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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Tracy Stern has had a passion for tea that goes back to her days as a small child when she would accompany her parents on antique European buying excursions and they encouraged her to start her own collection of teacups. Tracy was the child always playing dress-up and having teaparties! As she expanded her tea collection she also reveled in the history of tea as well as the luxurious table settings. After studying art and art history in Europe and visiting all the most established tearooms throughout the world Tracy came back to America and opened her own tearoom in Tampa Florida.

Tracy's inspiration was that of the French salon and elegant tearooms from the 17th century and today globally known as SALONTEA. The salons of Europe hosted the society of the day bringing people together as the social connector where artists, musicians, society, the fashionable set as well as royalty could blend famously in the salon and gather to discuss the topics of the day. The names of the personalities of the teas themselves, to the design of the teabars and tearooms they will be opening over the next year encompasses her overall vision and mantra. ENJOY LIFE. DRINK TEA. CELEBRATE OFTEN Whom You Know HIGHLY RECOMMENDS SALONTEA, and Peachy Deegan thinks Tracy Stern has created the ultimate tea party!

TRACY STERN SALONTEA is a lifestyle brand that encompasses a fusion of fashion, entertaining, style, art and TEA blended into distinct yet interconnected categories. TRACY STERN is the creative for who has assembled a new approach toward the tea experience through a unique positioning of products and services. She uses tea to bring people together and believes that everyone should experience life through simple defining luxuries; from preparing the perfect cup of tea to creating the most elegant and effortless tea party. Peachy Deegan interviewed Tracy Stern for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: Do you remember out first tea party when you were young? What was it like?
Tracy Stern: My first tea party was hard to remember, however my mom says after milk, tea was my drink as a child. I do remember dressing up of course and setting up a pretty table with flowers from the garden I had outdoors. I grew up in Miami Beach,so there were always flowers blooming! Along with the flowers, my mother always had the prettiest table cloths and vintage fabrics!

Who did you have tea parties with?
I had tea parties with dolls as a youngster, and they were all dressed up as well! I suppose that life is a party and I should always dress up for the occasion!

Who among the fashionable set in Manhattan has become a regular at your SALONTEA?
In New York City, we have all types in our Tea Salon! From sports luminaries such as Yanik Noah, Sultans from Dubai, society girls, New York housewives such as Alex McCord and fashionable types such as Patrick McDonald, and Zang Toi.

Who would you like as a client who has not yet visited SALONTEA?
The sophisticated, the elegant, fashionable and political social Georgette Mosbacher. When I met her at her home, she had a particular and fashionable way of hosting and entertaining her guests! And of course, Lady Di!

You also sell your tea at the Food Emporium? Anywhere else?
We sell all over the world! Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Nina Campell in London, Franck et Fils in Paris , as well as boutiques from Sidney to Milan, and even Tokyo!

What future visions do you have for SALONTEA?
My initial vision for SALONTEA was to have it be a international franchise. In airports, malls, my feeling is that everyone will benefit from drinking tea.

Where do you like to have tea in Europe?
I love to have tea in London at the Ritz or a more intimate chic Mariage Frères in Paris, and countless other intimate tea salons.

Do you have any other creative pursuits?
My creative pursuits touch all aspects of my life, interior design, fashion, traveling, painting and living!

What is your favorite place to be in New York City?
My favorite place to be in New York City is my home, and SALONTEA!

What is your favorite shop?
My favorite place to drink tea is SALONTEA! For food, Grand Central Terminal food hall, and for clothes shopping Bergdorf Goodman's and Barneys.

What is your favorite drink?
My favorite drink is a "spicy hot chi latte" from SALONTEA based with a chocolate chi tea.

What is your favorite restaurant?
L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in the Four Seasons.

What is your favorite New York City book?
Rizzoli Book Store biographies on Dianna Vreeland, Doris Duke and Catherine the Great

What is your favorite thing to do in New York City?
Roller skate in my apartment and ice skate in Central Park.

What do you think is most underrated and overrated in New York City?
I think the most underrated place in NYC is Carl Schurz Park and the Antique market on 26th Street, and I think the most overrated place is Mr.Chow's, although I love the food, I do think it's a bit pricey.

What else should "Whom You Know" readers know about you?
Readers should know that while being a social butterfly at night, I really love being home with family and friends. I love to travel and I am constantly on the go or creating something fun!

How would you like to be contacted by "Whom You Know" readers?

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