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Friday, July 19, 2019

#SalonPeachy @ManhattanPeachy #WhomYouKnow #ThomasMorrissey #JohnDOrazio #JohnDOrazioSalon #PeachyDeegan Salon Peachy: Thomas Morrissey of The John D'Orazio Salon Perks Up Peachy's Summer Color with His Mastery of Natural with a Brilliant Single Process to Defy both the Heat Wave and Aging! Summertime, and the Color is Perfect.

Peachy, post-Morrissey color mastery!
If Ella Fitzgerald sat in the chair of Thomas Morrissey, she would sing:

Summertime, and the color is perfect
Foils protect highlights and the new color magic is mixed
Oh single process you'll take us back a decade
So hush little offending silvers, you are now au revoired by Thomas the Color Master!

As the heat wave takes over the city, are you blooming with your best color?
You are if you know Thomas Morrissey at John D'Orazio, and you do!
Last visit, Peachy became her personal blondest, and as time goes by, the update proves to be essential.  

From the moment you pick up the phone and speak to Mary Hopkins to schedule, you'll be met with a perfect balance of professionalism in scheduling with delightful salon banter and genuine friendliness.  It is a delight to pop in for a visit, and the clean white accentuated with fabulous green marble will make you feel at home.

It's time for the single-process magic to begin!  Master Colorist Thomas Morrissey, best in the business, expertly mixes the proper amalgamation of shades to achieve your natural innate glamour that somehow turns to silver when you are away from this storied salon.  Then on your head, Thomas starts the single process by covering up the well-placed highlights from last visit with foil, to protect the integrity of the highlights, which remain perfection in blonde.

Thomas Morrissey is quite the artist of color, and you are the canvas.  He paints your natural color exactly where it should be around the perfectly punctuated foils.  Beyond his professional talent, he is a fantastic source of conversation, knowing all of the great shows in New York as well as the hot spots of Killarney in the mother country, most recently.  Everyone reading knows that IRELAND is the mother country!
Precision is key so the timer is appropriately set, and then your hair is washed and conditioned with care by Elena and beautifully blow dried by Kati Jafine.  A decade will come off your life visually, and until we meet again, you will be brilliant in haircolor in any temperature!  Slay the gray and be sure to visit Thomas Morrissey who has earned several accolades with his natural color mastery on Whom You Know.

Previously on Whom You Know, Thomas Morrissey of John D'Orazio has been featured:
and he and his team earned a spot in our Best of 2018:

Color by Thomas Morrissey of The John D'Orazio Salon continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.













#CulturedPeachy @MetMuseum Exhibition of Decorative Artworks Exploring the Cultural Heritage of Kyoto Opens at The Met July 24

Exhibition Dates: July 24, 2019–August 2, 2020
Exhibition Location: The Met Fifth Avenue, The Sackler Wing, Galleries 223–32, Floor 2 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's upcoming exhibition in its Arts of Japan Galleries will examine the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto, Japan, highlighting decorative artworks—including lacquers, ceramics, and textiles—created from the eighth century to the present. Opening on July 24 and showcasing more than 200 objects in four rotations, almost all drawn from The Met collection, Kyoto: Capital of Artistic Imagination will explore how changes in the city's social, political, and religious structures influenced its artistic output. Among the works on view, highlights include an exquisite medieval armor believed to have been donated to a Kyoto shrine by Ashikaga Takauji (1305–1358), founder of the Ashikaga shogunate; a set of five camellia-shaped side dishes in vivid colors by the workshop of the famous potter and painter Ogata Kenzan (1663–1743); and a rare 18th-century hand-painted satin overrobe by Gion Nankai (1677–1751). The works will be augmented by a selection of paintings, including an early 17th-century pair of folding screens, The Rebellions of the Hōgen and Heiji Eras. 

The exhibition is made possible by The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation Fund.

In 794, Heian-kyō (modern-day Kyoto) became the seat of the imperial court, and Kyoto remained the capital of Japan until 1868, when the court was transferred to Tokyo. The Heian period (794–1185) saw the flourishing culture of the court aristocracy, leading to new developments in the arts, but in 1185 a new military government was formed, marking the rise of the samurai class. In the exhibition, the political transition is well captured in the early 17th-century folding screen The Rebellions of the Hōgen and Heiji Eras. During the Muromachi period (1392–1573), the Ashikaga shoguns nurtured the formation of tea culture, Noh theater, ikebana, and ink painting and established the Higashiyama culture. One of the masterworks representing this era is a pair of folding screens by Sōami (d. 1525), who served as an artistic adviser to the Ashikaga shoguns.

The Momoyama period (1573–1615) is often referred to as Japan's Golden Age, evoking a sumptuous, dynamic style, with gold lavishly applied to architecture, lacquer furnishings, folding screens, and garments associated with grand castles. The revitalization of the city after decades of war created a burgeoning milieu for all kinds of art forms, and in addition to the continued trade with China and Korea, the arrival of Portuguese and Dutch merchants and Catholic missionaries brought new technologies and goods to Japan. The exhibition will include luxurious lacquers made for the domestic market, a large Nanban coffer created for the European market, and a stunning battle surcoat (jinbaori) designed for a high-ranking samurai using European import materials. The exhibition will also highlight the practice of tea (chanoyu) by presenting treasured tea utensils and calligraphies.

After the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1603 in Edo (present-day Tokyo), Kyoto's role became focused on ceremonial and cultural activities. The new political regime had a profound effect on all art forms and the urban lifestyle of Kyoto. The increasing economic power of the merchant class widened the audience for the arts beyond the traditional base of the nobility and military elites. Kyoto excelled in the production of lacquers and certain types of ceramics and turned into a major textile production center. In the exhibition, bold Rinpa-style ceramics and lacquers, refined Noh robes, and richly embellished kimonos will be juxtaposed with hanging scrolls and folding screens depicting Kyoto and its citizens in the 17th to 18th century. Works of the late Edo ceramicists, including Nin'ami Dōhachi and Eiraku Hozen, will also be included in the exhibition.

The last decades of the Edo period saw revived interest in Heian-period court culture and literati traditions along with the intention to create new styles. The exhibition demonstrates the enthusiasm among American collectors for exploring the complex artistic legacy of Kyoto.

The exhibition is organized by Monika Bincsik, Diane and Arthur Abbey Associate Curator of Japanese Decorative Arts. 

Image: Workshop of Ogata Kenzan (1663–1743), Set of Five Camellia-Shaped Side Dishes (Mukōzuke) with Camellia Patterns. Edo period (1615-1868), 18th century. Stoneware with white slip and polychrome overglaze ename l(Kenzan ware). Gift of Florence and Herbert Irving, 2019, The Metropolitan Museum of Art



SHARK WEEK to premiere first scripted feature-length film, CAPSIZED: BLOOD IN THE WATER, starring Josh Duhamel, Tyler Blackburn, Rebekah Graf, Beau Garrett, and Josh Close
SHARK WEEK, television’s longest-running, and most anticipated summer event will swim onto screens with over 20 hours of original programming beginning Sunday, July 28th and continuing through Sunday, August 4th. For the first time, Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK will premiere its first scripted feature-length film, CAPSIZED: BLOOD IN THE WATER, a true story about an October 1982 shark encounter. This year, the pop culture phenomenon will take viewers to oceans around the world as nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected marine biologists and science institutions deliver all-new groundbreaking shark stories and take on the most daring shark experiments ever attempted in search of compelling insight into the mysterious world of sharks. In addition, shark scientists and experts find a new hunting ground off the coast of South Africa and witness the dramatic battles between predator and prey.
Check out SHARK WEEK 2019’s fincredible programming schedule here:
Expedition Unknown: Megalodon – Airing Sunday, July 28 at 8PM ET/PT
Five times bigger than a T. Rex, with jaws capable of crushing a tank, the Megalodon was the ultimate apex predator. This 60-ton mega-shark ruled the world’s oceans for nearly 20 million years. Then, suddenly, it vanished. So how did the king of the deep lose his throne? Paleontologists are using fossilized teeth – the only surviving evidence of the Megalodon – to take a bite out of the mystery of its disappearance. These prehistoric dental records may hold the key to when this monster shark went extinct and why. Meanwhile, marine biologists are studying the Megalodon’s modern shark descendants to understand what caused its demise. What they’ve uncovered is a deep sea “Game of Thrones” that pitted one species against another in a battle for dominance. Josh is diving into shark-infested waters to unravel one of the oceans greatest mysteries – what happened to the mighty Meg? Produced by Ping Pong Productions.
Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.  – Airing Sunday, July 28 at 9PM ET/PT
From Will Packer, the record-breaking Producer of “Girls Trip” comes the ultimate “Shark Trip”. Rob Riggle is back and campaigning for his own Shark Week special – but he’ll only get one if he can find a way to bring along some of his celebrity friends and get them to swim with sharks. The trip is booked, the bags are packed, and the adventure is ready to begin – whether or not his friends realize what they’ve signed up for. Produced by Will Packer, Will Packer Media, Anomaly Entertainment, and Haunted Steel Mill in association with Hazmat Productions.
Sharks of the Badlands – Airing Monday, July 29 at 8PM ET/PT
White sharks are infiltrating the waters off Cape Cod. This year alone a record 150 white sharks were recorded off the coast, and for the first time in 80 years, a white shark attack turned fatal. Greg Skomal teams up with Andy Casagrande and shark expert Kina Scollay in New Zealand to test the most exciting, cutting-edge new technology for shark detecting surveillance. If all goes well, they hope to bring it back to Cape Cod to make the water safe again. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment and Fox River Films.
Legend of Deep Blue – Airing Monday, July 29 at 9PM ET/PT
Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington head back to Guadalupe Island to search the depths for Deep Blue.  Believed to be the largest great white shark in the world, Deep Blue, measures almost 21 feet long and over 2 and a half tons.  If they can locate her, they might be able to shed some light on the mysteries of these deep-sea mega sharks. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment and Shark Entertainment in association with Hazmat Productions.
The Sharks of Headstone Hell – Airing Monday, July 29 at 10PM ET/PT
In the middle of the South Pacific lies a tiny speck of land called Norfolk Island.  At the end of the 18th century, it was the site of one of the harshest penal colonies on Earth.  But today, it is the gathering spot of some of the largest tiger sharks on earth… and an extraordinary event – full size animal carcasses tossed into the sea by the present-day islanders. Has this practice completely altered the behavior of these massive sharks and made shark attacks on humans more likely when this beef buffet is outlawed?  Shark scientist Riley Elliott is on a quest to find out. Produced by Icon Films.
Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing – Airing Tuesday, July 30 at 8PM ET/PT
Ramping up the adrenaline levels for SHARKWRECKED: CRASH LANDING, Paul de Gelder & James Glancy bail out of an aircraft at 3500ft to experience first-hand what it’s like to crash land into some of the world’s most remote and shark infested waters. This time the location is Palau in the Pacific, renowned for its rich shark life and many plane wrecks. Produced by Big Wave Productions.
Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters – Airing Tuesday, July 30 at 9PM ET/PT
You asked for more, you got it!  Back by popular demand, hosts Paul de Gelder, Mike Dornellas, Nick LeBeouf, and Jamin Martinelli will put themselves in harm’s way as they reenact 5 recent shark attacks to find out how things could have ended differently.  What do you do if you’re surrounded by human or fish blood?  Could the electronics we’re bringing into the water be triggering attacks?  Our hosts will attempt to answer these questions and more as they stage the most daring shark experiments ever attempted in search of answers.  No cages are allowed. Produced by Lucky 8.
Air Jaws Strikes Back – Airing Tuesday, July 30 at 10PM ET/PT
Air Jaws returns as shark expert Chris Fallows leads a team of researchers into a newly discovered shark vs. seal battleground at the base of a 200-foot cliff.  Here a deadly game of life and death plays out in waist deep water.  As the great whites stalk the seal colony, the seals have learned to team up and mount counter attacks against the predators.  And for the first time, these extraordinary predatory events are captured in their entirety by the researchers. Produced by Shark Entertainment.
Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark – Airing Wednesday, July 31 at 8PM ET/PT
Wildlife biologist and animal tracker Forrest Galante embarks on a mission to the Indian Ocean to search for the supposedly extinct Pondicherry shark. This rare species was last seen in the 1970s, but recent photos of unidentified sharks around Sri Lanka and the Maldives lead many to believe it could still be alive. Along with his wife Jessica, a team of wildlife experts and filmmakers, Forrest dives into an untamed wilderness to track down this amazing shark. But because of its ability to osmoregulate, meaning it can swim in fresh or saltwater, Forrest must cover tons of ground – including deep ocean, shallow coral reefs, underwater caves, and even jungle rivers. Armed with cutting edge technology including a 3D structure scanner and genetic testing, Forrest’s team leaves no stone unturned in their quest to validate whether or not the photos of a strange shark swimming in the Indian Ocean are Pondicherry. If they can prove it’s still alive, it will be removed off the extinct species list, and they can redouble their efforts to study and protect the Pondicherry’s ongoing existence. Produced by Hot Snakes Media.
Capsized: Blood in the Water – Airing Wednesday, July 31 at 9PM ET/PT
Based on the harrowing true story of an October 1982 shark encounter. After a yacht bound for Florida capsizes during an unexpected storm, its crew is left to drift for days in the chilling waters of the Atlantic where they become prey to a group of tiger sharks. With the hope of rescue dwindling, the crew must do everything in their power to survive as the sharks continue to hunt them. Starring Josh Duhamel, Tyler Blackburn, Rebekah Graf, Beau Garrett, and Josh Close. Produced by Stephen David Entertainment.
Return to Shark Island – Airing Thursday, August 1 at 8PM ET/PT
With the help of shark scientist Dr. Craig O’Connell, and the confirmed cooperation of Réunion’s newly established CRA Shark Protection Program, RETURN TO SHARK ISLAND investigates the ongoing shark crisis that is threatening to bring this former island paradise to its knees and sets out to answer the critical questions: Have the islanders’ worst fears come true? Is this so-called ‘spike’ in shark attacks now the new normal? Why have Bull sharks, rarely seen before 2011 on the populous west coast of the island, now apparently made it their home and hunting ground? Why despite all the measures taken by the authorities are people still dying and crucially, what, if anything, can be done about it? Produced by Beyond Productions.
Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe – Airing Thursday, August 1 at 9PM ET/PT
150 miles off the coast of Baja, California, Guadalupe Island is a notorious hot spot for great white sharks. Here to target the abundant seal population, great whites are silent hunters, stalking their prey and killing with a surprise attack. But the waters surrounding Guadalupe Island are crystal clear. So how do they do it? At other white shark hot spots around the world there is always a kill zone – a place where more predation events occur. But here in Guadalupe, an attack has never been witnessed. Now, a team of experts led by Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou and Melissa Marquez, are setting out to record never before seen white shark hunting behaviors. With the help of cutting-edge technology and three kinds of specialist cameras, they aim to discover the location of the Guadalupe Kill Zone. Produced by Arrow Media.
Monster Mako: Perfect Predator – Airing Thursday, August 1 at 10PM ET/PT
One of Shark Week’s most exciting missions over the years has been the search for Granders, the largest Makos in the world. Joe Romeiro and Keith Poe revisit the most exciting events and discoveries from Monster Mako and Return of the Monster Mako all leading up to brand new footage captured off the coast of California of rare Mako behavior. Produced by Discovery Creative and Production.
Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers – Airing Friday, August 2 at 8PM ET/PT
An intrepid team of shark explorers ventures out for a third year to the famed Isle of Jaws, a remote island off the West Australian coast.  Two great white shark males, believed to be brothers, are at the heart of an intriguing mystery –do these animals recognize, and prefer to live and hunt with, a blood relative? The team endures a runaway submersible, face-to-jaws encounters, and deploys a mini-ROV camera dubbed “The Guppy” that provides some of the most chilling close-up visuals yet. By using the latest in tracking technology, a major mystery is finally solved. Produced by Red Rock Films.
Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver – Airing Friday, August 2 at 9PM ET/PT
Master illusionist, author and inventor Andrew Mayne is going to attempt to create the first-of-its-kind SHARK SUIT to overcome the senses of a great white shark and make him invisible to the world’s most perfect predator… He teams up with underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande and Dr. Neil Hammerschlag on a global quest to uncover the power of the great white’s predation senses – all to prepare him for the ultimate test – putting himself in the middle of a great white frenzy in Australia. Will it work? Andrew’s life depends on it. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment.
I Was Prey: Shark Week – Airing Friday, August 2 at 10 PM ET/PT
In the Pacific Ocean, danger lurks just below the surface. Along the sundrenched coast of Southern California, single mother Leeanne Ericson is enjoying a relaxing day at the beach when she’s confronted with her worst nightmare – a giant great white shark that grabs her leg and drags her under the water.  Off the rugged northern coast of Hawaii, spearfisherman Braxton Rocha is ambushed by a tiger shark so massive it could easily swallow him whole.  In the wake of these vicious attacks, both victims must fight through their injuries and the unforgiving elements to reach safety before it’s too late. Produced by Hit + Run Creative.
Sharks Gone Wild 2 – Airing Saturday, August 3 at 8PM ET/PT
Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year – the unbelievable viral videos, the biggest news stories, and the latest cutting-edge shark science. Produced by Main Event Media.
Shark Week Immersion – Airing Saturday, August 3 at 9PM ET/PT
Rooster Teeth tackles Shark Week as the Immersion crew answers a wide range of shark-fueled questions by taking some of the most iconic shark moments from pop culture history and bringing them to real life. Produced by Rooster Teeth, Alevy Productions and Critical Content.
SHARK WEEK 2019 Programming Schedule
(All times ET/PT)
Sunday, July 28:
8:00 PM                        Expedition Unknown: Megalodon
9:00 PM                          Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.
11:00 PM                        Shark After Dark
Monday, July 29:
8:00 PM                        Sharks of the Badlands
9:00 PM                        Legend of Deep Blue
10:00 PM                       The Sharks of Headstone Hell 
11:00 PM                        Shark After Dark
Tuesday, July 30:
8:00 PM                        Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing
9:00 PM                         Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters
10:00 PM                      Air Jaws Strikes Back
11:00 PM                        Shark After Dark
Wednesday, July 31:
8:00 PM                        Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark
9:00 PM                         Capsized: Blood in the Water
11:00 PM                        Shark After Dark
Thursday, August 1:
8:00 PM                        Return to Shark Island
9:00 PM                          Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe
10:00 PM                        Monster Mako: Perfect Predator
11:00 PM                        Shark After Dark
Friday, August 2:
8:00 PM                        Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers
9:00 PM                         Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver
10:00 PM                       I Was Prey: Shark Week
Saturday, August 3:
8:00 PM                        Sharks Gone Wild 2
9:00 PM                        Shark Week Immersion
On Sunday, August 4 Discovery Channel is bringing viewers the best of SHARK WEEK 2019 with encores of some the week’s best shark programming.
In addition to all the jawesome programming SHARK WEEK has to offer, Discovery will leave no shark fan behind, bringing the SHARK WEEK experience to viewers in new and innovative ways through digital and social media platforms, partnerships with nonprofit groups, affiliates, education programs, and more.
SHARK WEEK has long been a celebrated summer trending topic, making online and social media a jaw-dropping treat for viewers. New partnerships and content offerings will deliver a 360 multi-platform experience uncovering the latest shark discoveries and trending shark topics around the globe.
Leading up to and during SHARK WEEK, Discovery Channel presents Shark News. Fans who follow SHARK WEEK on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will receive daily video updates featuring the planet’s most incredible shark footage with commentary from top tier shark experts.
During SHARK WEEK, Discovery GO users will find exclusive in-app Original programming. The Daily Bite will offer a daily dive into the year’s most exciting developments in shark science and sightings with expert commentary from an ocean of SHARK WEEK experts. Audiences will also get access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at SHARK WEEK’s first feature-length film, ‘Capsized: Blood in the Water’, featuring interviews from the cast, crew, and a real-life survivor. Rounding out the Discovery GO Originals offering, SHARK WEEK will go behind the scenes with YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober to test the theory if sharks can really sense blood from great distances.
SHARK WEEK on Snapchat returns and this year shark expert Luke Tipple dives into one of the sharkiest locations in the Bahamas and goes head long into testing some of the most popular shark related myths. New episodes premiere on Snapchat July 28, July 30, and August 1.
This year, fans will be armed to throw their own ultimate SHARK WEEK party experience, with DIY recipes and crafts from sister networks Food Network and HGTV on an all-new, plus over 100 new Shark GIFs and stickers via Giphy.
Catch up on classic episodes by downloading the Discovery GO app or by clicking Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SharkWeek and follow SHARK WEEK on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Discovery’s affiliate partners are participating in promotion around SHARK WEEK with screenings, retail events, sneak peeks, sweepstakes, social and digital promotions, and a robust On Demand and TV Everywhere slate. Additional promotions include employee engagement and family day events, and cross channel spots across all major markets nationwide.
SHARK WEEK will again be supported by Discovery Education, the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms. The more than 5 million educators and 51 million students worldwide using Discovery Education’s award-winning Techbooks, STEM Connect, and the recently launched Discovery Education Experience will shortly receive access to a variety of premium SHARK WEEK themed videos, classroom activities, lessons, virtual reality content, and engaging virtual experiences. Through these exciting resources, teachers and students are empowered to explore critical topics such as biodiversity, ocean conservation, marine life, and more.
Last year, SHARK WEEK made a huge ratings splash for its 30th anniversary, reaching 34.9M Total Viewers across Total Day. Discovery Channel was the #1 network on all of TV in Prime during SHARK WEEK – beating the broadcast networks – among M18-49 and M18-34 and had its 4th-highest rated SHARK WEEK on record across all 25-54s and 18-49s. Discovery Channel ranked as cable’s #1 network in Prime across all 25-54s, all 18-49s, and all 18-34s while SHAQ DOES SHARK WEEK was cable’s #1 telecast during SHARK WEEK in P25-54 & M25-54**. In addition, SHARK WEEK 2018 engaged fans across multiple platforms and reached 48 million users across Facebook and Instagram. The week also garnered 3.5 million streams across all Discovery GO (DGO) digital platforms.
Discovery has once again secured an exciting lineup of merchandising partners for SHARK WEEK, including a new partnership for 2019 with Vans, which will include a line of kid and adult footwear, t-shirts and accessories. Launching in stores and online in July, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Oceana, a charitable organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale, and Discovery’s charitable partner. Vineyard vines is returning for another year, after the highly successful Shark Week 30th anniversary and holiday collections, including a selection of nearly 50 styles for kids, men and women, including apparel, swimwear and beach accessories. Build-a-Bear, another returning partner, will feature a new, exclusive SHARK WEEK collection of furry sharks and clothing available in all stores and online.
CVS, one of SHARK WEEK’s premiere retailers, will feature a fun life of gifts and novelties in 3,000 stores, including beach towels by Jay Franco, blankets by Blankietails, play and figure sets by Bright Kingdom and plush shark toys by Dandee. Additional returning partners include Knockaround with exclusive SHARK WEEK sunglasses, Fifth Sun with new t-shirts, Crazy Socks with exclusive boxer short designs, Sock Fancy with themed sock sets and Tervis with three new Shark Week themed tumblers. Princess Cruises will once again offer a variety of events, promotions and themed culinary offerings on board their Summer of Shark on Caribbean Cruises as part of the Discovery at SEA Program.
About Discovery Channel:
Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 88.3 million U.S. homes, can be seen in 224 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit
About Discovery:
Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is a global leader in real life entertainment, serving a passionate audience of superfans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. Discovery delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year and has category leadership across deeply loved content genres around the world. Available in 220 countries and territories and nearly 50 languages, Discovery is a platform innovator, reaching viewers on all screens, including TV Everywhere products such as the GO portfolio of apps; direct-to-consumer streaming services such as Eurosport Player and MotorTrend OnDemand; digital-first and social content from Group Nine Media; a landmark natural history and factual content partnership with the BBC; and a strategic alliance with PGA TOUR to create the international home of golf. Discovery’s portfolio of premium brands includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, MotorTrend, Animal Planet, and Science Channel, as well as OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in the U.S., Discovery Kids in Latin America, and Eurosport, the leading provider of locally relevant, premium sports and Home of the Olympic Games across Europe. For more information, please visit and follow @DiscoveryIncTV across social platforms.
**Source: The Nielsen Company, Live+3 program-based strict daypart coverage area data, excl. breakouts (starts within, no exclusions for “best ever” stories, reach, and TC ranks). Su-Sa for Shark Week except reach is Su-Su (2nd Sunday is Live+SD). Ranks based on 000s, “best ever” stories and % change based on ratings. Total Day is 9a-3a for all but TC ranks and reach which use 6a-6a. Reach uses 6-min. qualifier.


#SayYestotheDress #SmallScreenScenes #FashionAlert #Style #Fashion TLC’S ‘SAY YES TO THE DRESS’ IS BACK WITH ALL-NEW EPISODES AND A NEW TIME SLOT AT 9PM ET/PT, BEGINNING JULY 20 Our Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner @hallakcleaners @hallakcouturecleaner

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It’s a whirlwind season of epic changes, bold personalities and astonishing moments when TLC’s long-running franchise SAY YES TO THE DRESS returns with brand-new episodes on Saturday, July 20 at 9PM ET/PT. Just as Kleinfeld Bridal pulls back the curtain on a massive, modern redesign of its salon, Randy Fenoli, iconic bridal expert, encounters several daring brides-to-be who are searching for unique, modern wedding attire that bucks tradition. From black dresses to jumpsuits, Randy and the consultants are nearly pushed to their limit as they juggle tighter-than-usual deadlines and demanding entourages in order to make every bride’s dream come true.

In the season premiere, Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy, the beloved duo from “Dancing with the Stars,” put Kleinfeld to the test when they arrive just two months before their big day seeking the dress of highest importance to Jenna: her reception dress. Viewers will meet brides in various stages of their dress search: one bride has yet to find a dress after shopping at close to 100 stores in the US and overseas; another bride was devastated when she lost her home, including her wedding dress, in the recent California wildfires; and a different bride’s dress went missing when the salon from where she purchased it went bankrupt.

Also this season, fans will get a first-hand look at breathtaking weddings around the world — from the cliffs of Ireland, to the hills of Tuscany. Plus, Randy is whisked away to Barcelona on his quest to debut his second bridal collection, and while there, he hopes to impress the bridal community at the ultimate Bridal Fashion Week. And in a special episode, Randy is deeply moved by an impromptu speech made during his niece’s wedding, which also doubles as a Fenoli family reunion.

Catch up on full episodes by downloading the TLC GO app or clicking here. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SYTTD, and stay up to date with the latest show news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SAY YES TO THE DRESS is produced by Half Yard Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, for TLC.


Offering remarkable real-life stories without judgment, TLC shares everyday heart, humor, hope, and human connection with programming genres that include fascinating families, heartwarming transformations and life’s milestone moments. TLC is a top 10 network across key female demos.

TLC is a global brand available in more than 86 million homes in the US and 279 million households around the world. Viewers can enjoy their favorite shows anytime, anywhere through TLC GO – the network’s TVE offering featuring live and on demand access to complete seasons. A destination online, offers in-depth fan sites and exclusive original video content. Fans can also interact with TLC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. TLC is part of Discovery (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), reaching 3 billion cumulative viewers in more than 220 countries and territories to satisfy curiosity and captivate superfans with a portfolio of premium nonfiction, lifestyle, sports and kids content brands. 


#NHLPeachy @Ovi8 #SportyPeachy #AsiaPeachy Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin to Serve as NHL Ambassador in China NHL Star Set to Visit Beijing the Week of August 4th

The National Hockey League announced today that Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin will visit China the week of August 4th serving as an international ambassador for the League. Ovechkin’s trip to Beijing will include youth hockey clinics, a media tour and business development meetings.

“It is a huge honor for me to be an ambassador for the entire Washington Capitals organization and the National Hockey League for this special trip to China,” Ovechkin said. “I think it is very important to spend time to help make people all over the world see how great a game hockey is. I can’t wait to spend time with all the hockey fans there and I hope to meet young kids who will be future NHL players. I can’t wait for this trip!”

The 33-year-old native of Moscow, Russia has recorded 658-553—1,211 in 1,084 career games with the Capitals. Since entering the NHL at the beginning of the 2005-06 season, Ovechkin leads the NHL in goals (658), power-play goals (247), power-play points (464), game-winning goals (107), shots (5,234) and ranks second in points (1,211). Ovechkin leads the NHL in goals since 1994-95 and shots since the 1993-94 season, despite beginning his NHL career in 2005. Ovechkin is the Capitals franchise leader in goals, points, power-play goals, game-winning goals, overtime goals (22), shots and multi-goal games (132).

Ovechkin led Washington to the 2018 Stanley Cup, captured his first Conn Smythe Trophy and became the first Russian player to captain a Stanley Cup champion. In his career, Ovechkin has won a Stanley Cup, a Conn Smythe Trophy, a Calder Trophy, an Art Ross Trophy, three Hart Memorial Trophies, three Ted Lindsay Awards and eight Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophies. He is the only player in NHL history to win a Stanley Cup, a Conn Smythe, a Calder, an Art Ross, a Hart, a Ted Lindsay and a Maurice Richard Trophy. Following a 51-goal season in 2018-19, Ovechkin won the Maurice Richard Trophy as the NHL's top goal scorer for a NHL-record eighth time and passed Bobby Hull for the most times a single player has led the NHL in goals in a season.

“We are very excited that Alex Ovechkin will be joining us in China this summer,” David Proper, NHL Executive Vice President of Media and International Strategy said. “Alex represents the best in sports, as he epitomizes that combination of great talent, great personality and great sportsmanship. He is the perfect person to represent the NHL’s efforts to grow hockey in China.”

The announcement advances the NHL and the NHLPA's commitment to grow the game globally.

In addition, the Stanley Cup made its first visit to China in its 127-year history last September. The iconic trophy traveled to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing, capturing the attention and awe of fans of all ages.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, China is committed to hockey and expects to expand its participation in all winter sports to 300 million people by 2022. The NHL continues to collaborate with sports and other authorities across China in developing grassroots hockey programs while supporting local youth hockey and hockey development at all levels.


#WhomWeMiss #NewYorkNotes #RussellSmith @RecordingAcad RECORDING ACADEMY™ STATEMENT RE: RUSSELL SMITH JULY 16, 2019

The Recording Academy™ is deeply saddened by the passing of country music singer/songwriter Russell Smith. A key member of the Nashville music community, Russell not only found success with the country-rock group the Amazing Rhythm Aces, but also as a chart-topping songwriter for artists such as Don Williams and Randy Travis. With the Amazing Rhythm Aces, he received a nomination in the coveted Best New Artist category at the 18th GRAMMY Awards®, and the group earned a GRAMMY® in the Best Country Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group for "The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy Tune)" at the 19th GRAMMY Awards. Music City has lost one of its giants, but Russell's legacy will live on through his contributions to the Nashville music community.

Neil Portnow 
Recording Academy 


Monday, July 15, 2019

#PeachyPicks #BatteryGardens #Summer2019 by #PaulNicaj #AlexMiljkovic #ChefMauroLujan #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Waterfront #Dining #Manhattan

Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, a signature selection since 2004
The newest item on the menu: Pan-Seared Sea Scallops
Paul and Peachy!
 It's not who you know, and it never has been.
It's WHOM YOU KNOW, and we know Battery Gardens Owner Paul Nicaj, above, one of the best restaurateurs in the business and master of hospitality.  We are honored it has been a Peachy's Pick since 2013 and we were thrilled to recently return; it had been far too long.  It previously was featured:
It is the only place in town where you can dine with the Statue of Liberty.   Literally.
It is at the southernmost tip of Manhattan and if you went any further south, you would be in the water.   
Alex and Mauro!
They have one of the best if not the best event spaces and 75% of their profit success is derived from catering, led by Alex Miljkovic, Director of Catering/Marketing whom we were delighted to meet.  An equal amount of events are either corporate or weddings/personal.
 There are very few venues in Manhattan at all, nevermind on just the list we highly recommend, that are as gorgeous and picturesque as Battery Gardens, and they achieve high culinary marks as well: they are more than just a pretty face.  Executive Chef Mauro Lujan was new to us although he actually started here in 2001 he tells Peachy Deegan.  He was the Sous Chef under the previous Executive Chef and Mauro hails from Mexico and came to the USA in 1999.
Everything is exactly this beautiful and as you know, pictures are never edited: 
 When you arrive at your table, you'll encounter perfection from the bread and butter to the water customized in its own bottle and particularly appreciated in 90-degree weather.  You'll meet Tarek Ahmed, one of the most jovial servers around with the best smile who genuinely takes pride in his vocation, and Toma Ivezic, who is equally exemplary.
Of course we love the Irish American sentiment at the bar: 
 We love to capitalize on the opportunity to become more crabby in an edible fashion!
Made fresh daily is the Tomato Seafood Soup, crafted with shrimp and crab meat that will wow you tremendously.  Served hot in temperature and medium spicy, this amalgamation of spiraled shrimp, crab meat, green peppers and onions make this a new summer favorite that we look forward to meeting again. 
 The appetizers are beyond fabulous.  Above, the Braised Octopus Salad dictates that they still know how to make the perfect tender octopus, sourced from Spain.  Joined by roasted fingerling potatoes, frisee and seared tomatoes, this is a burst of summer on your palate.  The quintessential classic of Chilled Jumbo Shrimp is another culinary triumph.  Five Jumbo Shrimp line up at your attention and are joined by Cocktail and Marie Rose (mayo and chili sauce) in ultimate freshness.  The family friendly atmosphere at Battery Gardens is most welcoming and not as common as you would think in Manhattan.  The tables are spacious and in terms of events, they told us they're doing an upcoming party for 1,000 indoor and outdoor.
Even the lemon has its pinkie out: 
 Of course we like fine dining, but we also like pizza.
Battery Gardens philosophically mirrors us with five pizzas we count on the menu.
Spinach and Artichoke jumped off the menu at us and from the perfectly baked crust to the terrific flavor of the baby spinach, artichoke hearts, ricotta cheese and shredded mozzarella, it is a total winner.  
 When your dinner arrives in front of you, you will think it is as beautiful as a masterpiece on the wall at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Though we love the Met, we can't eat it, so this deserves your full attention.  The Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, above, dictates that life is indeed beautiful.  We love the parallel green beens and mushroom, and of course the leader here is the Sea Bass, which is a great example of their continental Asian fusion menu.  The aroma is sensational and it's obvious why one would want to make a deal-business or personal-over a dish like this; this dish is Paul Nicaj's favorite and he suggested we try it.  This is the oldest menu item.
The newest menu item in contrast is the Pan Seared Sea Scallops, which made its debut three months ago.  It's Chef Mauro's favorite and he suggested this hot number.  A cornucopia of summer, the perfectly seared scallops are joined by chorizo, tomato salsa and sweet corn puree. 
Chef Mauro also suggested we try the Wood-Oven-Roasted Branzino, sourced from the Mediterranean.  A visual victory of a whole fish, the Branzino boasts tremendous flavor from that referenced roasting that is fabulous any time of year.  Joined by an array of heirloom carrots in brilliant color variation, this poisson gracefully rests among lemon potato and baby arugula salad to make your day.  Even you, Clint Eastwood.
The fish entree which Peachy had picked out and personally preferred is the Dover Sole Almondine, of course from Dover, England.  Its exemplification of elegance and stylish flavor dotted with almonds made this a fish you will absolutely covet.  It is most definitely the best Dover Sole we have had anywhere in 2019 and it would be a sin not to order it.
Peachy and Mauro!
Of course Cheeseburgers are popular so we had to check them out too; we loved it but we loved all of the fish more - but maybe get a cheeseburger to go so you can eat it at home during the next game you watch and remember how much you miss Battery Gardens.  The Sirloin Burger is no ordinary burger: it is majestic from the sirloin itself to the vermont cheddar cheese, maple pepper bacon and Challah Bun with Sesame Seeds-try it medium rare.  
The desserts are exemplary, as you might have imagined.
The lemon bar is an edible embodiment of the term refreshing, and best on a hot day.  Perched upon the lightest layer of graham cracker to add structure and flavor, the lemon bar is exquisitely delicate.  If you are a proud non-recovering chocoholic like Peachy, you will enjoy the Chocolate Trio, which is also shown sliced open so you can see the combination of white chocolate, dark chocolate and combination of 50/50 sweet semisweet.  Finally, if you love cheesecake, you will rejoice in the blueberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream.
Peachy Picks Battery Gardens!

Battery Gardens continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.


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