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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OUTSTANDING SERVICE: The Stuart Hirsch Salon

Peachy Deegan strongly endorses the talent of Stuart Hirsch, who recently did an outstanding job with her hair color. See his website under her favorites...his vision to achieve the most stunning natural color is among the best she has ever seen in Manhattan!

Finding a talent to get your hair just right is certainly a feat in this city which is blanketed in beauty and Whom You Know is pleased we met Stuart Hirsch the fabulous colorist! The highlights are subtle, classy and completely natural-looking. The brassiness or redness of shade that can happen when you work with a colorist that is not obsessed with excellence did not even come close to happening and Stuart Hirsch deserves many accolades for that. Peachy Deegan was all set to attend the Beautiful People party by Paper Magazine the night she had her hair done by Stuart!

Whom You Know looks forward an upcoming feature on Stuart Hirsch as a Mover and Shaker!

For more information:

The Stuart Hirsch Salon
542 Laguardia Place
New York, NY 10012

212 375 8580

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