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The Peachy Deegan Cocktail

The Peachy Deegan cocktail was created in November 2010 by Robert Caravaggi at Swifty's, which has since closed.  Peachy reviewed Star Vodka by her good friend Charles Ferri in 2009 and loved it for its superior smooth taste and quality which is filtered five times through lava rock, and is MADE IN THE USA.  Star Vodka does not give you hangovers, unless your drinks number in the double digits, perhaps.

The Peachy Deegan cocktail is 1 part Star Vodka, 1 part fresh peach nectar, and 1 part fresh squeezed lime juice.  It was at 12 Manhattan restaurants in 2011 reviewed by Whom You Know, and it will be relaunched selectively in America.

The proper way to serve the Peachy Deegan cocktail is in a champagne glass, and it can only be made with STAR VODKA.  The name Peachy Deegan is property of and you must be officially approved to serve it at your venue.  Do not drink any imposters!
Charles and Peachy at Caravaggio by Giuseppe Bruno, a Peachy's Pick and an original location of The Peachy Deegan cocktail.
Thank you to Mover and Shaker Charles Kipps for putting us in his book, Times Square Trouble, as both a character and a cocktail!

"This cocktail is so special that there have been many that have tried to replicate it using inferior ingredients. Please enjoy the Peachy Deegan the correct way and you will be happy that you did!!"
-Charles Ferri

Founder & CEO
"Stay true to your spirit"
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