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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gotham Gadgets: Epilady Esthetic Fine Facial Hair Epilator Recommended by the Smooth, Gorgeous-Faced Females of Whom You Know!

If you think peach fuzz on your face is fine, think again. In fact, the only hair on your face should be your eyebrows and those need to be shaped. If you cannot afford the laser hair removal, which we greatly recommended at Advanced Derma Laser, then not to worry. If Laser does not fit your budget there is another solution. The Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator is super easy to use and does prove good results. Totally reinvented in this stylish and small tool to rid you of facial hair, it helped get rid of any fine peach fuzzy hair below my side burns. I did not get any in-grown hairs or bumps which is key. Epilady says the hair removal will last close to six weeks which so far has been true. So take a look again at Epilady and its new and improved hair removal tools, you will be very happy with the results.

Being a busy mom and business owner does not allow for much pampering (or any for that matter). I am lucky if I can grab a shower every day and actually dry my hair! I am not a person with a lot of facial hair, but I do have some "peach fuzz" which has always annoyed me. Back in my younger days (pre-child), I would splurge on a facial wax at my favorite NYC spa. Now, that is just a distant memory. Enter the Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator! This beauty tool is like a magic wand. Running on two AA batteries, this tool is both easy to use and effective. Start with a clean (sans make-up, lotion, etc.), dry face. Then gently stretch the skin on the area to be epilated, touch the skin gently against the direction of hair growth. Don't keep the epilator in the same spot for too long as it may heat the skin too much. After using, clean the coils with the brush provided. Clean your face and let it dry. Your skin may feel sensitive and be red after hair removal, this is normal and will subside (because of this is it recommended that you use this appliance in the evening right before bed). I found this Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator to be quite the handy little tool! It has definitely earned its place in my make-up bag! 

I've never used a facial epilator before, but am I sure glad I did. I was always worried about using a product like this because of possible red marks being left afterwards. Not with this product. It did such an awesome job at getting rid of my facial hair. I loved the fact that there wasn't a mess to clean up after. Plus, it lasted longer than other treatments I've used. I also liked that the batteries aren't wearing out and can last. Plus, it's small, compact design makes it perfect for traveling. I am planning on purchasing some as gifts for some of my friends who have been complaining about their facial hair. I highly recommend getting one!

The Epilady Esthetic is an epilator. It is designed to remove fine, facial hair. I love mine. I always waxed my facial hair. But since I got my Epilady. It is so easy to use It runs on two AA batteries It is gentle. It does not hurt like wax. And you can use it whenever you want. It comes in a convenient carry case and is compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. It is also easy to clean. It comes with a small brush. It us understandable why this is a best-selling product.

Growing up I was always a little hesitant to use electric hair removers. They seemed a bit scary and possibly painful, especially back in the day. I recently tried using the Epilady and believe me, it really works! It's so quiet and very easy to use. It fits comfortably in my hand while in use and removes facial hair with such ease. The discomfort is very mild, especially compared to tweezing and waxing! It doesn't leave my skin red and irritated either! It is so safe to use and extremely delicate on my skin. It is also the perfect travel size too and is very discrete! What a great tool that I can use for facial hair removal without the hassle of waxing! 

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