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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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Macy's Fireworks

Ron Francis

Seafood at Ammos


Maly Bernstein

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment: Wrath of Man


Tampa Bay Lightning

Gwen and Blake

Movies to Watch while staying away from Delta Variant


Friday, July 30, 2021

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 and #Best #Spanish #Restaurant in #Manhattan, El Pote Espanol #ElPote #ElPoteEspanol @elPoteEspanol Since 1977 by New Owners Nicolas Ahuatl and Juan Costa Summer 2021 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

El Pote Owner Nicolas Ahuatl with the Paella Vegatarina and the Entrecote!
There is gaspacho, and then there is gaspacho at El Pote.  In the wide world of fine dining, the gaspacho at El Pote belts authenticity from the rafters and wins the gold medal in the Olympics of Peachy's stomach.  Brilliantly orange-red colored by fabulous tomatoes, the gaspacho cold spanish soup is beautifully blended with onion, cucumber, black pepper and green and red bell pepper amounting to a tantalizing splash of savory to brighten your summer.  The soup selection at El Pote is among the strongest in the city for quality, and the Sopa de Ajo below remains Peachy's favorite: you have not lived until you've had El Pote's garlic soup.  Also in this new age of the Delta variant, garlic is excellent for your immune system.
Nothing like calamari glamour shots to up your Friday!
A brand new special which has earned our vote for a permanent place on the dinner menu is the Sauteed Calamari we were surprised with by El Pote.  A new creation, the Sauteed Calamari boasts amazing calamari that is perfect for a summer day and makes its debut with garlic and potatoes!  Also do not miss the signature Rioja by El Pote that has tremendous versatility and accentuates your entire meal with flair.
El Pote was last featured this past spring:
Next in the batting order meet another all-time favorite, Gambas al Ajillo: shrimp in garlic sauce.  This is an absolutely auspicious beginning to your El Pote experience and you will bask in the sublime supremacy of the tantalizing little shrimps that welcome you to your table, which right now we suggest should be in their amazing new backyard.
We always feature a green salad at a review and the Mango Avocado salad, always available at all meals, is fresh and sets a high level of aesthetic precedence for its competitors in its beauty.  Don't only love it because it's beautiful: it's delicious of course with mango and avocado, two stars of summer, and of course the usual suspects of salad like greens and halved cherry tomatoes.
We don't need to tell you it has been a horrible year and a half for restaurants, particularly in oppressive New York.  But what do the very best do during times of trouble?  They reinvent and get even better.  To that end, meet Paella Vegetariana.  Peachy Deegan thought she had had every spectacular version of paella they made at El Pote, but she was wrong and as this is brand new; perhaps you have not had it either.  Vegans and Vegetarians, this has your name all over it!  Just as delicious as other versions of El Pote Paella, the nutritious vegetarian number is composed of carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, red bell pepper, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli and green bell pepper.  In this dish alone you are getting in the vast majority of your vegetables for the day!  Note there is no fish broth, no chicken broth and just plenty of vegetables.  Bursting with color and flavor, this dish will brighten your dining experience tremendously and you will feel great about eating it.
El Pote also has beer from Galicia!  Of course you know Galicia is in Northern Spain.
Also note everyone here is vaccinated.
Though Peachy adores vegetables, she also adores Entrecote!
From every angle, the sirloin steak is devastatingly delicious.  Executed at a perfect medium rare as we requested, this carnivorous delight to us is the epitome of dinner and is joined by a delightful creamed spinach.  A staple of the menu, the Entrecote and Peachy are always thrilled to meet each other again.
Undoubtedly the star of the show was the Mariscada, a splendorous seafood amalgamation in green sauce that even has the option of adding lobster which of course you will say yes please to.  The scallops, the clams, the mussels, the shrimp and of course the well-played yellow Spanish rice to go with it make this a dream dinner.
You will feel like you are under the sea in this festive seafood dish that shows how masterful the kitchen of El Pote really is: note we have been reviewing them since 2012 but they have been OPEN since 1977 continuously.  As you recall from past reviews Nicolas has been there since the early 1990s and it was opened by two dear Galician immigrants which spelled authenticity from the start.  

Vieiras Gallega: Scallops Galician style are defined by the luxurious bechamel sauce that punctuates their sheer genius bringing your tastebuds to an ambrosial level.  Onions and mushrooms come to this decadent soiree on a plate.  
This is the late Enrique Torres, one of the original two founders of El Pote, previously featured many times:
This next dish is named after him!  Meet Steak al Enrique below: a mini steak with two fried eggs and homemade potato.  It absolutely hits the spot.
Finally, do not miss their BRAND NEW WEBSITE below!

El Pote continues to Earn Our Highest Recommendation.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

#ReadThis #NorthernSpy by #FlynnBerry @flynnberry_ @VikingBooks #HighlyRecommended by @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

An apple a day keeps the thrillseekers saying "Fair Play!" to the newest author on Whom You Know, Flynn Berry.  This is our first time reading her work and we are so impressed we may go back and read her other work!  Yes, Northern Spy is a kind of apple.

As you know we firmly believe there are two kinds of people in this world, those that are IRISH and those that wish they were.  But do we like someone just because they are Irish?  We like someone because their pursuit of excellence is admirable; based on these 276 pages, Flynn Berry has shown us she is in the same league as Agatha Christie (not alive at the same time as Peachy so impossible to know her-but we have reviewed and do review and are not finished) and John LeCarre (whom we reviewed when he was alive and may review again.)  We don't remember saying this about many other authors if ever because we have mostly been reading Agatha this year.  Most authors today are not close to being in this major league of writing but Flynn has earned a Varsity letter with this blockbuster of a spy thriller based on the IRA.  And we are not talking retirement accounts!

Northern Spy should be having a bidding war as to who owns the movie rights by now and Liam Neeson, Antrim native, should absolutely be in it (and also Peachy obviously).  

Writing with a depth of emotion and empathy few achieve, Berry writes and conveys more with her literary tools of the trade to craft a tight, succinct story with maximum impact.  Perhaps she kissed the Blarney Stone, found way down in County Cork, opposite of Northern Ireland where this novel takes place.  While lesser, more inconsequential authors have offered us watered-down cheap rose stories we have not published on or told you about, Flynn Berry quality is on par with 15-year Macallan (Scottish, not Irish, but you get the idea).

As avid readers know, Peachy spent a semester abroad in Ireland giving her life residential experience of knowing if an American author has got Ireland right and the authenticity is on the mark in Northern Spy.  We will not claim to be experts on the North or on the IRA because we are not-but the verbiage is cracking and you will be googling more slang than you think with pleasure!  Your vocabulary will massively improve as a result.

This will appeal in particular to mothers and sisters because of the characters involved.

For everyone that is ignorant of the troubles of Northern Ireland, the education this book provides - though it is a novel - will paint a picture that will make America look hugely united in contrast.  Northern Spy is as much of a peacemaker as it is a thriller and it is an absolute perfect book to crack open right now as Manhattan awaits its next thunderstorm.

Northern Spy is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Flynn Berry, the Edgar Award-winning author of Under the Harrow (Penguin Books, 2016) and the critically acclaimed follow-up, A Double Life (Viking, 2018), has established herself as one of the best new voices in suspense. Now, she returns with her most rich and riveting novel to date: NORTHERN SPY (Viking; On Sale April 6, 2021; $26), an extensively researched, immaculately crafted and propulsive thriller about the contemporary IRA, and two sisters who find themselves caught in the middle of the re-escalating sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

Tessa, born and raised in Belfast, is a news producer for the BBC. She is also the single mother of a six-month-old son, who she is raising in the shadow of escalating threats to peace by a reemerging IRA. While she’s at work one day, news breaks of an IRA raid at a gas station a few hours to the north. Tessa freezes as security camera footage reveals a familiar face: her sister, Marian, who is at the scene, putting on a black ski mask. From that moment, Tessa’s life is upended, as she struggles to confront the seemingly impossible truth that her sister has become involved with the IRA.

When Marian’s circumstances become clear, Tessa is thrust into an increasingly dangerous situation. Faced with a series of life-altering decisions, she will have to weigh her principles, her convictions, and her very identity against the imperative of keeping her family—and her country—safe.

With stunning precision and in gut-wrenching detail, Berry has delivered a novel that is at once a riveting thriller, a moving exploration of sister- and motherhood, and a fascinating exploration of life in the midst of an entrenched conflict, and its often-unseen repercussions.


Flynn Berry is the New York Times bestselling author of three novels: Northern Spy, a Reese’s Book Club Pick; A Double Life, a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice; and Under the Harrow, which won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and was named a best book of the year by The Washington Post and The Atlantic. The recipient of a Yaddo fellowship, she is a graduate of Brown University and the Michener Center for Writers.


Flynn Berry 

 ISBN: 9780735224995

Also available as an e- and audiobook

Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade book publisher, is dedicated to its mission of nourishing a universal passion for reading by connecting authors and their writing with readers everywhere. The company, which employs more than 10,000 people globally, was formed on July 1, 2013, by Bertelsmann and Pearson, who own 75 percent and 25 percent, respectively. With nearly 275 independent imprints and brands on five continents, Penguin Random House comprises adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction print and digital English- and Spanish-language trade book publishing businesses in more than 20 countries worldwide. With over 15,000 new titles, and close to 800 million print, audio and eBooks sold annually, Penguin Random House’s publishing lists include more than 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

#RedCarpetRegulars #PatrioticPeachy #AwesomeAuthors #MoversandShaker @RitaCosby @77WABCradio @JCats2013 @AJ_Cats_ 77 @mchooyah @JulianLennon WABC RADIO ANNOUNCES NEW PRIMETIME PROGRAM WITH AWARD-WINNING BROADCASTER RITA COSBY

Peachy, Robert O'Neill, the Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden and Rita Cosby  

It's almost 10pm.  Do you know what your radio is doing?

Rita Cosby was first featured as a Mover and Shaker in 2011:

Since May of 2011, Rita Cosby‘s book about her father, QUIET HERO, became a New York Times Best Seller which is no surprise to us as we loved it so much we reviewed it twice.  It remains the only book we have ever reviewed more than once in our dozen-year history.

Peachy, Julian Lennon and Rita Cosby

John Catsimatidis, CEO of Red Apple Group and subsidiaries Red Apple Media and 77 WABC Radio, has announced the addition of “The Rita Cosby Show” to the station’s primetime weeknight lineup. Cosby, an acclaimed media veteran and best-selling author, will host the 10pm to Midnight program focusing on breaking news and fascinating interviews.

Rita Cosby is one of the most recognized and respected broadcasters in America who has attained an extraordinary level of success in multiple arenas that few in the media landscape have achieved. Cosby was named Radio Ink’s 2018 Most Influential Woman Legend of the Year and has won six Gracie Awards in radio, including for Outstanding Host and Outstanding Talk Show.

She is also a renowned Emmy-winning TV host, who anchored highly rated primetime shows on both Fox News Channel and MSNBC. Born in Brooklyn, Cosby has covered the globe with her live reports from the war zone in Afghanistan, in Belgrade during the NATO bombing, to the US-Mexico border and beyond. Known for her engaging style and headline-making interviews, she has obtained exclusives with more than twenty world leaders, including seven U.S. Presidents and Pope Francis, as well as with entertainment icons Michael Jackson, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and infamous inmates Dr. Jack Kevorkian and David Berkowitz, “The Son of Sam.”

The following statement was released by John Catsimatidis, CEO of Red Apple Group:
“Rita Cosby is the best in the business, with a tremendous following and incredible background. ‘The Rita Cosby Show’ will bring a new and exciting dynamic to our important evening programming, with Rita’s top-notch interviewing skills, impeccable record in journalism and deep ability to connect with our listeners. We are proud to welcome such a respected host to 77 WABC Radio and anticipate big success for ‘The Rita Cosby Show,’” said John Catsimatidis.

The following statement has been released by Chad Lopez, President of Red Apple Media/77 WABC Radio:
“We are thrilled to have Rita Cosby taking over this important timeslot. Beginning tonight, our evening listeners will get a great dose of the latest news along with powerful and compelling interviews, from one of the most well-regarded broadcasters,” said Chad Lopez.

The following statement has been released by Rita Cosby:
“I am honored to be joining 77 WABC’s terrific lineup and working with legendary New York icon John Catsimatidis and his team. During this pivotal and unpredictable moment in our nation and communities, 10pm to Midnight will be a nonstop voice of reason and truth you will not want to miss,” said Rita Cosby.

Cosby was previously at 77 WABC Radio from 2014 to 2018, where she served as Political Editor as well as host of successful weekend and midday shows.  Stay tuned for more Rita Cosby on Whom You Know!  We love you Rita.


#TerrificTakeout #TheConsulate #InauguralReview @theconsulatenyc

Owners Metodija Mihajlov and Miljan Komnenic; you need the Grilled Rib Eye.

Once upon a time in a city called Manhattan there lived a girl who discovered the newest, hottest, most QUALITY (because quality is the only thing that matters!) restaurants by walking down a yellow brick road.  She didn't have a dog but she did have a pen and a camera and wrote on menus.  She also had a whale.  And if the restaurant did a great job, she featured them for many years and the very best for over a decade.  
Then all at once there was a natural disaster not unlike a tornado that came from a foreign country across the Pacific and two very wicked witches named Cuomo and DeBlasio told all these hard-working, talented, fabulous restaurant owners that they must close.
This girl became upset.  She loved going to restaurants.
But, she got vaccinated with her whale at the whale and suddenly, she discovered a floating bubble not unlike Glinda, the good witch.  Oh my goodness she thought she was seeing double.  She had not done a dinner review of a brand new restaurant since she met the amazing Joe Lisi at Bar Dough (we've met Joe twice and reviewed him once; we will have more to say on Joe and Bar Dough soon).  
When she opened her eyes wider the bubble popped and no she was not seeing double, she was seeing two twins from Macedonia!  They even met her whale, who has made exactly one public appearance ever.  They were named Kiril (30 minutes older) and Metodija Mihajlov, and together with Miljan Komnenic, Mixologist, and Igor Drca they all own The Consulate, named for exactly that: a consulate where immigrants are assisted and people network and business happens.  The Consulate is the first restaurant to be reviewed for the first time in an inaugural review on Whom You Know since this natural disaster and we have high hopes for their future.  They opened on November 19, 2019 and the style of the cuisine is French Modern American with French cooking techniques in place.
Also, you should know their bathrooms are spectacularly clean which is obviously a total must always since we ever started doing this.  We never brought that up before because we thought it was understood but in this climate of uber-cleanliness we will let you know at The Consulate there are inspection reports on the back of the bathroom doors recorded every 30 minutes.  We want to see everyone doing this.  We notice everything.
We began with the Smoked Salmon Flatbread; the salmon is from Norway.  We think the concept of salmon, dill, chives and creme fraiche is genius and at The Consulate, it was a solid start.  Next charred octopus joined by roasted pepper, agrodolce, potatoes and a brilliant black garlic puree walked down the table runway.  Every three days we understand fresh octopus is sourced from Portugal.
We are huge advocates of burrata, and the Burrata Salad at The Consulate was our favorite starter among the starters we tried.  Heirloom tomatoes, local burrata cheese, wild strawberries, fennel pollen and a mint citrus dressing that we asked for on the side grace this plate.  As you might recall Peachy never ever wants her salad dressed and she likes to do it herself.
Brussels and Kale Salad is an excellent choice for a hot summer day.  Tuscan Kale, green apple, and pecorino cheese will make you revel in their high quality simplicity singing a song of nutrition together in tandem.  Again, picky Peachy asked for the Red Wine dressing on the side.
We would have never picked Short Rib Cavatelli on a hot summer day so it is a good thing it was suggested to us: it is simply outstanding and the second best culinary pursuit we met on this occasion.  It absolutely hits the spot: braised short rib, cavatelli and sheep's ricotta are massively exquisite and hearty.  We suspect we will be even more impressed with it come this fall.
For the lighter side of pasta we tried the Linguini and Small Clams which you will love if you like your clams to be citrus-acclimated.  Linguini pasta, cockle clams, preserved lemon, chili garlic and white wine team up below.
For our fish entree we chose the incredible whole Seared Branzino, which is exactly as inviting as it appears to be!  It is one of the best fish we've had this year.  Pan-seared Branzino is joined successfully by capers and salsa verde, each of which compliments the poisson wonderfully.  And for the uninitiated you should know a fish entree should be exactly this: a whole fish not a slice of fish.  Bravo, The Consulate.  Below, meet seared brussel sprouts fabulously enhanced with bacon and red wine vinegar: we liked it, but in the cold we think we might love it.
The side section of the menu impressed us: we also tried roasted herb fingerling potatoes which are an ideal accompaniment to all meals any time of year.  Their enticing versatility is a win for your dinner.
The triumph of the cuisine is without a doubt the Grilled Rib Eye, our favorite of the trip.  Gorgeously executed at a precise Medium Rare, the Grilled Rib Eye oozed dramatic flavor that exceeded our expectations of the new kid on the block.  The 14 oz grilled rib eye is sourced from JBS in Canada and is certified Angus beef; broccolini and an entire head of garlic and we do absolutely adore garlic come to this carnivorous pursuit with chimchurri sauce.

The Consultate is Terrific Takeout in their Inaugural Review.
We look forward to seeing them keep up the great work.

Tiramisu and cappuccino completes the experience with extraordinary flair.


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