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Monday, October 28, 2013

Terrific Takeout: Popover Cafe Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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You'd think after nearly 5 years of doing this we'd have found every spot that has been here for decades, but we are delighted to say that we're still finding some amazing veterans of restaurants.  The Popover Cafe is one!  We cannot tell you the last time we had a popover, but once you have one from the Popover Cafe, you'll find the experience so memorable you'll return again and again for their quality comfort food exclusively by owner Carol Baer.  And we love her bear collection.  A salad is a component that is always important to us so we began with the Chopped Salad: Chunks of Tomato, Avocado, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Black Forest Ham, Roasted Red Pepper, Scallion and Romaine.  It was so fresh and every part of this bastion of nutrition was cut into precisely the perfect size.
As a side, we ordered the tremendously delicious Pasta Pomodoro Deluxe (and when you order it Deluxe, it means with Fontina which, trust us, you definitely want!).  Fusilli with their home-made tomato sauce and super-fresh shredded basil will confirm that the Popover Cafe is inventive with something as simple as pasta in their comfort food endeavor.
As an entree, Peachy Deegan opted for the Prime Filet Mignon, which was grilled medium as requested to perfection.  The broccoli was the ideal crispness and the potatoes were a lovely side.  Not content to just meet expectations but aimed to exceed them, Carol insisted we try two other dishes as well and we're glad we did.
This one is Carol's husband Ted's favorite.  Please meet the Almond Crusted Tilapia, sure to please all fish lovers.  
And if you are going for more vegetables and fewer carbs, a great option is the tantalizing taste of their spaghetti squash, visually set off nicely by the broccoli that we loved.  Of course, this is a vegetarian option but our Carnivore-in-Chief thought it excelled.  Dancing in a pomodoro sauce with diced vegetables and fontina cheese on a bed of spinach, this was a hit.
The Popover Cafe is Terrific Takeout!
And, Carol Baer is a total peach.  We love her bears and her popovers!

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