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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sifting through all the information about whether something is eco-friendly or not can be stressful enough.  Why add more to the equation? The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder is the perfect detergent to add to your green equation! The concentrated formulation predates “modern” formulas, which commonly contain synthetic chemicals and polluting additives, and is more effective than plant extract formulas.  It is free from harmful additives - optical brighteners or bleach - protecting against fading and discoloration, and is eco-friendly with its pH balanced, biodegradable formula.  The organic surfactants give your items a cleaner, gentler wash.   

Recycled materials make up the sturdy, reusable canister good for 20 loads of laundry, 40 loads when using a high efficiency machine.  The canister comes with a handy dispensing spoon and can be easily refilled with pre-measured plastic bag refills, thereby reducing landfill waste.  

A look at The Laundry’s Finest website will attest to the conservation of funds as there are several methods to sell the product that help your customer to save.  10% to 15% discounts are available for the combo-pack and refill bag combinations when purchased in multiple packs.   The Clean Peachy Panel put this to the test, and they say:

Well everyone it's that time of week - laundry time. I know it's not fun to do laundry but it has to get done. The best way to do so is with this great laundry powder know as Finest Laundry Powder. This is a great product to use on your fine linens not only on your regular wash. I have many treasured linens and want to keep them in their best shape so it's been important for me to find the best product on the market. Finest Laundry Powder is pH-balanced and biodegradable how great is that? This product keeps my items bright and in mint condition. It's not harsh and abrasive like regular detergent. I love how soft it makes my items feel to the touch. I also love the way it smells.

I have been using liquid laundry detergent for some years and most often buy the liquid that is on sale that week. Well, after experimenting with a refillable container of "The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder" this past week, I am so Sold on this product. After my first laundering I noticed the wonderful fresh clean hint of lemon, all natural scent. Reminded me of the days when I used to hang my clothes outside to dry. If your old enough you will remember that clean fresh smell.  

I have several family heirloom linens that were quite dingy from years of use and decided to give it a try. After just one washing with Finest Laundry Powder, I was absolutely amazed how it brightened the colors like new. And no bleach or fabric softener was needed. What a fantastic laundry detergent this is.  The Finest Laundry Powder is an Eco-friendly biodegradable powder. In using this product I know that I am doing my part to help protect the environment from harmful toxins. This product is 100% pure and for over 50 years The Laundry at Linens Ltd. has used an exclusive old world formula for the care and laundering of the finest linens. This is truly a premium laundry powder, #1 on my list.

They do say to choose your laundry detergent carefully, if you'd like for your clothes to last longer and retain its original colors and shades.  After many years of using the mass-market branded and even the store-branded detergents, I can honestly say that this statement is true, the right detergent does make a difference.  The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder lives up to its name and is such a detergent.  In its powder form, it's finer and more delicate feeling than the usual detergent, and in the wash, it cleans thoroughly while being gentle on my clothes.  My whites stayed white, the brights retained their brightness and the darks didn't fade.  It's no surprise to find that this product's earth-friendly too, there aren't any additives, dyes, bleach/optical brighteners, or significant quantities of phosphorus.  An added plus with the Finest Laundry Powder is that fabric softener isn't required, just 1 product does it all.  The powder leaves a light, lemony scent behind.  The canister that this detergent is packaged in is pretty in a retro way and it certainly encourages re-use.  A scoop is included too.  Refills of the Finest Laundry Powder are available, so I hope to be using this detergent for a very long time!

Upon receiving the Finest Laundry Powder, the first thing I looked for was if it was compatible with HE (high efficiency) washers.  I was so ecstatic to see that it was.  I am also very particular about how my laundry smells after washing.  I was not disappointed.  I first tried out the powder on my sheets.  To me, there is nothing better than climbing into clean, crisp sheets.  Once I had climbed into bed, the smell brought me back to being a kid at grandma's house.  I could also tell a difference in how my sheets looked after being washed.  They looked almost new after the first wash.  I definitely recommend this laundry powder!

The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder is the perfect powder for washing the items you treasure most.  For me, it's perfect for washing the hand-embroidered tablecloths made by my great-grandmother.  After holiday meals, I've always taken the time to hand wash the garments using a liquid detergent recommended by mom, worried that the detergents I use on mud-stained kiddie clothes would be too harsh on my prized pieces.  After reading about the Finest Laundry Powder, both its cleaning power and its purity, I decided to take my chances on soemthing new.  Boy, am I impressed!  The problem with my previous detergent is that it was actually too gentle.  I was finding that there were food stains left behind, but thought there was nothing I could do about it.  Well, this powder actually took care of some of those stains - even some that have been around longer than I can remember.  And yet its power did not affect the integrity of the garments.  Gotta love that!  While I can't necessarily see myself using it on a daily basis for all our cleaning needs, I will make sure to have some on hand for cleaning what few fine linens I have!

For more than half a century, The Laundry at Linens Limited has honored the distinctive nature of fine bed and table linens by caring for them in the same fashion they were created – by hand. It’s an Old-World sensibility that’s grounded in time-honored laundry care and restoration techniques and a hallmark of their business. As a result, today the company is recognized as the foremost fine linen laundry service in the country.  

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