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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NIGHTLIGHT: The Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard & Airmen's Club Salutes the United States Marine Corps October 5, 2012 Military Ball A Triumphant Success Says Whom You Know! Congratulations to Mover and Shaker Mitzi Perdue, General David H. Petraeus, General James F. Amos, & Robert McManus on Being Honored! KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH THIS OUTSTANDING ORGANIZATION

Listen to Mover and Shaker Mitzi Perdue's Speech:
Hear General Petraeus's speech:

From the Hills of Montezuma to the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan, Whom You Know was honored to cover The Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard & Airmen's Club Military Ball on Friday, October 5, 2012 saluting the United States Marine Corps. The Mission Statement of this organization is to promote the general welfare of the men and woman of the Armed Forces of the United States, its allies and their families, by maintaining and offering club and lodging rooms. Since 2004, the facilities of the SSMAC have been made available to members and dependents of the Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services. In war and in peace, the SSMAC has been funded exclusively through private donations from patriotic individuals and organizations. And, each October, the SSMAC holds its principal fund-raiser, the gala Military ball. To honor the U.S. Armed Forces, Together with prominent civilians whose achievements reflect a lifetime of dedication to the men and women of the Armed Forces and the highest traditions of the United States. Founded in 1919, today it is led by CEO Ivan Obelensky and more information is available here:
2012 Annual Military Ball

Friday, October 5th, 2012

The Pierre Hotel
5th Avenue at 61st Street
New York, NY 10065

Soliders’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, Inc. will be saluting the Marine Corps! Honorees will include:

General James F. Amos
United States Marine Corps

Mitzi Perdue
GEN. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Robert McManus
Editorial Page Editor
New York Post

Check out Mover and Shaker picture of the week:
They are two of our favorite people and we love you Rita and Mitzi!

We were thrilled to see our friend Rita Cosby -she was honored by this organization in 2010:
Some of the guests we met included:
Fred Negem and Coco Blaffer
Check out Coco's cool purse!
Sara Herbert-Galloway
Rita, Mitzi and Tomeczek Bednarek
You already know how AMAZING Mitzi is if you have been reading us and she made yet another stellar ostrich egg purse, this time honoring General Petraeus
Everyone was admiring it; now you can too, and keep in mind she MADE this:
Mitzi and our new friends Marvin and Lorri Scott
Rita Cosby and Tomeczek Bednarek
Annie Watt
We had such a fun table that included above: Roberta Lowenstein and Sheldon Wiener
below: Sasha Hazlett and Allen Vining

Hazel and her grandsons: James Cathers and Tristan Cathers
Here's what the atmosphere looked like...
Our friend Kate Edmonds' husband did a fantastic job with the music!
Annie Watt is always capturing the right moment...
Check out the Pipes and Drums video:
More party pictures:
Wine served...we checked it is made in America - CONNECTICUT!
Whom You Know covered this event in honor of Peachy's late grandfather (married to one of the Deegan girls in the pictures!), who was a highly decorated United States Marine Corps veteran of World War II, having served with distinction in the South Pacific area with the 3rd Marine Division, seeing harsh action in the following campaigns, Guadacanal, Bougainville and Guam, where he was twice wounded. Upon his return from the South Pacific, he established a business in memory of his brother Edward (President of his high school class who lived only 18 years) who was killed in action on Iwo Jima. He was a member of the Iwo Jima's Survivors Association, a founding member of the Iwo Jima Memorial in New Britain and a member of the VFW Post # 3272 in Avon, Connecticut. We wish you had the chance to meet him; he was buried with full Marine Corps Honors and we honor him and everyone who has served our country past, present and future. 
Photography by Peachy Deegan 
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