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Friday, April 2, 2010

Salon Peachy: Rodney Cutler and Rachel Bodt are the Winning Combination for the Best Hair in Manhattan this Spring. Whom You Know Highly Recommends Cutler Salon!

If we knew Rodney Cutler liked football and played it in Australia when we walked in the door, Peachy Deegan could have been talking to him about football the whole time and writing the entire article on sport, but that is not why we headed to 465 West Broadway today, and we don't want to disappoint our readers.  This will be the first Salon Peachy article that is a double feature in Sporty Peachy...but this is the first salon that is run by someone that does triathlons!  Onto the mane/main topic!

Peachy's hair as of this afternoon has more spring it it than the month of April!  Remember, it is not who you know, it is Whom You Know and at a soiree months ago we saw Mover and Shaker Laura Livingston Rubin and we loved her hair- Rachel Bodt colors it.  Rachel Bodt also does Rachel Ray and many others...Look at how good Laura's hair looks in her Mover and Shaker picture.  So, we scheduled in Rodney and Rachel for Salon Peachy.  Then more recently, we told our friend Jason that we cover beauty - Jason knows us to cover other disciplines but of course you dedicated Whom You Know reader- you know we have around 90 columns...and Jason said we must see Cutler.  So, although many, many posts come to us recommended, this came to us recommended by two people that don't know each other - so we were uber-excited to meet Rachel and Rodney!  And a third recommendation came in indirectly from Ecco Domani-of course we covered their show:
and we covered their wine (Peachy just loves Gallo):
and they had CUTLER do the hair for their show so we cannot think of a stronger recommendation than THAT.  Of course, the hair in those pictures is fabulous as well.

Entering into the Cutler Salon at 465 West Broadway, your spirits are lifted into a world of color.  Indeed, it is much like an Easter egg which is so appropriate for this time of year.  The signature color is a sea of blue horizontal stripes, but paired with lime green counters and purple walls you are surrounded by the coolest color combination around.  Even the bathroom walls are purple.  

This is a cutting-edge salon, and we aren't just talking about scissors.  From the moment we entered and put on the smock, we saw that even the changing rooms have smart monitors where you can see streaming video of all of the Cutler achievements in fashion and beauty.  Cool blue vertical lights complement the purple walls in there too, and as we emerged, David warmly greeted us and brought us our motivation and hydration, otherwise known as coffee and water.

Then it was discussion time with Rachel and Rodney.  In working together it is important to determine the end goal, and to get input from the client.  And they DID totally listen to Peachy today.  The outstanding talent, dedication and hard work of the whole team made Peachy's hair flawless.  Not one bit of red, as we asked, no teeny-tiny bits of gray show now (applause!) and a face framing shape to the cut that is certainly many cuts above other salons in Manhattan. 

 If Peachy was a foot taller, she'd be runway-ready!  Since we have had Breakfast at Tiffany's:  Peachy wanted to be a little closer to Holly by getting similar hair.  As Rodney and Rachel explained, hair dyes were much harsher then so having exactly the same Holly hair was not what we wanted, but it turned out with the true Golightly spirit, and again, most importantly, no mean reds!  (If you don't know what we are talking about other than our prior preference for non-red hair, you must read the book, which we recommended too:
With the utmost dedication and precision, Rachel painted and foiled away until every strand was attended to on Peachy's head, and later she painted on the base.  Two highlights were used in neutral equal parts: Ash blue highlift blonde mixed with double 40 volume.  Rachel used glaze to eliminate the red that comes through with time on Peachy's hair, amist a salon setting that had people having their hair colored, cut and styled by professionals that were busy as bees.  While this first glaze canceled out the warmth, the next glaze added depth and dimension, showing amazing contrast achieved by Rachel's excellent eye.  Rachel Bodt specializes in brunettes and blondes, and in particular is great at beachy looks and outgrown, strong natural colors, so in particular we'd say she is perfect for this time of year when you want your color to really have punch.  Rachel was assisted by the amazing Lucianna, who took care of cleaning our hair while Peachy watched the impressive Cutler video on the above monitors.

With our color perfect, it was now time for Rodney to do the cut of the season!   When she arrived in the chair, Peachy saw not one but five pairs of scissors lined up.  The Cutler Salon pays supreme attention to detail and we love it.  They really care about making every client look their personal best, and beyond.  Of other clients we spoke to, they all raved about the salon, and of course Peachy goes incognito so they didn't know she was going to put that in print.  Not only is Rodney Cutler an amazing stylist, he actually writes about it too in Esquire and has done so for we believe four years.  Rodney is one of us-a journalist!  Of course, we chatted about some of the amazing experiences he has had as a stylist including Fergie in the 2009 Grammy's and the recent Levi's show and Ann Taylor show.   One of the most in-demand stylists around anywhere, Rodney gave Peachy a trim on the ends which was needed, and a soft frame to her face.  When Rodney is trimming away, he is in total command of each strand, as each inobedient section is cut into place.  The layers upon layers are just perfect and make her cheekbones look their best too.  We believe there is no offside rule in Australian football, but there is one in Australian hair: no strands of hair that were out of place or offsides!  The final touches were done by Stacy Ho, who did the blow-dry.  Stacy makes blow-drying an art form, curling up the blown out pieces on top of your head and using a double-brush intelligent system of drying, setting and curling.  Quite modest, Rodney's primary concern is how he makes his clients look and not his personal achievements aside from that.  Of course, everyone must credit their fabulous hair to Rodney!!!

The end look: Rodney Cutler said Peachy Deegan had MG hair.  Given that we were just at the Auto Show last night at the Javits, we were thinking our hair looks like a car?  Then we think MG- Mireille Guiliano and how we can't wait to see her new cookbook.  No, Rodney did not mean either of those: he meant Man-Grabbing!  So there you have it-if you want Man Grabbing hair, go see Rodney and Rachel!  We highly recommend Rodney and Rachel at the Cutler Salon.

The Cutler Salon has just as much depth as Peachy's hair now has.  A truly amazing team worked on her hair today and though in the past we normally work with one to three people, we see how much an impact it makes on a salon overall when there is this much talent there.  We counted 28 hair stations- 14 on each side.  We even met Aaron Pursell who did the hair at the Ecco Domani show.  We love love loved the show!  Another talent is rock star Tyson Kennedy from New Zealand who doubles as a stylist at Cutler.  

Of course, Cutler works with Redken too, which doesn't surprise us one bit as we have mentioned Redken in over 20 posts previously. 

Cutler SoHo On West Broadway
- The Cutler Team Brings High End Service and Funky, Innovative Hair Designs Downtown 

Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salon in Manhattan’s coveted 57th Street, brings his winning mix of high-end service with a talented staff, unique salon design to SoHo.   
Cutler SoHo, located at 465 West Broadway, is housed in a communal, expansive, loft-like space.  The sleek, modern gallery design incorporates the Cutler atmosphere that clients love - a minimalist interior infused with the signature Cutler blue and silver stripes and an opposing vivid purple wall to simultaneously calm and reenergize the senses.    
why Cutler soho stands out… 

  • The Redken Lab – Redken’s first color lab offers a venue for clients and colorists to make a mutual decision regarding their new hair color.  Using an interactive questionnaire known as the "Personal Hair Profiler,” colorist and client discuss skin tone, eye color, wardrobe, hair trends, frequency of services and color maintenance to determine the most flattering color choice for their lifestyle.  The client is involved in the process, from selection to mixing to application, so their new look is truly customized and the coloring process is demystified.

  • MINI FLATSCREEN TELEVISIONS - Each workstation broadcasts sharp, short, impactful content about fashion, beauty, luxury travel, celebrities, epicure, art and architecture with the help ofi-vu interactive technology that allows clients to access more detailed information by simply touching the screen.  

  • CLIENTELE - There’s no better vote of confidence than the 100 fashion models per week that entrust their famous locks to the team at Cutler Salon. 

  • EDUCATION - The 40 person staff at Cutler SoHo continue the tradition of weekly training sessions at the uptown salon to ensure that one brand culture is maintained and that their skills are constantly refined and refreshed. 

  • THE TEAM – Clients will attest that any chair you sit in guarantees amazing results.  The SoHo team is lead by uptown veterans David Kastin and Ben Stewart.  In addition, the work of the editorial team can be found in top fashion magazines in the U.S and abroad. 

Cutler Soho is located at 465 West Broadway, between Prince and West Houston streets, and the
NEW Cutler Salon is located on 57th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues.   
Appointments can be made for either location by calling 212.308.3838.

CUTLER offers a jolt of fresh, artistic ideas executed by a 150 person staff of energized, innovative and motivated stylists and colorists. The editorial stylists boast work that is featured in top fashion and beauty publications worldwide and CUTLER headlines many shows at fashion week including Cynthia Rowley, Rebecca Taylor, Mara Hoffman, Tadashi, Toni Maticevski, James Coviello, J. Mendel, Abaete, Y & Kei, Twinkle, Josh Goot, Patrik Rzepski, Yeohlee, Nicole Miller, Proenza Schouler, and more. CUTLER offers avant-garde products committed to creating attainable hair fashion for all. Each lightweight product features a complex of key ingredients that work synergistically to maintain healthy hair.

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