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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Highly Recommended by Whom You Know, kiki moon by Keelin O’Keeffe Wows the Young Around the World and Keeps Ireland On Top with Her Brilliant Colorful Organic Baby Blankets! The Perfect Baby Gift Says Peachy Deegan!

You know you wish this were you on a Sunday afternoon, but you, like Peachy Deegan, were born too early to enjoy kiki moon. 
This is the best baby blanket we have ever seen, and is the ideal gift for the young around the world!
Peachy has ventured through aisles and aisles of products for children at New York Now, previously known as the New York Gift Show, twice a year for the past seven and has never seen baby blankets as brilliant as these. What do we like about kiki moon? The innovative design, the fabulous feel of the organic blankets, exquisitely crafted in Portugal, and the pure genius thought and story behind it by Keelin O'Keeffe, who is clearly Keeping Ireland on Top.  She's the first woman and individual person of either sex with a product line to be featured in the column Keeping Ireland on Top; previously, Belleek is the only brand featured along with Jimmy Neary, who is practically the Mayor of New York or at least 57th Street, and the Irish Oscar winners.  We love color and why would any baby boy just want sky blue instead of perhaps GREEN with AQUA or why would any baby girl  limit herself to boring pastel pink when she could be in Hallak pink with vivid orange combined?  Everyone knows babies love bright colors!  If they could talk, they'd be recommending kiki moon themselves.  Pastels are so last-century, and we love that Keelin is a total trend-setter.  But she is not doing it just to be trendy: she has a genuinely amazing idea and superior product line.

kiki moon is a beautiful boutique baby label specializing in brightly colored organic cotton baby blankets. kiki moon was founded by Keelin O’Keeffe, an Irish mom of two who was inspired to design a new range of baby textile products with an edge. Keelin is the chief product designer at kiki moon & has a passion for bright, beautiful colors.  As Peachy herself was accused of dressing like an Easter egg on more than one occasion by her friends at Miss Porter's, we feel that this color attraction could even be genetic traced back to Irish roots, which Peachy's Grammy says are the best kind to have.  kiki moon blankets are manufactured in Portugal and sold online at or
baby gifts - baby blankets

All blankets come gift wrapped in luxurious kiki moon gift boxes, perfect for gifting, and the packaging is among the best we've seen right down to the bow tied perfectly.  They even have a bunny in the picture which makes us love the brand even more!  Of course you will need a stuffed rabbit to go with the blanket.
Linus van Pelt from Snoopy (Peanuts): it is high time you also thought of a blanket change and we believe you'll like one of these styles, all of which are unisex.
Here are the three styles we liked best:

“Bo” baby blanket combines elegance and class using beautiful color combinations for those who enjoy just a dash of zestiness. This 100% organic cotton reversible blanket is super soft and ideal for strollers/prams, playpens/cots, playtime and car journeys. These beautiful baby blankets are lovingly wrapped in contemporary kiki moon boxes, the perfect gift for loved ones or for yourself. Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, which translates into 86 degrees Fahrenheit we believe.

Size; 80cm x 100cm


Moka is charming striped blue and green baby blanket, with a touch of teal, perfect to wrap around your little boy or girl. For all other Hartford Whalers enthusiasts, of course this has your name all over it!  This 100% organic cotton reversible blanket is super soft and ideal for Sunday afternoon and everyday naps. Every little boy or girl needs one of this color! 
Size; 80cm x 100cm


The signature baby blanket, “Kiki” combines hot pinks and snappy oranges to cheekily grab attention. Perfect for little ones who like to stand out! This 100% organic cotton reversible blanket is like being enveloped in the most beautiful cloud ever. We absolutely HEART it!

Size; 75cm x 100cm

Kiki Moon is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and we look forward to Keelin's ventures going forward!

Keelin O'Keeffe with her two children