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Monday, February 8, 2010

Peachy's Pantry: Lite Cheese Snacks by Fiber Gourmet

Here is what the Whom You Know panel thought:

Fiber Gourmet got it just right with their Lite Cheese Snacks, they're unbelievably lite but yet filling cheese crackers in the vein of the ubiquitous cheese nip squares.  What makes these special is that they contain 1/2 as many calories and many times the fiber that's in one of the more mainstream brands.  The flavor is just right, not too salty or cheesy and the color is a  more natural hue that cheese actually comes in, vs. the day-glo orange that almost all the other brands take on.  A small bag is surprisingly filling too, thanks to the high fiber content.  This is definitely worth stocking up as a healthy snack choice.

Just what I have been waiting for - a low calorie cheesey snack with great taste and loaded with fiber and most of all NO trans fats, (bad stuff). It has always been a problem packing my grandsons school lunch box with a treat that is healthy; low and behold, Fiber Gourmet comes in with the "Lite Cheese Snack Pack", great.....I look forward to enjoying their low-
calorie foods.
Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks are delicious, crispy crackers with great cheese flavor. This is a dieter’s dream snack – large serving size with low calories and high fiber makes this a one point Weight Watchers snack.  When I get the mid-afternoon munchies I now reach for Fiber Gourmet Lite cheese snacks.

These crackers are perfect for the times you want a crunchy snack.  You get a substantial amount of crackers for minimum calories.  Add to that the huge amount of flavor and fiber!
Low Calorie Cheese crackers! As a major snacker, I cannot turn down anything crunchy that I can use with dip and humus. The Fiber Gourmet has launched a light-cracker line that lives up to its healthy pastas. Similar to cheez-its, yet healthier due to its low calorie and added fiber, the 80 calorie packs are a hit. So good I could just snack on them alone!

Fiber Gourmet, Lite-Cheese Snacks -  with only 80 calories provides 50% more snack per pack than other competitors.  The total fat per serving is only 2 grams, which equals only 3% of your daily value.   Fiber Gourmet, Lite-Cheese Snacks sodium content is only 4% of your daily value and a delicious one at that! 

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