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Monday, September 21, 2020

#ReadThis #TheMysteriousAffairatStyles by #AgathaChristie First #1 #HerculePoirot #Mystery @VintageAnchor

The most read after the Bible and Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is hugely deserving of your literary attention and it's sad we were born too late to interview her. We begin at the beginning with The Mysterious Affair at Styles and she hit the ground running with her debut novel. If you have to read it more than once to ensure you fully comprehend and don't miss anything, you're in good company. Published today by Vintage Anchor of Penguin Random House, Agatha Christie is exactly the kind of excitement your extended social distancing at home needs!  It's the perfect time for it.  It will improve your brain power.

Taking place at the conclusion of WWI, war veteran Hastings narrates and intelligently introduces you to all the characters, and they are characters in every sense of the word. John Cavendish generously invites his pal Hastings to his stepmother's estate, Styles, in beautiful Essex, England. With two grown sons in the family, a new young husband, beaucoup de estate staff and the townspeople, it is quite unclear to the reader exactly whodunnit. However, ta da! Elucidating all the grey matter is Belgian detective legend Hercule Poirot, and if you think that name sounds familiar perhaps you saw Murder on the Orient Express starring Kenneth Branagh, who plays Poirot in this later tale. We're getting there! And you might have also heard Death on the Nile is hitting the big screen shortly. We hope to get to that too. Best on the screen that we've seen is And Then There Were None, but we're really getting ahead.

We want to read them all, and we know you do too. So begin at the beginning. Virtually visit Styles St. Mary to meet Mrs. Emily Inglethorp, who rules the roost until she's poisoned. That's not the mystery: the mystery is who on earth did it and why? It's an understatement to say this book is well done right down to the map of the night of the tragedy in Chapter Three. There is much to learn from the pieces of Belgian Refugee Poirot's thought process that is truly timeless and if you carefully follow along, you might guess correctly, and if not, read it again! Valuing Method and Order, Poirot makes sense. Six points of interest can punctate each of the six months you've been sequestered...

Agatha Christie began writing this in 1916 and it's set in 1917 and it first went on sale in the UK in 1921. Keep in mind back then there was no demand for dumbed down beach reading or competition from other media like tv or the internet, and intellect was valued in a higher regard. Well, everything that's old is new again and as the world has slowed down we think the demand for Christie is going to go up.  Compared to the light reading we see coming out today, this is what you want to read to really be entertained properly.

Pay attention to the law.  Pay attention to the weather.  Pay attention to human behavior.  Use all your grey cell matter!  It matters.  What's a mere distraction?  What's a coincidence?  What is deliberate? 

We won't say too much about the specifics of each character because we want you to think for yourselves, but don't put off reading Agatha Christie for one more minute.

The Mysterious Affair at Style has Earned Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation. We hope you're reading up there, Agatha!

Agatha Christie’s debut novel was the first to feature Hercule Poirot, her famously eccentric Belgian detective. A refugee of the Great War, Poirot is settling in England near Styles Court, the country estate of his wealthy benefactress, the elderly Emily Inglethorp. When Emily is poisoned and the authorities are baffled, Poirot puts his prodigious sleuthing skills to work. Suspects are plentiful, including the victim’s much younger husband, her resentful stepsons, her longtime hired companion, a young family friend working as a nurse, and a London specialist on poisons who just happens to be visiting the nearby village. All of them have secrets they are desperate to keep, but none can outwit Poirot as he navigates the ingenious red herrings and plot twists that earned Agatha Christie her well-deserved reputation as the queen of mystery.


#CulturedPeachy #WashingtonDCPeachy @Smithsonian SAAM Extends Critically Acclaimed Exhibition "Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature and Culture" Through Jan. 3, 2021

The Smithsonian American Art Museum's critically acclaimed exhibition "Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature and Culture" was just days away from opening to the public when the museum closed March 14 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The exhibition and the museum have been awaiting visitors ever since. Now that the Smithsonian has announced the reopening of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the exhibition will be on view from Friday, Sept. 18, through Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021.

Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was a renowned Prussian naturalist and explorer and one of the most influential figures of the 19th century. In 1804, after traveling five years in South America and Mexico, Humboldt spent six weeks in the United States. In these six weeks, Humboldt--through a series of lively exchanges of ideas about the arts, science, politics and exploration with influential figures such as President Thomas Jefferson and artists Charles Willson Peale--shaped American perceptions of nature and the way American cultural identity is grounded in the natural world. Humboldt's concerns about issues such as climate change resonate to this day.

The exhibition centers on the fine arts as a lens through which to understand how deeply intertwined Humboldt's ideas were with America's emerging identity. It includes more than 100 paintings, sculptures, maps and artifacts as well as a video introduction to Humboldt and his connections to the Smithsonian through an array of current projects and initiatives. In a tremendous show of support, all lenders agreed to the extension.

"I am so pleased this highly anticipated exhibition is finally open to the public, allowing visitors to learn more about this Renaissance man who shaped our young nation's identity," said Stephanie Stebich, the Margaret and Terry Stent Director at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. "We are deeply grateful to the collectors, museums and foundations for their continued generosity in sharing these important works with the American public, especially during these unprecedented times in a global pandemic."

"Humboldt remains relevant today for his lifelong support for democracy in the United States, his belief in the equality of all races and his respect for women," said Eleanor Jones Harvey, senior curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum who organized the exhibition. "Equally important is the legacy of his quest for knowledge about nature, which opened the door to the study of climate change, and more broadly, on humankind's impact on our planet."

The exhibition places American art squarely in the center of a conversation about Humboldt's lasting influence with artworks that reveal how the American wilderness became emblematic of the country's distinctive character. Humboldt's quest to understand the universe--his concern for deforestation and climate change, his taxonomic curiosity centered on New World species of flora and fauna and his belief that the arts were as important as the sciences for conveying the resultant sense of wonder in the interlocking aspects of the planet--make this a project evocative of how art illuminates some of the issues central to stewardship of the planet today. Artworks by Albert Bierstadt, Karl Bodmer, George Catlin, Frederic Church, Eastman Johnson, Samuel F. B. Morse, Peale, John Rogers, William James Stillman and John Quincy Adams Ward, among others, will be on display. Church, an esteemed painter of the Hudson River school, features prominently in the exhibition. He idolized Humboldt, going as far as trekking in the naturalist's footsteps in South America.

"Harvey's exhibition, which can be explored online and through a rich and beautifully produced catalog, connects dots in masterful ways, linking art, science and politics," said Philip Kennicott, The Washington Post's art and architecture critic. "It explains some of the curious mysteries of early America and its art....It puts Humboldt at the center of complex webs of scientific and artistic enterprise, including ethnographic research into Native American societies, the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable and the founding of the Smithsonian."

A focal point in the exhibition is the original "Peale Mastodon" skeleton, on loan from the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. This landmark object has specific ties to Humboldt, Peale and an emerging American national identity in the early 19th century. Its inclusion in the exhibition represents a homecoming for the important fossil that has been in Europe since 1847, and emphasizes that natural history and natural monuments bond Humboldt with the United States. The skeleton, excavated in 1801 in upstate New York, was the most complete to be unearthed at that time. Its discovery became a symbol of civic pride. In 1804, Humboldt was honored with a dinner beneath the mastodon while it was exhibited in the Peale Museum in Philadelphia. Two paintings featuring the fossil--"Exhumation of the Mastodon" (1806-08) and "The Artist in His Museum" (1822) both by Peale--are on display nearby the galleries.

The original exhibition press release has also been updated on Newsdesk and at the museum's press room.

The exhibition catalog, Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature and Culture, is written by Harvey with a preface by Hans Sues, chair of paleobiology and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Co-published by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Princeton University Press, it is available for purchase online ($75).

Public Programs
The museum organized a six-part online lecture series, "The World of Alexander von Humboldt," with presentations by historians of art and science and contemporary artists that address how Humboldt's observations and ideas from 200 years ago resonate with even greater relevance today in the face of climate change. Speakers include Harvey (Sept. 16); Andrea Wulf, best-selling author of "The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World" (Sept. 23); Randall Griffin, professor of art history at Southern Methodist University (Oct. 7); Dario Robleto, artist-in-residence at the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering (Oct. 14); Tom Lovejoy, professor of environmental science at George Mason University (Oct. 21); George Steinmann, artist, musician and researcher (Oct. 28). All talks take place at 1 p.m. ET and are free, but registration is required through Eventbrite.

This lecture series is made possible by support from the Provost of the Smithsonian for Earth Optimism programming.

Planning a Visit to the Museum
The Smithsonian American Art Museum has reopened with new health and safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a reduced weekly schedule. The museum is open five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visitors must reserve timed-entry passes in advance, and masks are required while at the museum. Passes can be reserved online at or by phone at 1-800-514-3849, ext. 1. An individual will be able to reserve up to six passes for personal use. Each visitor must have a pass, regardless of age. Visitors may choose to print timed-entry passes at home or show a digital timed-entry pass on their mobile device. The museum's store and its café remain closed at this time, and the museum's entrance at Eighth and F streets N.W. is closed. All visitors must enter at Eighth and G streets N.W. Additional information is available on the museum's website at

"Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature and Culture" is organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum with generous support from Joanne and Richard Brodie, Billings and John Cay, Fern and Hersh Cohen, Sheila Duignan and Mike Wilkins, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Marie M. Halff, Liliane A. and Christian W.E. Haub, Raymond J. and Margaret Horowitz Endowment, Kandeo Asset Management, Maureen and Gene Kim, LATAM Trade Capital, Robert Lehman Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, The Lunder Foundation--Peter and Paul Lunder Family, Provost of the Smithsonian, Lucy S. Rhame, Holly and Nick Ruffin, Jacquelyn and William Sheehan, Smithsonian Scholarly Studies Awards, the Terra Foundation for American Art and Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth.

This exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. The accompanying catalogue is supported by Furthermore: a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund.

About the Smithsonian American Art Museum
The Smithsonian American Art Museum is home to one of the most significant and most inclusive collections of American art in the world. Its artworks reveal America's rich artistic and cultural history from the colonial period to today. The museum's main building is located at Eighth and G streets N.W., above the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metrorail station, and is open 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Its Renwick Gallery, a branch museum dedicated to contemporary craft and decorative arts, is located on Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th Street N.W. and is open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday though Sunday. Admission is free. Follow the museum on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Smithsonian information: (202) 622-1000. Museum information (recorded): (202) 633-7970. Website:

Image Credit:
Frederic Edwin Church, The Natural Bridge, Virginia, 1852, oil on canvas, The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia, Gift of Thomas Fortune Ryan.


#CulturedPeachy #LondonPeachy @NationalGallery SENSING THE UNSEEN: STEP INTO GOSSAERT’S ‘ADORATION’

Jan Gossaert (Jean Gossart) The Adoration of the Kings, 1510-15 © The National Gallery, London

A new immersive digital experience inspired by Jan Gossaert’s 16th-century masterpiece The Adoration of the Kings will open at the National Gallery over the Christmas period.

Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’ will show one of the Gallery’s most popular pictures as never before and is designed to allow for digital immersion while maintaining social distancing. 

As visitors view the painting, the voice of one of its depicted characters, King Balthasar, will speak to them before light and sound lead them into individual ‘pods’ to experience an interactive version of the painting.

In the pods, visitors will encounter a large screen featuring a digital image of the painting which has been ‘sonified’ using ambient sound, poetic spoken word and music. Visitors will zoom into details of the painting in an aural and visual experience that places them in the world of the painting and helps them discover and navigate previously unseen elements. These include details that the artist playfully hid away as well as those that reveal the way he used individual brushstrokes and techniques such as blotted glazes to create intricate and highly wrought elements.

One of the great works of the Northern Renaissance, everything about the construction, composition, content and detail of this painting is designed to focus the viewer on the tiny naked Christ Child in the middle of a desolate scene of ruins. A picture of birth, death and renewal, its exaggerated use of space and perspective gives the sense that the whole world is coming to view this scene; the series of contrasts suggests a moment of significant change in a decaying world (such as the richly dressed kings pictured with dogs at their feet scrapping around amongst weeds and broken stones.) 

The experience begins with the African king Balthasar’s voice speaking of this transformative moment in time. As the king standing to the left of Mary and the baby Jesus, and with his attendant behind him, Balthasar is the character who best represents the journey to this point of revelation, as he waits in suspense to see the baby Jesus. The importance of Balthasar is highlighted by the fact that Gossaert signed the painting in two places – on his hat and on the collar of his attendant.

Artist’s impression of Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’’ Image by Vasilija Abramovic© The National Gallery, London

The exhibition explores approaches to both sound and interactive design and has been developed by an interdisciplinary team of Gallery experts, artists, designers, technologists and creatives working closely with our audiences.

Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’ is the first of a series of Room 1 exhibitions to be supported by the Capricorn Foundation, for the next three years in memory of the late Mr H J Hyams. 

It is curated by Dr Susan Foister, the Gallery’s Deputy Director and Curator of Early Netherlandish and German Paintings. 

Exhibition supported by

The Capricorn Foundation in memory of Mr H J Hyams 

Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’
9 December 2020 - 28 February 2021
The National Gallery
Room 1
Admission free

This exhibition will be a free to enter experience, available to visitors who have booked Gallery Entry tickets as well as Titian and Artemisia exhibition tickets. Simply make your way to Gallery Room 1 to enjoy Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’

Press view: Tuesday 8 December 2020 


NG2790: Jan Gossaert (Jean Gossart)
active 1508; died 1532

The Adoration of the Kings, 1510-15
Oil on oak, 179.8 × 163.2 cm

This large altarpiece is crammed with peasants, animals, angels and richly dressed kings and courtiers, come to worship the infant Christ, who sits on his mother’s lap in a palatial but ruined building.

Jan Gossaert has signed the painting on the hat of Balthasar, the king on the left, and on the silver collar of his attendant. Technical analysis has revealed the skill, time and effort which the artist put into this picture. There is a considerable amount of underdrawing and a great many changes made at all stages, all apparently done by Gossaert himself. There are virtuoso passages of detail, especially in the foreground: the hairs sprouting from Caspar’s cheek and the decoration of his hat; the fringes of Balthasar’s stole. 

By 1600 this painting was perhaps in the abbey of St Adrian at Geraardsbergen (Graamont) in East Flanders. Gossaert seems to have painted it for the church between about 1510 and 1515, probably for the funerary chapel of Daniel van Boechout, lord of Boelare near Geraardsbergen.


#FashionAlert @BURBERRY SPRING/SUMMER 2021 SHOW 'IN BLOOM' Our Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner @hallakcleaners @hallakcouturecleaner

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‘It began with a thought of British summertime; embracing the elements with a trench coat on the beach mixing with the sand and the water. I envisioned the people of this space, like the lighthouse keeper, and a love affair between a mermaid and a shark, set against the ocean, then brought to land.

The circle is hugely symbolic – regrowth, renewal, the circle of life. The collection is called In Bloom because I was thinking about regeneration, about dynamic youth, about nature constantly recreating itself, always growing and evolving, always alive. Water is a symbol of that also – of newness, freshness and cleansing. And through water, life grows – water is what allows nature to bloom. Everything is circular.

The collection is focused and refined – one vision, one story. This is the essence of both Burberry’s identity and my own creativity. Reaffirming the codes of Burberry – my codes of Burberry, our DNA.’
Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

For Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection named In Bloom, Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci celebrates the emblems and hallmarks of the fashion house – its character, its nature, its unique DNA, and remasters them with a dynamic modern energy. Inviting the internationally acclaimed artist Anne Imhof to collaborate, Riccardo has curated a unique show experience – a play of aesthetics, ideologies and tensions, between unbridled natural instincts and focused precision, between rules and rebellion. Burberry has always offered the freedom to explore the new and the unknown – these times suggest a redress, a reset, a new way of thinking. A new environment to explore.

For the Burberry Spring/Summer 2021 show, Riccardo explores the power of fashion to communicate, to move and to evoke emotion. He presents a modern mythology, a contemporary fairy tale in the deep ocean, a love story blooms between a mermaid and a shark, darkly romantic and unexpected. The sea, always beautiful, sometimes savage, invariably romantic, inspires the clothing. It reflects a multifaceted view of Britain – simultaneously rural and urban, spanning earth and ocean, always expressing freedom.

Riccardo’s collaborative creative partnership with Anne Imhof, an artist synonymous with her groundbreaking endurance performances and installation works, offers a collision of fashion and art. Together, the duo have conceived a fashion show as a performance: staged for a digital audience, the show experience is designed as an installation exploring the freedom of expression – transforming fiction into fact as the real becomes unreal. Like waves crashing, uncontrolled against the shore, the performance features an ebb and flow of bodies, models and performers as one – a swelling and falling tide of figures moving through the space – a raw urban environment, created within the ever-blooming landscape of the British outdoors. It celebrates a symbiosis of wild, untamed nature and human structure – here, united.

Perspectives are ever-changing, viewpoints reexamined. Burberry debuts its Spring/Summer 2021 show on Twitch with hosts Erykah Badu, Rosalía, Steve Lacy and Bella Hadid in the first collaboration between a luxury fashion brand and the live video streaming service alongside live streams on Instagram and As part of Anne Imhof’s art environment, her long-term collaborator, fellow artist and musician Eliza Douglas performs – her music provides a unique real-time soundtrack, further exploring the blurred boundaries between art, fashion and live events.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection is a dialogue between different worlds colliding into one, blending the natural and the fashioned, fusing utility with romance. Womenswear reflects the juxtaposition of the mystical and the natural; strong and delicate, hard and soft, with the elegant details of tulle and chiffon, fishnets studded with crystals, allegorical prints and artworks. Menswear draws from the rugged elegance and practicality of the wardrobes of seafarers with rubberised finishes, hardy denim and Thomas Burberry’s gabardine. The palette is sharply focused, immersed in a spectrum of blue tones, an oceanic panorama accented with sandy Burberry beige and bolts of mariner orange. Portholes, based on the handle of Burberry’s new signature the Pocket Bag, feature across accessories and garments, opening windows onto different layers.

Burberry’s DNA is historically tied to water – the fashion house’s founder Thomas Burberry invented the first technical fabric – gabardine – designed to repel water and to protect the body. Today, the Burberry trench coat remains at the core of the brand. With this collection, Riccardo continues to reinterpret this icon with fresh iterations, including sculptural loop-back and cut-out styles as well as expanding to a full-length coat cross-bred with contrast tails of denim.

Water itself is symbolic of renewal, regeneration, changing tides and hope springing eternal. Today, it also represents freedom – a release, an escape, the excitement of new and unknown environments to explore. Great expanses, distant horizons, from which new life blooms. For Spring/Summer 2021, Burberry writes a new chapter of a mythology made in modern times.


The British Fashion Council (BFC) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have been working in partnership on the safe delivery of London Fashion Week, ensuring BFC staff and brands’ designers and producers have access to and understand the required COVID-secure guidance so that physical events can go ahead.
Measures taken to ensure that the Burberry Spring/Summer 2021 show was COVID-secure include social distancing, enhanced cleaning and PPE provision. All staff are required to follow government advice at all times and Burberry engaged an external health and safety advisor to monitor and ensure compliance on set.

Show location
We worked closely with the site managers and park rangers at our show locations, working to guidelines and environmental standards set by local authorities.

Groundwork South
We are making a donation to Groundwork South to support conservation efforts and help individuals to connect with nature. These projects work to transform the landscapes and lives of local communities, including in our show locations.

Burberry science-based targets and renewable energy
Burberry has a goal to be carbon neutral in its own operational energy use by 2022 and to obtain 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources in the same time frame.
Underpinning this target are two climate goals approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, to reduce the absolute scope one and two greenhouse gas emissions by 95 per cent by 2022 and absolute scope three greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 (all from a 2016 base year).
In February 2020, Burberry announced the launch of a Regeneration Fund to support a portfolio of verified carbon offsetting and carbon insetting projects to directly tackle the environmental impact of Burberry’s operations.

Show carbon offsetting
In line with our previous two runway shows, this experience will be certified carbon neutral. Measures are taken to reduce the presentation’s environmental impact before offsetting any remaining emissions through Burberry’s Regeneration Fund.
The Burberry Regeneration Fund supports a portfolio of carbon insetting and verified carbon offsetting projects, mapped to the footprint of our business. For the Burberry Spring/Summer 2021 show, certified projects in the US and China were a natural fit due to the presence of our operations in these geographies and the strength of the programmes.
The projects focus on forest restoration by working with tree species including pine, spruce, juniper, poplar, birch and elm. Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, these programmes are helping restore natural habitats and biodiversity, improving carbon sequestration and enhancing local communities with skills and training.

Burberry is a global luxury brand, headquartered in London, UK.
Founded in 1856, Burberry is listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.
BURBERRY, the Equestrian Knight Device, the Burberry check and the Thomas Burberry Monogram and print are trademarks belonging to Burberry.
For more news:

Anne Imhof on Instagram.
Anne Imhof is a contemporary German artist known for her endurance performances, paintings and revolutionary installation work.
Having studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Anne has created several solo exhibitions, including ‘DEAL’ (2015) at MoMA PS1 in New York and ‘Angst II’ (2016) at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.
In 2017, Anne Imhof represented Germany at the 57th Venice Biennale transforming the pavilion with her performance piece, ‘Faust’, for which she was awarded the Golden Lion for Best National Participation – an award given to only one of the 85 exhibitions mounted in pavilions in the Giardini della Biennale and across Venice.
In 2019, Imhof unveiled ‘Sex’, a large-scale commission at the Tate Modern, the first project by a solo artist to occupy the full suite of spaces in the Tate Modern Tanks featuring music specially composed together with Billy Bultheel and Eliza Douglas.

Eliza Douglas on Instagram.
Eliza Douglas is an acclaimed artist who has held solo exhibitions at Air de Paris in Paris, Jewish Museum in New York and Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin among others.
Musically, she has collaborated with artists including Hercules and Love Affair, Antony and the Johnsons and Devendra Banhart.

Burberry’s Twitch account:
Launched in 2011, Twitch is a global community that comes together each to day to create unique, live, unpredictable experiences through the interactions of millions. Together, the community creates entertainment across a host of categories from casual gaming to world-class e-sports, sports, music and art streams.
We are always live at Twitch. Stay up to date on all things Twitch on Twitter and on our blog.



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted 18 students as winners of the 47th Student Academy Awards® competition. This year, the Student Academy Awards competition received a total of 1,474 entries from 207 domestic and 121 international colleges and universities. The 2020 winners join the ranks of such past Student Academy Award winners as Patricia Cardoso, Pete Docter, Cary Fukunaga, Spike Lee, Trey Parker, Patricia Riggen and Robert Zemeckis. 

The winners are (listed alphabetically by category):

Alternative/Experimental (Domestic and International Film Schools)
Curry Sicong Tian, “Simulacra,” University of Southern California

Animation (Domestic Film Schools)
Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, “Ciervo,” Rhode Island School of Design
Daniela Dwek, Maya Mendonca and Chrisy Baek, “Hamsa,” School of Visual Arts
Kate Namowicz and Skyler Porras, “Mime Your Manners,” Ringling College of Art & Design

Animation (International Film Schools)
Pascal Schelbli, “The Beauty,” Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Documentary (Domestic Film Schools)
Allison A. Waite, “The Dope Years: The Story of Latasha Harlins,” University of Southern California
Laura Zéphirin, “Making Waves,” New York University
Yucong Chen, “Unfinished Lives,” University of Southern California

Documentary (International Film Schools)
Maren Klakegg, “Dear Father…,” Westerdals Institute of Film and Media, Kristiania University College (Norway) 

Narrative (Domestic Film Schools)
Karishma Dube, “Bittu,” New York University
Rommel Villa Barriga, “Sweet Potatoes,” University of Southern California
Talia Smith, “Umama,” New York University

Narrative (International Film Schools)
Percival Argüero Mendoza, “Crescendo,” Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (Mexico)
Marie Mc Court, “I Was Still There When You Left Me,” Institut des Arts de Diffusion (Belgium) 
German Golub, “My Dear Corpses,” Baltic Film & Media School, Tallinn University (Estonia) 

First-time honors go to Baltic Film & Media School, Tallinn University, Estonia, and Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Belgium. 

All Student Academy Award-winning films are eligible to compete for 2020 Oscars® in the Animated Short Film, Live Action Short Film or Documentary Short Subject category. Past winners have gone on to receive 64 Oscar® nominations and have won or shared 13 awards. The medal placements – gold, silver and bronze – in the seven award categories will be revealed in a virtual program highlighting the winners and their films on Wednesday, October 21. 

The Student Academy Awards were established in 1972 to provide a platform for emerging global talent by creating opportunities within the industry to showcase their work. 

# # #

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a global community of more than 10,000 of the most accomplished artists, filmmakers and executives working in film. In addition to celebrating and recognizing excellence in filmmaking through the Oscars, the Academy supports a wide range of initiatives to promote the art and science of the movies, including public programming, educational outreach and the upcoming Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, opening April 30, 2021.



Thursday, September 17, 2020


Premiering October 4, the Documentary Kicks-Off UNDISCOVERED Series 

Considered by many to be our country’s greatest leader and one of the most beloved presidents in history, there are only 130 known images of Abraham Lincoln on record. Credited with ending slavery and leading the nation out of one of our darkest periods, Lincoln’s life and legacy were cut short that fateful night at Ford’s Theater in 1865. Today, only limited items and a selection of known and verified photographs remain of the 16th president. But, is it possible another image exists? One that was taken of the president in secret after he was shot and has remained hidden for more than 150 years? 

From Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas and directed by Oscar® nominated filmmaker Jason Cohen, THE LOST LINCOLN chronicles an investigation by professional authenticator, Dr. Whitny Braun to reveal extraordinary, groundbreaking evidence uncovering whether a newly discovered, secret photograph could be the 131st and final image of President Lincoln, taken after his infamous assassination. Her journey to discover the truth takes the viewer from Lincoln’s birthplace in Illinois to halls of the National Archives to the scene of his last moments alive in Ford’s Theater and the Petersen House. 

April 14th, 1865 is remembered as one of the greatest tragedies in American history. While much about the events of that evening have been documented in history books and by biographers for decades, the hours spent at Petersen House where President Lincoln would ultimately succumb to his wounds, remain shrouded in mystery. After learning that an alleged photo of President Lincoln, taken in those final hours, exists, Dr. Braun, a professor of bioethics at Loma Linda University who has authenticated innumerable historical items in her tenure, sets out to prove the image’s authenticity using innovative forensics and facial recognition software, as well as in-sights from renowned historians and Lincoln biographers and scholars. 

THE LOST LINCOLN premieres Sunday, October 4 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery as part of UNDISCOVERED, the new Discovery documentary strand that explores some of our greatest mysteries, potentially rewriting the history books along the way.

In addition to watching THE LOST LINCOLN on Discovery, viewers can check out the special by downloading the Discovery GO app. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #LostLincoln and follow Discovery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates. 

With access to state-of-the-art technology, and by piecing together a detailed timeline of events with expert insights, THE LOST LINCOLN brings to light a piece of evidence with the potential to expose a tragic yet remarkable hour in American history. With findings from Dr. Bennet Omalu, a world-renowned forensic pathologist who was famously played by Will Smith in “Concussion”, Dr. Francis Palmer III, a globally recognized expert in facial evaluation, and firearms historian, Dr. James Braun, among others, the documentary peels away the layers of this over 150 year old mystery. 

THE LOST LINCOLN is produced for Discovery by the recently Emmy-nominated production company, Unrealistic Ideas. For Unrealistic Ideas, Mark Walhberg, Stephen Levinson, and Archie Gips are executive producers. Paul Sadowski, Jason Cohen, and Whitny Braun also serve as executive producers. Co-executive producer is Javier Quintana. Jason Cohen is the director. For Discovery Channel: Howard Swartz and Igal Svet are executive producers and Joe Mazzeo is associate producer.

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#Politics @Interior Trump Administration Finalizes the Return of American Indian Ancestral Remains and Funerary Objects from Finland

Last year, President Trump and President Niinistӧ of Finland finalized an agreement to return American Indian ancestral remains and funerary objects taken over a century ago from what is now Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Today, U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt, Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Tara Katuk Sweeney and other officials joined President Trump in the Oval Office to recognize the cultural and ancestral importance of these items being returned safely to the Mesa Verde region. 

“The leadership of President Trump and President Niinistӧ of Finland resulted in the return of these important objects to their rightful place in Indian Country,” said Secretary Bernhardt. “They are to be commended for their solemn efforts.” 

“Repatriating ancestral remains to the Tribes that are culturally connected to the Mesa Verde region underscores the importance of continued protection of the heritage and traditions of our Indian nations,” said Assistant Secretary Sweeney. “While this is a solemn occasion, I express my humble gratitude to President Trump and President Niinistӧ for leading a team of dedicated individuals working alongside Tribal governments to achieve this successful conclusion.” 

In 1891, Swedish researcher Gustaf Nordenskiold conducted excavations in what is now Mesa Verde National Park, removing a large collection of American Indian ancestral remains, funerary items and other cultural items. Mesa Verde is a complex of stone dwellings hand-built into cliffs, and was home to Ancestral Pueblo people for more than 700 years, from 600 to 1300 C.E. The excavated items became part of the ethnographic collection of the National Museum of Finland. 

Since 2016, the U.S. government, led by the U.S. Department of State, with support from Mesa Verde National Park and others at the Department of the Interior, has supported the associated Tribes in their request to repatriate certain items from the Nordenskiold collection identified as ancestral remains, and cultural items such as funerary objects as defined under the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). 

Under NAGPRA, Federal law requires that U.S. museums and Federal agencies transfer human remains and funerary objects, sacred objects and objects of cultural patrimony to lineal descendants, Indian Tribes or Native Hawaiian organizations that have requested them. NAGPRA’s requirements position the United States as a global leader in honoring indigenous peoples’ rights for repatriation of cultural heritage and ancestral remains under U.S. law. 

Although NAGPRA does not apply internationally, the U.S. refers to the national policy established by NAGPRA in its support for Tribal requests for repatriation from foreign countries. This is one of several international repatriations from foreign museums that Interior has supported in recent years in response to Tribes’ requests for assistance. Interior coordinates with the Departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security to support Tribes seeking repatriation of cultural items held abroad in museums or private collections or sold at foreign auctions. Interior also maintains an informal internal working group, co-led by the Office of International Affairs and the Office of the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs, to coordinate these efforts. 

More information on NAGPRA’s domestic application and Interior’s role on international repatriations are online.

About the U.S. Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior conserves and manages the Nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of the American people, provides scientific and other information about natural resources and natural hazards to address societal challenges and create opportunities for the American people, and honors the Nation’s trust responsibilities or special commitments to American Indians, Alaska Natives and affiliated island communities to help them prosper.



This might just be the year to buy lots of extra candy and settle in for “Ghostober,” Travel Channel’s third annual paranormal programming event. No need to leave the house when Halloween reigns all month long, taking viewers on spine-chilling adventures to the other side – where tales of poltergeists, ghostly creatures, demons and even a few legends will keep you company. Filled with a creepy mix of buzzy new specials, boldfaced names and returning favorites, “Ghostober” has all the thrills and chills on lockdown.

While we are all living with many unknowns, Travel Channel conjures up over-the-top specials exploring the very topic of the real unknown. While paranormal programming is scheduled throughout October, Ghostober culminates with “7 Nights of Fright.” The top 20 of the world’s spookiest unexplained videos kickstarts the week on Sunday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with the two-hour countdown “Paranormal Caught on Camera: Top 100.” Included in this week’s lineup of supersized specials are new Shock Docs focusing on two of our nation’s most terrifying tales of horror – “Amityville Horror House,” premiering on Monday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and “The Exorcism of Roland Doe,” premiering on Tuesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Then, fans will celebrate the season with many of Travel Channel’s talent featured in the new “Shock Docs” tell-all holiday special, “This is Halloween,” premiering Wednesday, October 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

As the calendar creeps closer to All Hallows’ Eve, we crank up the terror with over-the-top tricks and treats. In the two-hour special, “Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo,” premiering Thursday, October 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Zak Bagans and the “Ghost Adventures” crew go inside the infamous Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to investigate sinister accounts of ghostly activity. The special is then followed by the Season Two return of “The Holzer Files,” reopening famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer’s original case files, at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

The goosebumps continue with a sneak peek of the new season of “Portals to Hell,” starring Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne, on Friday, October 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The duo investigates what might just be the most haunted place in all of Connecticut. And then, in a special two-hour holiday treat, the whole Osbourne family joins in on the fun. Adamant on truly living up to their position as America’s first family of darkness, Jack Osbourne takes Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly on their first-ever paranormal investigation in “The Osbournes: Night of Terror,” premiering at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Not only are they going to hunt ghosts together … but they’re going to love it.

Travel Channel wraps up “Ghostober” on Halloween night with the ultimate series crossover featuring superstar paranormal investigators from two of the network’s hit shows, “Ghost Nation” and “Kindred Spirits.” The ghost-hunting teams reunite for the first time in nearly a decade to explore frightening activity inside an illustrious Newport, Rhode Island, mansion in “Ghost Nation: Reunion in Hell,” premiering Saturday, October 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. And the programming event bows with a chilling new episode of “Destination Fear” on Saturday, October 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, where the team will spend a terrifying night inside the abandoned Old Crow Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.

“Halloween is Travel Channel’s Superbowl, and with more people at home than ever before, we plan to deliver an over-the-top slate of original programming. We are the only network super-serving this mega popular genre to its superfans, featuring the superstars of the paranormal field and beyond,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel.

The “Ghostober” 2020 celebration is back on and Travel Channel’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Fans can check out exclusive content from their favorite shows, a new exclusive web series, “Up Close & Paranormal,” with the cast of “Ghost Nation” and “Kindred Spirits,” behind-the-scene videos, cast interviews, photos and more. Viewers can also stream a variety of Travel Channel’s series, including past seasons of “Ghost Adventures,” on the Travel Channel Go app.

Included in this year’s Halloween lineup are some of the wildest, zaniest and scariest specials and series:


“AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)

Premieres Monday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

In 1977, the book, “The Amityville Horror,” was published and caused a sensation. The subsequent 1979 film adaptation was a surprise box office hit. Today, it is the quintessential American horror story based on true events – family moves into their dream house in an all-American town and experiences the most terrifying demonic haunting imaginable. Demon possession, demon attacks, a portal to hell – it was a situation so dire, even the church couldn’t help them. Through archival footage and re-creations, our film presents the harrowing true story of Ronald DeFeo, who murdering his entire family in the Amityville house, and the 28 days the Lutz family lived there. A rare, archival interview with George Lutz, describing the final, terrifying night in the Amityville house, is revealed for the first time. #AmityvilleHorrorHouseTrvl

“THE EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)

Premieres Tuesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

In 1973, “The Exorcist” shocked moviegoers. Overnight, the sinister presence of satanic evil seemed frighteningly real for millions of Americans. Archival footage shows audience members frightened out of their wits – and literally out of their seats. Some in the audience ran out of the theatre; others got physically ill or couldn’t sleep for weeks. Through rare archival footage, this shock doc will feature the cultural impact of the horror movie and explore the story of Roland Doe, the chilling true story behind “The Exorcist.” And for the first time on television, an investigator will expose a shocking secret and possible cover-up in the real-life exorcist case of Roland Doe. #ExorcismofRolandDoeTrvl

“THIS IS HALLOWEEN” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)

Premieres Wednesday, October 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Halloween is a time to indulge our darkest fears and live out our wildest fantasies. For those who like the spooky side of life, it’s become a yearly event. In the two-hour Shock Docs installment, “This is Halloween,” Travel Channel’s paranormal experts share their best Halloween stories in a nostalgic look back at everyone’s favorite haunted holiday. From creepy costumes to the scariest pranks they’ve ever pulled, it’s a sweet and spooky trip down memory lane. #ThisisHalloweenTrvl


Premieres Thursday, October 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

The dramatic saga of Joe Exotic and his Wynnewood, Oklahoma, zoo captivated audiences and became a global phenomenon. Now, Zak Bagans and the “Ghost Adventures” crew are once again breaking new ground with the first-ever paranormal investigation inside Joe Exotic’s Greater Wynnewood Animal Park. For years, the park staff have claimed the zoo is haunted. In this two-hour special, “Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo,” the team examines claims of sinister activity and tortured spirits believed to lurk in the shadows of a park tainted by tragic events like deadly fires and accidental shootings. Could these incidents have opened a mysterious portal to the other side? The team is prepared to confront these dark spirits as they attempt to gather evidence as to who, or what, is haunting this park. #GhostAdventures

“PORTALS TO HELL” (One-Hour Sneak Peek)

“Frightmare in Connecticut”

Premieres Friday, October 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman head to Poquetanuck, Connecticut, to investigate Captain Grant’s Inn. The Inn was built in 1754, and is rumored to be Connecticut’s most haunted home. The current owner, Carol, claims that shortly after she purchased the property in 1986, she was taken over by an evil spirit. Osbourne and Weidman are shocked to learn that Carol took matters into her own hands and conducted an exorcism to eliminate the angry spirit. For 10 years following the exorcism, the paranormal experiences were mild, but soon Carol and her guests started to experience an uptick in ghostly activity. To this day, she claims to have cataloged over 300 spirits haunting the property. Now, in a never-investigated-for-TV exclusive, Osbourne and Weidman seek to discover if these are historical hauntings or if there is something more sinister at play. In a risky attempt to get answers, the duo asks Carol to join the night investigation for an unprecedented experiment that leaves the entire team speechless. #PortalstoHell


Premieres Friday, October 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

In the new special “The Osbournes: Night of Terror,” the Osbourne family – Jack, Kelly, Ozzy and Sharon – are going on their first-ever paranormal investigation together! The First Family of Darkness are in for real chills with a ghost hunt inside Los Angeles’ historical Heritage Square, a collection of horrifying, active haunted houses believed to be the most haunted hotspot in the area and never before been investigated for TV. As Jack and Kelly go deep into the night to investigate prolific spirit activity, Ozzy and Sharon monitor the action from basecamp. Terrifying encounters aside – of which there are plenty – in true Osbourne fashion, there’s a never a dull moment. With Kelly and Jack on the front lines of the investigation confronting unexplained disturbances, skeptics Ozzy and Sharon provide lively feedback and guidance hoping to mitigate the paranormal danger their kids are sure to face. It’s a family fright night like no other. Not only are they going to hunt ghosts together…but they’re going to love it. #OsbournesNightOfTerror

“GHOST NATION: REUNION IN HELL” (Two-Hour Crossover Special With Amy Bruni and Adam Berry From “Kindred Spirits”)

Premieres Saturday, October 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

In this spine-tingling, two-hour Halloween special, “Ghost Nation” stars Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are calling in their old paranormal pals, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of “Kindred Spirits,” to reopen a case that has taken a sinister turn. Seaview Terrace is the 40,000-square-foot Rhode Island mansion famous for being featured on the TV show “Dark Shadows,” but the owners were shocked to find out that a recent visitor – a self-proclaimed warlock – had performed some sort of blasphemous ceremony in the house. Now, they’re experiencing a shift in the mansion’s energy, unleashing something more menacing. The team scours 100 years of history to discover a notoriously patchwork past, filled with lavish high society parties and possibly a scandalous murder. #GhostNation and #KindredSpirits



Premieres Saturday, October 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are back for more adventures to the other side in all new episodes of “Ghost Nation.” The locations have bigger mysteries, are more chilling and have never been investigated on television. And they are calling in an old friend for some help – paranormal investigator Shari DeBenedetti. With the help of their local contacts, they embed themselves in the community, conducting multi-day investigations in an effort to track down the true source of hauntings and restore peace to the living. They’ll do whatever it takes to entice the ghost into telling its story and stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the paranormal phenomena. (Two-hour Halloween special and 13 one-hour episodes) #GhostNation


Premieres Saturday, October 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Buckle up for more fright-fueled episodes of “Destination Fear” – a haunted road trip turned terrifying sleepover. Brother and sister duo, Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, and best friend Tanner Wiseman, along with camera operator Alex Schroeder, confront their fears, as they pile into their RV and hit the road on a nail-biting cross-country journey to pursue paranormal evidence, spending the night inside America’s most haunted abandoned buildings. Lured by the unknown and with a greater understanding of fear, the crew explores a whole new set of abandoned locations with grim histories – this time the destinations remain a surprise, not just to Chelsea and Tanner, but to Dakota as well. In the premiere episode, Dakota leads Chelsea, Tanner and Alex to Saratoga County Homestead Hospital, a decaying sanitarium in upstate New York, where some patient corpses were unclaimed due to a flu pandemic. Screams and darting shadows play mind games with the team as they struggle to pin the activity on the living or the dead. (Seven one-hour episodes)


Premieres Thursday, October 29 at 11 p.m. ET/PT

After a groundbreaking freshman run, “The Holzer Files” returns with all-new investigations from the trail of John Wilkes Booth in Maryland to a serial killer in Ohio. Led by investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman, “The Holzer Files” investigates terrifying true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of America’s first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. Recognized as the “father of the paranormal,” Holzer’s legendary four-decade exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts, more than 120 books and even inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.” Now, with the help of Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra Holzer, Travel Channel exclusively reopens Holzer’s most captivating case files – digging into thousands of documents, letters, photographs and chilling audio and visual recordings dating back to the 1950s. (13 one-hour episodes) #HolzerFiles



New Episodes: Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley open up to viewers as they’ve never done before in “Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room.” The guys are kicking back in their screening room to watch their favorite episodes of the hit series and get candid with fans – and each other – about their craziest experiences over the past decade. Away from the haunted locations we usually see them in, with no equipment or investigations, the crew relives some of the most terrifying, shocking and even comedic moments from their career, as they re-watch their most memorable investigations with never-before-heard stories from the moments that created a legacy. (One-hour episodes) #GhostAdventures


New Episodes: Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT With Two-hour Finale on Sunday, October 25th 

Travel Channel’s hit series, “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” is counting down the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time. This eye-opening compilation features the most compelling evidence, expert analysis and eyewitness accounts ever documented including: Bigfoot, UFOs, aliens, poltergeists, ghosts and a whole lot more. Seeing is believing. The countdown begins September 27. (One-hour episodes) #ParanormalCaughtOnCamera


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