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Friday, September 20, 2019

#PeachyDinesAlFresco #TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks @TShadmoor #PeachyDeegan #TheShadmoor #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2018, The Shadmoor by #GM #JackMakosa Summer 2019

GM Jack Makosa with the sublime Dover Sole of The Shadmoor 
 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and our quick little feet could not get to The Shadmoor fast enough for their amazing Al Fresco dining and cuisine!  (The Best Realtor in Palm Beach surely knows these shoes.)
 In addition to their seating along East 56th Street, The Shadmoor has expanded to Second Avenue.
 It's time to hang ten with your dinner, Big Kahunas!
 The Shadmoor is clean, stylish and classy inside and out. 
They still have the best bathroom door anywhere.
The Shadmoor was selected as a Peachy's Pick in 2018:
It was last featured this past spring:
Many of the newer restaurants cannot compete with the glory the veterans have achieved, however, The Shadmoor can.
 We are huge advocates of salads, and the produce show coming up in December is one of our most favorite trade shows.  The Shadmoor excels in this realm; we tried three salads.
We haven't seen any other watermelon salads this summer, and this is perfection.
Even the girl that abhors goat cheese does not mind the dusting here.  If you do like goat cheese, you will be wild for this.  Seedless watermelon, cashews, and cucumber come to this party and there is even strawberry dressing to light up your life. 
 Dr. Oz, drumroll please.  Meet the new Chopped Salad which has a KALE base.  Baby kale joins red quinoa, red apples, toasted almonds, and feta to innovate the salad menu at The Shadmoor.  They put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky: lemon mustard.  Note it is in a stunning silver boat.
 Calamari is a winning ticket, and you have the option to have it either grilled, which we prefer, or fried.  We're told seafood arrives fresh here every day and this calamari is beautifully enhanced with fresh lemon juice, oregano and parsley.  It announces less is more and when you are using great products, you don't need to dress them up too much.  Tender and fresh, this is a success.
 Here's our most favorite edition to the menu.  We wish we ordered five so we could eat it every day of the week.  Meet TRUFFLE SPINACH DIP!!!  All spinach should come truffled. 
 Heavy cream, artichoke and pecorino romano on top melted perfectly adorn the majesty of truffled spinach.  This is perfect game out tomorrow afternoon New Jersey...Boston College is playing Rutgers!  GO EAGLES.
 The best new salad is the Baby Kale Skirt Steak Salad, and it could be a meal in itself.  Steak is stylishly marinated in mandarin oranges, guava, ginger, lime and garlic for entry onto this plate, and it is joined by avocado, sesame seeds, almonds, dried apricots and lemon mustard dressing.  The juicy sensation of the steak will wow you.
 Carnivores like Peachy can never have enough meat.  For her carnivorous entree, she chose the exquisite Baby Lamb Chops, sourced from Australia.  They are wondrous medium-rare and of course because The Shadmoor knows what they are doing the first time, we did not have to ask for the steak knife which arrives concurrently with the dish.  Roasted lemon potatoes, grilled vegetables and red wine cranberry sauce make this entree sheer genius.
As we are also advocates of poisson, we ordered the Dover Sole which swims over from Holland, and it is exactly what we were looking for.  The presentation also earns high marks and both the flavor, quality and style of the Dover Sole will leave you terrifically impressed. 
Don't ignore the sides!  From the classic of sauteed broccoli and cauliflower to the new side of asparagus couscous, The Shadmoor will enchant you. 
When cake is 98% chocolate and only 2% flour, that is the right answer to earning a great review.  Vanilla gelato accentuates this chocolate festival which includes four different kinds of chocolate in this cake. 

The Shadmoor continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.


#ShoeoftheWeekWomen #SeeManhattanOnYourFeet #Oofos Introducing #OOmg #Womens #RecoverFaster #FeeltheOO

Believe it or not, we're walking on air!

Manhattan is not the land of sun and fun. It is the land of work, work, work, go, go, go, and sadly, summer is over for many. However, the fun can continue on your feet with our NEWEST idea from Oofos, a brand we have worked with for many, many years and have earned fabulous reviews with their unique recovery footwear. We've featured beaucoup de sandal-style, however, as the weather cools down you have to know about their shoes, which they call: OOmg. Prepare for when it's not going to be 80F like this weekend!  They have the same great benefits as the sandal-styles, however, your feet are totally covered.  Not only are they great for post-workout, but also they are ideal for travel and all your Manhattan running around-as in running errands!  We wouldn't tell you to jog in them-get running sneakers for that: these are amazing for walking.  In black with white soles for women:
As you know, we preach the gospel of excellence in BOTH style and comfort.
Fashion matters.
Comfort matters.
You have to be both to wind up on the pages of Whom You Know!
Peachy's gorgeous OOFOS OOMG with this season's Emilio Cavallini's Snake Leggings:
Oofos OOmg are Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Stay tuned for more excellence from this brand, which was also founded by a Boston College Eagle, Duncan Finigan, who now reads up there.

Brand Overview 
• OOFOS was founded in 2011 by four veterans of the footwear industry who saw an unmet need for footwear that could help fitness enthusiasts and athletes recover from repeated workouts on hard, man-made surfaces. They worked with a foam chemist to develop a breakthrough foam material, what we call OOfoam™ technology. Our revolutionary OOfoam™ technology combined with a biomechanically engineered footbed to create OOFOS: footwear that can truly make your hard-working feet and body feel better. OOFOS is scientifically proven to help you recover faster. 

• The biggest differentiator with OOFOS is the OOfoam™ technology found in each and every pair of our shoes. 

• After two extensive research studies, we have learned that the OOfoam™ technology paired with our patented footbed design lessens the demand on your ankles and knees while walking, which results in less work for your other leg muscles. By making walking easier on the body, it reduces stress to allow your body to feel better. OOFOS are now scientifically proven to make people feel better. 

• OOfoam™ offers 37% more impact absorption than EVA (traditional foam found in athletic shoes). This means that with each step, the impact that travels from your feet up through your body is reduced by more than a third! When you’re not exercising, OOFOS footwear with OOfoam™ technology gives your whole body the opportunity to relax, rebuild and recover. 

• We learned through research and testing over 2.5 years that the impact-absorbing benefits of OOfoam™ technology are a tremendous asset for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in helping them recover post-workout. We also learned that OOFOS and OOfoam™ technology have made a significant impact in helping people who experience foot, ankle, knee and hip pain. 

• Our mission is to “make yOO feel better”, because that is what our products do for other people, and that is what we try to do as a company in our interactions with people, too. 

• OOFOS launched Project Pink in 2015. For each pair of OOFOS sold on, we donate 3% directly to breast cancer research to support new medical breakthroughs. It’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, as OOFOS’ very first employee was diagnosed in 2014 with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)- a non-curable and terminal condition. This is why OOFOS chose to put our philanthropic efforts towards having as much of an impact as possible to finding a cure and having MBC no longer be a terminal disease. Staying true to our brand mission, “make yOO feel better,” we envision Project Pink making breast cancer patients all over the world feel better. To date, we have proudly donated over $130,000 to the breast cancer research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and will not stop until our collective efforts find a cure. Unfortunately, in May 2019, we lost Duncan after her courageous 4.5 year journey with breast cancer, and we are more committed than ever to ending breast cancer. Learn more here: Project Pink Video

· Over the past 8 years, OOFOS has grown to over 35 employees and counting, and our footwear is sold in 36 countries world-wide. In the USA alone, OOFOS footwear is sold in over 1,300 specialty retailers in the running, fitness, outdoor and comfort shoe store spaces. As well, OOFOS has an online store ( offering our full selection of all of our styles, which has been a great service for our consumers looking to shop online. 


Thursday, September 19, 2019

#FashionAlert @RalphLauren @Bloomingdales #Friends #25thAnniversary RALPH LAUREN CELEBRATES THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF FRIENDS WITH A WEAR-TO-WORK COLLECTION AND BRINGS THE SHOW’S MOST RECOGNIZABLE SETTINGS TO BLOOMINGDALE’S #PeachyandtheCity #SmallScreenScenes Our Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner @hallakcleaners @hallakcouturecleaner

For over fifty years, Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner has been entrusted with Manhattan’s finest wardrobes. New York’s fashion boutiques have been recommending Hallak to their loyal customers for years. They understand the importance of quality fabric care and protecting their client’s investment. While Hallak is known for their expert handling of couture and other precious items, they also make it a point to give your more casual garments the same level of attention. Their representatives are always on the look out for the hard-to-notice stains, loose seams, missing buttons, etc. You can trust Hallak Cleaners with your entire wardrobe and then some. A sample of some of their specialized services: 

Tables & Bed Linens 

Suede, Leather & Furs 

Couture & Casual Wear 

Custom Interior Services 

Expert tailoring department located at both locations. 

Complimentary Pick Up and Delivery Service 6 Days a Week. 

Hallak Cleaners 

1232 Second Avenue (near 65th) 

New York, NY 10065 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick up, please feel free to email us at


Ralph Lauren partners with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to celebrate Friends 25th anniversary by presenting a curated Wear-to-Work collection. The collection is a celebration of the brand’s role in the series, as Rachel Green, one of the main characters, worked at Ralph Lauren throughout several seasons.

Just as Friends has proved to be a perennial favorite series for viewers over the last 25 years, this collection reflects Ralph Lauren’s timeless styles and archetypes that have remained a go-to for the modern working woman. The collection, comprised of pieces from Polo and LAUREN Ralph Lauren, encapsulates the polished style synonymous with the iconic brand. Traditional wool suiting and turtlenecks are paired with new shapes and silhouettes in playful, yet sophisticated fabrications and colorways – trousers in black leather; skirts in suede, leather, and plaid with both midi and mini hem lengths; and jackets in velvet, faux leopard fur and purple shearling. The collection calls on tradition through pinstripe suiting, crested blazers, and equestrian-inspired accessories, while enhancing these classic pieces with navy and orange color-blocking and pops of leopard to offer a fresh fall spirit. 

In celebration of the partnership, Ralph Lauren has teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to bring the show’s most memorable locations to select stores. On September 21st and September 22nd, shoppers at the Bloomingdale’s 59th flagship store can enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee while lounging in a replica of Central Perk. Located in the retailer’s Studio 59 space, the content creation hub has been transformed into the show’s iconic coffee shop, complete with the famous orange couch. Starting today and through September 27th, shoppers looking for additional social media worthy moments can visit the store’s third floor to see a re-creation of Rachel’s office and a different section of Central Perk. Every two weeks, these iconic installations will travel to a different Bloomingdale’s location including White Plains, Bergen County, Aventura, and the upcoming Norwalk store. 

In addition to Bloomingdale’s, the collection will be available globally in select Ralph Lauren retail stores and on beginning September 18th. 
FRIENDS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s19)

About Friends
Celebrating its 25th anniversary since its debut in 1994, Friends remains one of television’s most beloved series. One of the highest-rated shows on television in its original network run, the series still remains a perennial go-to in syndication and on streaming services, where it continues to be a smash hit worldwide. A favorite among critics and fans alike throughout its 10-season run, Friends not only won the Emmy® for Outstanding Comedy series, but also garnered Emmy® Awards for series stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. From Warner Bros. Television, Friends follows the lives and loves of a close-knit group of friends living in New York City: siblings Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), along with friends Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). Friends was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who executive produced the series with Kevin Bright through Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

About Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, extends the Studio’s powerful portfolio of entertainment brands and franchises into the lives of fans around the world. WBCP partners with best-in-class licensees globally on an award-winning range of toys, fashion, home décor, and publishing inspired by franchises and properties such as DC, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera. The division’s successful global themed entertainment business includes groundbreaking experiences such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. With innovative global licensing and merchandising programs, retail initiatives, promotional partnerships and themed experiences, WBCP is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

About Ralph Lauren 
Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE:RL) is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, footwear & accessories, home, fragrances and hospitality. For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren's reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The Company's brand names, which include Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren Children, Chaps and Club Monaco, among others, constitute one of the world's most widely recognized families of consumer brands. For more information, go to

About Bloomingdale’s
Bloomingdale's is America's only nationwide, full-line, upscale department store and a division of Macy's, Inc. It was founded in 1872 and currently operates 38 Bloomingdale’s stores and 17 Bloomingdale’s, The Outlet Stores, in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. In addition, Bloomingdale's has an international presence with a location in Dubai. Be sure to follow @bloomingdales on social media, become a Loyalist, and for more information, or to shop any time, visit



From a network of cellars, wells and tunnels ​in the Czech Republic once used to ​create the world’s most popular beer to the secret caverns and rock formations of the Cheddar Gorge in Southwest England, a new Science Channel series puts the spotlight on the wonders that exist ​beneath our feet. UNDERGROUND MARVELS, premiering Wednesday, October 2 at 10pm ET/PT, uncovers subterranean ​phenomena around the globe, their impressive stories, unique origins, essential role​s throughout history, and the secrets they keep hidden deep below.

Throughout the series, historians, engineers, ​and experts reveal the ​sheer scale of these underground structures that seem to defy human imagination. While some underground worlds were designed and built by humans, such as the impenetrable system of underground WWII Nazi bunkers along The Channel Islands, others were created over thousands of years by the harshest of nature’s elements, like the legendary caves of Slovenia once believed by locals to be the portal doors of hell. From the subterranean cities along Spain’s southern shore, to a spectacular underground maze in Iceland’s most volcanic region, UNDERGROUND MARVELS dives into ​the mysterious creations that lie beneath the surface.

“While it’s expected to find both natural and architectural wonders above ground, a surprising and fascinating world exists below ground that we are still uncovering. These spaces range from practical to tactical, to just plain awe-inspiring,” said Lindsey Foster Blumberg, Supervising Producer, Science Channel.

Whether exploring decades old mines fraught with danger or investigating the impossibly simple underground solution that saved thousands of lives centuries ago, UNDERGROUND MARVELS leaves no cavern, tunnel, bunker or mystery unturned.

UNDERGROUND MARVELS is produced for Science Channel by Phoenix Television. For Phoenix Television, Miles Jarvis and Jaimi West are executive producers. Lindsey Foster Blumberg is supervising producer for Science Channel.

About Science Channel
Science Channel, a multi-media business unit of Discovery, Inc. is the home of all things science around the clock, including series such as MYTHBUSTERS, OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE, WHAT ON EARTH?, HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS, UNEARTHED, and MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED. Science Channel’s programming also includes timely, expert-driven specials covering breaking science news and discoveries. Science Channel is the premiere TV, digital and social community for those with a passion for science, space, technology, archeology, and engineering, providing immersive, engaging, high-quality entertainment across all Science Channel assets including: Science Channel television network, available in more than 63 million homes in the U.S; complimentary Video On Demand offering; SCI Go app allowing viewers to catch up on full episodes of their favorite shows anytime; deep video, interactive storytelling and virtual reality at; and conversations on Science Channel’s popular social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat via @ScienceChannel.

About Discovery
Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is a global leader in real life entertainment, serving a passionate audience of superfans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. Discovery delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year and has category leadership across deeply loved content genres around the world. Available in 220 countries and territories and nearly 50 languages, Discovery is a platform innovator, reaching viewers on all screens, including TV Everywhere products such as the GO portfolio of apps; direct-to-consumer streaming services such as Eurosport Player and MotorTrend OnDemand; digital-first and social content from Group Nine Media; a landmark natural history and factual content partnership with the BBC; and a strategic alliance with PGA TOUR to create the international home of golf. Discovery’s portfolio of premium brands includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, MotorTrend, Animal Planet, and Science Channel, as well as OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in the U.S., Discovery Kids in Latin America, and Eurosport, the leading provider of locally relevant, premium sports and Home of the Olympic Games across Europe. For more information, please visit and follow @DiscoveryIncTV across social platforms.



Most people know that notorious crime lord Pablo Escobar brought in outrageous amounts of money during his reign. At the height of his power, Escobar raked in billions of dollars a year, making him one of the richest men in the world. Escobar strategically buried stashes of cash all over Colombia, yet much of it hasn’t been found. With unprecedented access and permission from the Colombian government, two former DEA agents, Chris Feistl and Jerry Salameh, who spent their careers hunting down Colombian narcos, are now returning to Colombia in search of Pablo Escobar’s buried treasure. The brand-new season of FINDING ESCOBAR’S MILLIONS premieres Tuesday, October 1st at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

Throughout their tours with the DEA, Chris Feistl and Jerry Salameh were instrumental in taking down the Cali Cartel – notorious narco-traffickers who seized the cocaine business after Escobar’s death. Now, they’re returning to Colombia with the ultimate goal of finding Escobar’s hidden fortune and returning it to the people of Colombia, many of whom suffered through his reign of terror. But, it’s a race against time for Chris and Jerry who know present-day cartels and other treasure hunters are also after Escobar’s millions.

Tapping into their deep network of active sources and informants, Chris and Jerry will stop at nothing to locate the buried fortune first, searching clandestine airstrips, cocaine labs and remote cartel-owned farms in hostile areas. The former DEA agents will work with Guillermo Peña, a former law enforcement officer and military veteran and Ramon Iriarte, a native Colombian investigative reporter to navigate the local Colombian community, many of them still loyal to Pablo Escobar’s legacy. Chris and Jerry will also be equipped with innovative surveying and imaging technology that allows them to see beneath the ground and pinpoint the best spots to dig. Throughout the season, they will scour Colombia for clues Escobar left behind and use every resource they have in the search for Escobar’s buried millions.

FINDING ESCOBAR’S MILLIONS is produced for Discovery Channel by Blackfin, with Geno McDermott and showrunner Ryan Miller serving as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Carter Figueroa and Michael Gara are executive producers, and Paola Espinosa serves as associate producer.

About Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 88.3 million U.S. homes, can be seen in 224 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit

About Discovery:

Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is a global leader in real life entertainment, serving a passionate audience of superfans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. Discovery delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year and has category leadership across deeply loved content genres around the world. Available in 220 countries and territories and nearly 50 languages, Discovery is a platform innovator, reaching viewers on all screens, including TV Everywhere products such as the GO portfolio of apps; direct-to-consumer streaming services such as Eurosport Player and MotorTrend OnDemand; digital-first and social content from Group Nine Media; a landmark natural history and factual content partnership with the BBC; and a strategic alliance with PGA TOUR to create the international home of golf. Discovery’s portfolio of premium brands includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, MotorTrend, Animal Planet, and Science Channel, as well as OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in the U.S., Discovery Kids in Latin America, and Eurosport, the leading provider of locally relevant, premium sports and Home of the Olympic Games across Europe. For more information, please visit and follow @DiscoveryIncTV across social platforms.


#SmallScreenScenes #TakeaTrip Travel Channel Reveals the Top Six Most Jaw-Dropping Loch Ness Monster Scandals of All Time

We all want to finally see Nessie, but these people may have gone too far… Travel Channel names the top six most scandalous hoaxes of all time created in the search of finding the elusive Loch Ness monster.

Hippopotamus Hunting

In 1933, Marmaduke Wetherell, a big-game hunter, was hired by the Daily Mail to find the Loch Ness monster. Wetherell claimed he found large footprints on the shore that were 20 feet long and belonged to Nessie. After zoologists from the Natural History Museum inspected the finding, it was established the tracks were identical to an ashtray with a hippopotamus leg as its base. Many believe Wetherell created the tracks in desperation.
The Surgeon Photograph

This notorious photograph of the Loch Ness monster was taken in 1934 by a doctor named Robert Wilson and published in the Daily Mail. For decades, the photo was viewed as an authentic form of evidence. In 1994, Christian Spurling, the stepson of Marmaduke Wetherell, admitted on his deathbed that he created a small model of the Loch Ness monster’s neck and placed it on a toy submarine at the request of his stepfather. Spurling revealed that Wilson was in on the hoax. He was chosen because his reputation as a doctor made him seem like a trustworthy source. The irony continues, as it was also revealed Wilson took the photo with his mistress present at the scene. However, there is new, compelling information, presented by world-famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, suggesting the claim the Surgeon’s Photo is a hoax was itself a complete con – and an act of revenge contrived by the family of a dishonored Nessie Hunter!
The Tucker-Museum Conspiracy

Dr. Denys Tucker, the chief scientist of the British Museum of Natural History, was fired due to his passion for Nessie. He claimed he saw the Loch Ness monster in 1959, and devoted his research to proving its existence. Tucker was fired a year later for “offensive conduct toward staff,” but he believed it was a conspiracy to keep his Loch Ness research under wraps. A seven-year legal battle then ensued, and in 2015, new evidence resurfaced after his death proving that museum staff were not questioned as witnesses, even though Tucker was initially fired for his conduct toward fellow staff. Was Tucker part of a monstrous conspiracy?
Nessie and Nazis

The Loch Ness monster was used as propaganda during World War II, with fake controversy over Nessie spewing from both the Allies and the Axis. German High Command ordered bombs dropped into Loch Ness, hoping the death of Nessie would hurt British morale. The Italian magazine Popolo D’Italia reported that the creature was killed in a direct hit in a German bomb raid in 1940. On the other hand, British authorities would tell British prisoners of war that the Loch Ness monster was in good health to keep their spirits up throughout the war.
April Fools to the Extreme

In 1972, on April Fool’s Day, eight British scientists from the Flamingo Park Zoo were on a mission to find the Loch Ness monster in partnership with the Loch Ness Phenomena Bureau. Reports of a large hump in the water surfaced during their stay, and the news that Nessie was found spread around the world. The scientists were thrilled and took the monster to England to identify the creature, but Scottish authorities raided Flamingo Park Zoo and brought the creature to the Scottish zoologist Michael Rushton. Rushton identified the creature as a frozen bull elephant seal. The next day, John Shields, a member of the Flamingo Park team, admitted he took the already dead seal from another zoo, shaved its whiskers, padded its cheeks with stones, froze the animal for a week, dumped it into Loch Ness and phoned in a tip, all in an effort to prank his colleagues.
Botched Bales of Hay

This famous photograph was taken in 1951, by Forestry Commission employee Lachlan Stuart. It was accepted as real evidence for over 20 years, until researchers from the Loch Ness Project visited the exact part of the shore where the photo was taken. Researchers realized the angle of the photograph skewed the perceptual depth of the water, and in reality, the humps were in extremely shallow water. The humps turned out to be three bales of hay, covered in black tarp, placed in the water by Stuart.

Finally, Not a Hoax: The 2019 Loch Ness eDNA Test

New scientific evidence is being uncovered, and we’re all dying to know if Nessie is real. Travel Channel’s “Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence,” premiering on Sunday, September 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, will reveal the results of the first-ever Loch Ness eDNA test. Who’s ready to learn the truth? Is there Nessie DNA in Loch Ness?


For the bold, daring and spontaneous; those adventurers who embrace the thrill of the unexpected; those risk-takers who aren’t afraid of a little mystery; if you’re up for anything, down for whatever, and above all, love great stories, journey on to Travel Channel. We’re more than you expect and everything you didn’t know you were looking for. Reaching more than 82 million U.S. cable homes, Travel Channel is the world’s leading travel media brand. Fans also can visit Travel Channel for more information or interact with other fans through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Travel Channel is owned by Discovery, Inc., a global leader in real life entertainment spanning 220 countries and territories, whose portfolio also includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.


#NHLPeachy #JackBlatherwick @NHL Doctor Jack Blatherwick to Receive 2019 Lester Patrick Trophy

The National Hockey League today announced that Dr. Jack Blatherwick has been named the recipient of the 2019 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

The annual award, one of the most prestigious in hockey, was presented to the National Hockey League by the New York Rangers in 1966. It honors the memory of Lester Patrick, who spent 50 years in hockey as a player, coach and general manager and was a pioneer in the sport’s development.

Dr. Blatherwick, a Ph.D. sports physiologist who is widely recognized as one of hockey’s top physiologists and innovative thinkers, will be honored as part of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Celebration on Thursday, Dec. 12, in Washington, D.C. at the Marriott Marquis. Ticket information is available at

“Dr. Jack Blatherwick is an iconic figure in United States hockey history and a man responsible for the training and development of hundreds of amateur and professional players across the country,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “While a force outside of the public’s view, where ‘Cardiac Jack’ preferred to be, his impact on the training profession cannot be overstated. Dr. Blatherwick’s long career including his time with three NHL clubs is an inspiration and his contributions to the growth of our game in the USA make him incredibly deserving of this honor.”

NHL, college and Olympic coaches have long sought Dr. Blatherwick’s advice and guidance on how to train and develop players. Dr. Blatherwick worked closely with Herb Brooks to train the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team by studying film, developing drills and creating practice plans with the head coach of the famed gold medal winning team. Dr. Blatherwick later served in a similar capacity with the New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, Washington Capitals, the University of Minnesota and five more U.S. Olympic teams, including the U.S. Women’s gold medal winning team in 2018.

In addition to his years in the collegiate and professional ranks, Dr. Blatherwick’s work in Minnesota high school hockey spans over five decades. His first high school coaching position was at Breck School, where he served as the head coach for the Mustangs for 11 seasons. He later guided teams at Wayzata, Hamline University, Hopkins and Minnehaha Academy.

Dr. Blatherwick joined the staff of Benilde-St. Margaret's in 1997 as an assistant coach for eight seasons - where he worked as the Director for Athletic Development. During that time Benilde-St. Margaret's won two Class A State Championships. He was inducted into the Minnesota High School Hockey Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2009.

A prolific writer, Dr. Blatherwick is a published author on hockey training topics and is a longtime regular columnist for the publication Let's Play Hockey.

Dr. Blatherwick has left a meaningful and lasting imprint on the world of hockey and all those touched by his years of tireless service. In addition to honoring Blatherwick with the Lester Patrick Trophy, Gary Bettman, Brian Gionta, Neal Henderson, Tim Thomas and Krissy Wendell will be inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame on Dec. 12. More information is available at

Past winners of the Lester Patrick Trophy include, Jim Johannson (2018), Peter Lindberg & Dave Ogrean (2017), Mark Howe & Patrick J. Kelly (2016), Jeremy Jacobs & Bob Crocker (2015), Bill Daly & Paul Holmgren (2014), Kevin Allen (2013), Bob Chase-Wallenstein & Dick Patrick (2012). For the full list of Lester Patrick Trophy recipients please click here.



Victor Vescovo And Team Complete The Final Mission Of The Expedition In World’s Deepest Diving Operational Submersible, The Limiting Factor

Expedition Filmed By Atlantic Production for Discovery Channel Documentary Series

The Molloy Deep was formed by gas explosion craters and lies 170 miles west of Svalbard, Norway. Three successful dives took place over the course of three days. Victor Vescovo went by himself to complete the first manned dive to the bottom of the Molloy Deep, reaching a bottom depth of 5,550 metres. This dive took place 40-50 miles from an ice pack edge, leading to a dangerous dive.

The Five Deeps Expedition is being filmed by Atlantic Productions for a five-part Discovery Channel documentary series, DEEP PLANET.

Victor Vescovo said “I am so proud of our entire, extraordinary team that made the Five Deeps Expedition possible. It took us over four years to go from embracing the general mission to dive to the bottom of all the world’s oceans – something no government or organization has ever attempted – to building this amazing diving system and then actually doing it.” He continued: “I still can’t quite believe I had the great privilege of getting to pilot the sub down to all these places where no one has gone before. Who says there is nothing left to explore on this planet? There is plenty to explore, and learn, in the oceans.“

Rob McCallum, expedition leader from EYOS Expeditions, said “The Five Deeps Expedition has opened the door to Earths last frontier, the hadal zone, and demonstrates the contributions private initiatives can make to ocean science and the advancement of technology.

It has been a rare privilege to lead an expedition of discovery in the modern age. This expedition has been a pathfinder and paves the way for future expeditions to visit further ocean trenches and to conduct more detailed scientific analysis.

The expedition has been a profound success; a complete circumnavigation of the planet to achieve all of the primary and secondary mission objectives and remaining injury free. It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, flexibility and passion of the entire expedition team.”

Patrick Lahey, co-founder of Triton Submarines, said “I felt a powerful wave of emotion as Victor emerged from his final dive of the Five Deeps Expedition. There was a tremendous sense of accomplishment, even relief, at having achieved the lofty goals Victor set out for us, tempered by the knowledge our remarkable journey had reached its natural and inevitable conclusion. Being part of this historic undertaking has been the greatest privilege of my professional life. It is my fervent hope our success has opened a door to an exciting new chapter in ocean exploration and our achievements will pave the way for future explorers to continue this important work. We thank Victor for trusting Triton to design and build the most extreme deep ocean exploration tool in history.”

Additional Information on the Five Deeps Expedition

The four previous deeps that have been reached on previous expeditions are as follows:

Puerto Rico Trench – December 2018. This was the first solo dive ever to the bottom of the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, with Victor reaching a depth of 8,376 meters at the Bronson Deep.

South Sandwich Trench – February 2019. Victor became the first human ever to reach the deepest point of the Southern Ocean, reaching a depth of 7,434 meters. This was the deepest dive ever into a sub-zero Hadal zone (greater than 6,000 meters), and only the third ever solo dive below 7,000 meters.

Java Trench – April 2019. Victor reached a depth of 7,192 meters to be the first person to reach the deepest point of the Indian Ocean. At the bottom of the trench, footage was captured of a new species of hadal snailfish amongst many other bottom dwelling organisms.

Mariana Trench – May 2019. Deepest dive in history to the bottom of Challenger Deep, to a record-breaking depth of 10,924 meters, breaking a record held since 1960 by Lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard. It also surpassed James Cameron’s previous solo dive of 10,908 meters in 2012. Three new species of marine animal were found during this dive, including a type of Amphipod, discovered at the bottom of Challenger Deep.

Scientifically, the expedition made over 100 deep-sea lander deployments in thirteen locations, discovered more than 40 new species, recorded over 500 hours of high-definition video from the deep oceans, collected over 400,000 biological samples, 1.5 million meters of water data, and collected bottom water at every deep for subsequent analysis.

Over the course of the entire Five Deeps Expedition from December 2018 through September 2019, the expedition team travelled around the world more than 46,000 miles, discovered over 30 new nameable underwater features, and mapped over 300,000 square kilometres of seafloor and with a detailed multibeam system (Kongsberg EM124) which is an area the size of Italy.

In a historical coincidence, the expedition is concluding its mission in September 2019 — to the exact month — 500 years after the beginning of Ferdinand Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the globe.

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About Caladan Oceanic

Caladan Oceanic is a private company dedicated to the advancement of undersea technology and supporting expeditions to increase the understanding of, and support, the productive sustainment of the oceans. Founder Victor Vescovo has long had a passion for exploration and has summited the highest peak on all seven of the world’s continents including Mt. Everest and skied at least 100 kilometres to both the North and South Poles. He also served for 20 years as an officer in the US Navy Reserve, retiring with the rank of Commander. With the completion of the Five Deeps Expedition, Vescovo has become the first person in history to have been to the top of all the world’s continents, both poles, and the bottom of all its oceans.

About Triton Submarines, LLC

Triton Submarines of Sebastian, Florida, is the most experienced civil submarine producer in the world today – and the only contemporary manufacturer of acrylic and titanium pressure-hull-equipped personal submarines to deliver multiple classed and certified vessels capable of diving to 3,300 feet (1,000 meters) or more. Triton Submarines’ senior staff have over 350 years of combined experience with more than 80 different submersibles, and their operations team members have together logged over 25,000 dives. Triton clients also enjoy superlative after-sales service and technical support from a company dedicated to their total satisfaction.

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Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 88.3 million U.S. homes, can be seen in 224 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit



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#NHLPeachy @Giostyle21 @NHL @BostonCollege U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Announced Gary Bettman, Brian Gionta, Neal Henderson, Tim Thomas and Krissy Wendell to Be Inducted

Gary Bettman, Brian Gionta, Neal Henderson, Tim Thomas and Krissy Wendell will be enshrined into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame as the Class of 2019, it was announced today by USA Hockey.

“It’s truly a remarkable Class,” said Jim Smith, president of USA Hockey. “Each of the five inductees have their own unique and immeasurable contribution to our great game. They’re extremely deserving of the highest hockey honor in our country and we look forward to formally enshrining them into the Hall in December.”

The 2019 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Celebration will be held Dec. 12 at the Marriott Marquis in Washington D.C. Tickets are available by clicking here.


For the last 26-plus years as the National Hockey League’s first-ever commissioner, Gary Bettman (Queens, N.Y.) has not only guided the NHL to unprecedented heights, but also positively influenced the development of the game at all levels. During Bettman’s tenure, hockey has experienced monumental growth and extraordinary levels of visibility and reach around the country.

With a commitment to increasing enthusiasm, interest and involvement in hockey from the youth level and up, Bettman has stressed the importance of access to hockey across the nation. Since assuming his role in February of 1993, Bettman has led the expansion of the league from 24 teams to its current 31-team format (to be 32 in 2021), with the added U.S. franchises helping fuel growth of the game at the grassroots level. In what could be termed non-traditional areas like Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Tennessee where new franchises are in place, participation has enjoyed exceptional growth in the number of players, established a greater emphasis on initiatives to teach the sport locally and cemented an avenue for direct exposure to the game. By example, hockey in Texas, home of the Dallas Stars, has grown from 1,601 players in 1993 to over 15,000 today. Similarly, in just two years since the Vegas Golden Knights made their NHL debut, hockey participation in Nevada has nearly doubled from 1,382 players to 2,574 players.

Bettman also placed emphasis on broadcast initiatives to increase accessibility to the game across the U.S. After securing a five-year deal with the Fox Broadcasting Company for the 1994-95 NHL season, Bettman followed by subsequent agreements with other large broadcasting entities like ABC, ESPN, Comcast and NBC to continue ensuring the coast-to-coast availability of hockey.

Bettman also worked to introduce various creative initiatives, including outdoor contests like the Winter Classic and the Stadium Series, and events like the All-Star skills competition. In addition, Bettman helped pass several rule changes to increase both the quality of the game and player safety, including eliminating the two-line pass, introducing a two-referee system and enforcing Rule 48 to eliminate and punish hits to the head.

A 1974 graduate of Cornell University where he studied industrial and labor relations, Bettman earned his Juris Doctor degree from New York University Law School in 1974. He served in the marketing and legal departments of the NBA, rising to third-in-command before joining the NHL. Currently the longest serving active commissioner in professional sports, Bettman was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018.


Brian Gionta (Rochester, N.Y.) capped off a storied career that most hockey players can only dream of in 2018. An exceptional skater at every level, Gionta, who was drafted 82nd overall by the New Jersey Devils in the 1998 NHL Draft, enjoyed 16 seasons in the National Hockey League. During his time at the game’s highest level, he captured the Stanley Cup as a member of the Devils in 2003, served as captain of both the Montreal Canadiens and his hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres, and in 2017 became just the 43rd American to skate in over 1,000 NHL games.

Amassing 595 points, including 291 goals and 304 assists in 1,026 regular-season contests from 2001 to 2018, Gionta ranks 43rd among American-born skaters all-time in points. A testament to his offensive prowess, Gionta hit double-digit goal totals in 13 of his 17 seasons and maintains the New Jersey Devils record for most goals in a single season to this day after tallying 48 times during the 2005-06 campaign.

On the international stage, Gionta represented Team USA on nine different occasions, including both the 2006 and 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Team captain in the latter year, Gionta led Team USA in goal-scoring with four tallies in six contests during the 2006 tournament. In addition, Gionta skated in the 1996 Pacific Cup as a member of the U.S. Men’s Under-18 Select Team, both the 1998 and 1999 IIHF World Junior Championships, three IIHF Men’s World Championships (2000, 2001, 2005) and the 2017 Deutschland Cup. In 54 international appearances, Gionta amassed 38 points, including 24 goals and 14 assists.

A four-year standout at Boston College (1997-2001), Gionta kickstarted his collegiate career with a 62-point scoring effort in 40 games, earning Hockey East’s Rookie of the Year award and a place on the Hockey East All-Rookie Team during the 1997-98 season. In each of his final three seasons, Gionta led the Eagles in goal-scoring, ranked among the top two in points, and was named a Hockey East First Team All-Star, an NCAA First Team All-American and Hobey Baker Memorial Award finalist. Gionta rounded out his collegiate career with an NCAA national championship in 2001, captaining Boston College to its second national title in program history and first since 1949. The all-time leading goal scorer in program history, Gionta, who helped the Eagles to four straight Frozen Four appearances, finished his BC career with 232 points, including 123 goals and 109 assists in 164 games played.


For the last 40-plus years, Neal Henderson (Upper Marlboro, Md.) has dedicated his life to spreading the game of hockey and using the sport to provide lifelong lessons to youth in America. A natural mentor, Henderson noticed a greater demand for organized hockey in his home of Washington D.C. in the late 1970s. Soon, Henderson starting renting ice time at the local Fort Dupont Ice Arena to accommodate players, and in 1978, he co-founded the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club in the D.C. area.

Known as the Cannons, Henderson’s developmental program is designed to provide local and inner-city youth skaters with the opportunity to both learn the game of hockey and participate in an organized league. The oldest minority hockey club in North America, Fort Dupont offers young hockey enthusiasts aged 8-to-18 a chance to hone their skills as hockey players while also using the sport to establish a sense of community, self-esteem and purpose. Since its inception, Henderson’s league has successfully established hockey as a medium to build character, teach life skills and instill positive values in thousands of youth skaters in the D.C. area. Henderson also uses the club to provide players the chance to explore new cities and attend college visits while traveling for games.

In addition to growing the game locally with the Cannons, Henderson was integral in laying the foundation for the NHL’s early Hockey is for Everyone program, a nation-wide initiative that seeks to drive positive social change and inclusivity throughout the hockey community. A finalist for the inaugural Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award in 2018, Henderson and the Cannons were celebrated by the Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals for their contribution to the spread of hockey in Washington, D.C.

At age 82, Henderson is still going strong and making an impact on the lives of young people. And the Fort Dupont program he started more than 40 years ago has inspired others in major metropolitan areas to follow suit and positively influence youth in their communities.


Tim Thomas (Flint, Mich.) spent nine successful seasons in the NHL, many of those star-studded with milestones and accolades. Selected 217th overall by the Quebec Nordiques in the 1994 NHL Draft, Thomas played the majority of his career with the Boston Bruins, and was integral in the Bruins’ 2010-11 playoff run that culminated in a Stanley Cup. At age 37, Thomas became just the second American and the oldest player to receive the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the 2011 playoffs. A two-time Vezina Trophy recipient, Thomas finished his NHL career with 214 wins and a .920 all-time save percentage in 426 games.

Before reaching hockey’s grandest stage, Thomas’ winding path to the NHL began with a four-year stint (1993-97) at the University of Vermont, where he recorded an 81-43-15 career record with a 2.70 goals against average and .914 save percentage. He helped UVM to NCAA tournament appearances in his final two seasons, including the program’s first-ever berth in the NCAA Frozen Four in 1996, a year in which he led the nation in save percentage at .924. Thomas, who today is Vermont’s all-time career leader in games played (140), wins (81) and saves (3,950), was both a two-time All-ECAC and All-America selection during his collegiate career.

After capping off his collegiate career with a strong senior season, Thomas took his talents overseas to the Finnish Elite League where in his first season he was named to the all-star team and received the Urop Ylonen Award, significant of the league’s top goaltender, after leading HIFK to the league championship. Following short stints in the International Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League and American Hockey League, Thomas made the NHL his permanent home at the start of the 2005-06 season. In addition to winning the Stanley Cup and the Vezina Trophy in both 2009 and 2011, Thomas was a four-time NHL All-Star and recipient of the William M. Jennings Trophy. Following his storybook tenure in Boston, Thomas split time between the Florida Panthers and Dallas Stars before retiring from the league following the 2013-14 season.

On the international stage, Thomas represented the U.S. on eight occasions, including in seven world championships (1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2008, 2014) and also in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. He officially hung up his skates after backstopping Team USA in eight games at the 2014 IIHF Men’s World Championship.


Krissy Wendell (Brooklyn Park, Minn.) has excelled at every level of hockey during her career. From youth hockey in the Twin Cities suburbs, to her standout collegiate career at the University of Minnesota, to the international stage, Wendell’s skating tenure is marked by glowing achievements and broken records.

A skilled forward with a flair for clutch goal-scoring, Wendell tallied a Minnesota record 24 game-winning goals, including the deciding tally in the 2005 WCHA championship game against Wisconsin. In the same season, Wendell became the first Minnesota player and WCHA member to win the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award after being named a finalist in both 2003 and 2004. Throughout her time as a Gopher, the two-time NCAA national champion, earned All-America honors three times and was a two-time WCHA Player of the Year. Wendell continues to rank among the top-15 on the NCAA’s all-time points list (237), is fourth all-time in points per game (2.35) and shares the record for most shorthanded goals in a single season after notching seven tallies during the 2004-05 season. In 101 career games over three seasons (2002-05), she registered 106 goals and 131 assists, good for 237 points. She is second all-time at Minnesota in career points per game at 2.35.

As prolific a goal-scorer on the international stage as she was at Minnesota, Wendell represented the United States in 147 total games and registered 247 points, including 106 goals. She played in six IIHF Women’s World Championships, including in 2005 when she helped the U.S. win its first-ever gold in the event with an MVP performance that included leading all skaters in the tournament with nine points. In addition, Wendell donned the Team USA jersey at both the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Winter Games, serving as captain in the latter tournament. She earned two distinguished USA Hockey honors during her nine-year stint (1998-2007) as a member of the U.S. Women’s National Team program, including as the Bob Allen Women’s Player of the Year in 2001 and as the recipient of the Bob Johnson Award for international excellence in both 2000 and 2005. All total as a member of Team USA, Wendell earned one gold medal, six silvers and one bronze in major international competition.

In Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where her love for the game blossomed, Wendell led her Park Center Senior High School team to its first ever girls state championship in 2000. Wendell remains today the all-time scoring leader at Park Center and among the top 10 in Minnesota State High School League history.


Notes: U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inductees are chosen on the basis of extraordinary contribution to the sport of hockey in the United States … The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame was incorporated in 1969 and inducted its first class in 1973. The Class of 2019 will be the 47th installed to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. To date, there are 182 enshrinees. For information on the members of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, visit ... The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, located in Eveleth, Minnesota, is open daily. For hours of operation and admission prices, visit or call 800-443-7825. For more information, contact Dave Fischer ( / 719-538-1171).


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