name better reflects the company’s corporate identity and mission.  Beautisol will continue to provide customers with the same excellent sun care products and customer service consumers have come to depend on. 

Keeping to the company’s social media roots, the new name and logo were chosen via direct customer feedback.  Hundreds of customers voted on which name and logo best represented them and the company’s trusted products.  Beautisol’s new name represents the sun care company’s growth, culture and expansion into additional products.

“I’m very excited about the name change.  As we venture into other sun care products, I feel that the name Beautisol represents us more effectively,” said Sinead Norenius, Founder of Beautisol.  “Our products will have the same great formula that so many people have loved, especially our SMELL RIGHT Technology and guide color.  Our name is changing, not the quality of our products.”

Beautisol is a sun care company that acts as a mentor to its customers allowing them to make the best sun care choice that’s right for them.  All products are paraben-free, and are formulated with the consumer in mind.  Beautisol products are favored amongst self- tanners for their natural color, easy application and their SMELL RIGHT Technology, which encapsulates the nasty processing smell by 80 percent.  Beautisol is the sole U.S. based company to use the SMELL RIGHT Technology in all self-tanning products.  The company is also the first self-tanning company that has created a how-to DVD, educating consumers how to properly apply a self-tanner for a streak-free natural application.

Beautisol’s product portfolio consists of Summer Glow, a dark self-tanning lotion, All Seasons Glow, a gradual self-tanner and the Go Slough Yourself face and body scrub.  

We put the self tanner to the test, and our panel stated:

Beautisol is one of the BEST self-tanners out there on the market! First of all I would like to say they ship the product in a nice small package - they provide the tanner, gloves and directions on how much to put where. The kicker is that they ship it with a little candy - a nice surprise! The lotion smells great and is easy to spread around on the body. After applying it once your body gets an amazing natural glow. It doesn't deliver a yellow or orange look, but it does give off the most natural tan of all. The best part is that it dries quickly and doesn't stain your clothes, nor does it have an awful smell. It's a great product to have for those who are on the go but want to have that amazing summer glow year round.

So what really does make "beautisol" all seasons glow self tanning lotion so fantastic??  First of all it smells great, so more yucky odor after applying a self tanner.  Next, it is colored, so you can see exactly where you have applied the lotion, crucial when you want to have an even tan!  An "instructional DVD",we are not kidding, everything is covered to ensure you get your tan right.  Beautisol even has a members club, which is essential to get the savings you deserve.  It comes in an easy to use pump, enclosed are instructions on how many pumps to use depending on the area you want to cover for your tan.  This al seems very simple and straightforward, but I don't know of any other company that goes to these great lengths.  Finally, my tan is even, natural looking and you know I feel skinny with having this great all over tan!

While there are many and varied self-tanners out there in the market now, Beautisol All Seasons Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion stands out as one of the best ones I've used so far.  On top of bringing out a gradual and natural bronzing of my skin, this formula contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that nourish my skin, making it soft and supple in addition to adding that wonderful glow.  Application is simple, it's applied just like with any lotion, however Beautisol is quite committed to helping us get it right, just go on the Beautisol website to view a host of how-to videos that run thru the prep stage, how to apply on different and tricky body parts and how to maintain that luscious glow and ensuring that it looks natural.  The videos feature Sinead Novenius, the founder of Beautisol, otherwise known as the "self-tanning queen," as she shares with us all the tricks of the trade that she's discovered thru the years.  For me, one of the best features of this lotion is the Smell Right fragrance technology that's gone into it, which masks the processing odor typically associated with self-tanners, so there's no longer that pungent and extremely tell-tale odor that gives away the fact that you're using a self-tanner. No one needs to know that your beautiful bronze glow isn't from the sun!

Beautisol – All Seasons Glow, Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion   has a fresh, clean scent.  I am fond of the idea that it is not in aerosol container, rather an earth-wise pump container.  They suggest that you apply your tanning at night because it is less interruptive and will not affect your clothing choices or daily routine.  It easily applies smoothly and evenly with a most gradual color change.  The Beautisol – Pump Guide decisively leads you to determine how many pump times are needed in any area of your body.  Also featured on the Pump Guide is the suggestion to visit their Education tab on the website at: for more tips and tricks, and online videos.  Such a handy guide!  You never have to worry about staining any clothes, as they suggest you use OxiClean in your laundry to ensure the guide color comes out completely and your whites stay bright.  Thank you Beautisol for creating this lightly-scented sweet All Seasons Glow, Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion!   

I’ve spent years in tanning booths and out in the sun to achieve that perfect tanned complexion. As I grew older, I realized that doing all of that harmed my skin instead of “perfecting” it. So I swore off the sun for good, but after several season of not tanning and looking pale and pasty, I searched for a new, healthier way to give myself the bronzed beach look without actually stepping foot into a tanning salon or spending hours in the sun frying myself. I heard great things about the Beautisol Self-Tanner lotion and decided to go with it for my first self-tanning experience. This lotion is extremely easy to use and I was surprised by how nice it smelled. The videos online were also extremely educational and guided me through my first use. This lotion is amazing – from the very first use, my skin color gradually darkened to give me that sun kissed look! And I love how I am able to control how dark I want to get without getting too orange or that “burned” look. I will definitely be using the Beautisol self-tanner from now on whenever I want to get a quick tan without the nasty side effects!

In addition to self-tanners, the sun care company is in the midst of developing several cutting edge sun care products to be released in 2010.  All Beautisol products can be purchased online at and at selected retailers around the country.   

About Beautisol
Beautisol provides high quality and environmentally conscious self-tanning products with personality.  Founded in 2009, Beautisol was born from social media as a way to communicate directly with customers.    All products are paraben free and PETA certified.  Beautisol’s mission is to be the tanning mentor, friend and educator to the consumer.  Beautisol products are sold online.  For more information log on to

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