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Monday, November 21, 2011

Whom You Know Celebrates the 10,000th Post in Our History with Ten Movers and Shakers that Influence the World, Plus a Legend and One Whom We Miss

Other posts we have celebrated with specific products, but let us assure you that no product is excellent without the right person behind it so we choose to celebrate our 10,000th post in fewer than three years with 10 Movers and Shakers that prove time and time again that they are here to stay.  In alphabetical order by last name, here are ten of our Movers and Shakers that we believe have been and will continue to be influential in Manhattan and the world beyond.  Click on the link below each to read their original Mover and Shaker Interview.
Loreen Arbus
Loreen is a Woman Who Cares, even if she didn't have a luncheon that says so.  An influential force with impact in television programming, Loreen always has a smile on her face full of grace.  Plus, Peckie had a vote.
Geoffrey Bradfield
Until we met you we didn't understand why interior designers were so important.  Your vision for design, your depth of personality, and your philosophy for everything that works across the board we find unprecedented and you are the best.
Ellen Christine
Hats off to Ellen Christine.  In the year of the Royal Wedding when hats are hotter than ever, Ellen Christine is the enduring professional committed to quality down to every last detail.  Her hats are our favorite.
Rita Cosby
Her patriotism and her commitment to excellence we really admire, and her warm personality is just the cherry on top.  She's won numerous awards for being a reporter but we think of her more as the person who is just a really smart friend sitting next to someone interesting we want to hear about.
Consuelo Costin
Peachy Deegan leaves a store when she doesn't like a song playing in the background.  Our music column is tiny because of our tremendous pickiness in this realm.  However, when she heard "Feel So Alive" on Halloween, she listened to it on repeat for a week.  No wonder why you are on the Billboard charts, Consuelo!  We're sure if you lived on the East Coast we'd have a picture with you too.
Rodney Cutler
If your hair looks fabulous you cannot have a bad day.  Rodney Cutler and his team have proven time and time again that they are the best, and not only is he himself phenomenal at what he does, he also breeds it at his salon with more depth than any other we've seen.
Charles Ferri
You know that though Swifty's started The Peachy Deegan cocktail, Charles Ferri has brought it to 14 more places, 15 total.  There would be no cocktail without Star Vodka!  We have been a fan since our first sip in August of 2009 and most recently Richard Gere was singing its praises on page six last weekend.
Meera Gandhi
We've profiled many charities, but the difference between many of them and what Meera does is that like us, she tries to cover it all and we really admire that.  The Giving Back foundation is committed to covering causes for women, children, arts, poverty and health causes around the world.  
Chrishaunda Lee
We've known her for 21 years - longer than any other Mover and Shaker on this list, and the Governor of Fashion at the National Arts Club has the best taste in town.  Also you knew one ancient would make this list! (Sarah Cichon is in the middle)
Will & Anthony Nunziata
You wouldn't choose to split them up either, though we required them to interview separately.  We're counting them as one here-one that is twice as nice.  Ever to Excel is what you will hear.  They keep getting bigger and bigger and their stars shine brighter every day.
The Overall Legend: Liz Smith
There's really not enough space in the internet to cover this topic.  We could do a whole website on everything Liz Smith has done for New York, but for now just check her out during the last Landmarks Conservency Gala:
Posthumously: Evelyn Lauder
We were so sad to hear of her passing and she deserves a special mention for her genuine care for the world and her dynamic brilliant business sense.  She was a genuinely nice person, just like everyone else listed, and she is missed.

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