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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

READ THIS: HOUSE OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Fifteen Central Park West, the World’s Most Powerful Address by Michael Gross Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

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Whom You Know Congratulates their new President, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan: 

The Michael Gross Hit Parade continues here! We're not sure another author has been featured every year since 2010 on Whom You Know in a book review: Michael Gross is and has proven to be in a class by himself ever since we read 740 Park and like a fine wine, his writing only keeps getting better as time goes on. The latest and greatest from the guy who does outrageously excellent research is another book a Manhattan building: House of Outrageous Fortune, otherwise known as 15 Central Park West.   You're even going to learn the Roman Law of Condominium...He returns to the East Coast in this latest work; the last book we reviewed was an unprecedented history of Beverly Hills, and he spoke to us afterwards here. In House of Outrageous Fortune, Michael Gross crosses Fifth Avenue leaving Park Avenue behind him and walks down Central Park South bringing us to a wild walk on the westside.   

Turning the pages of this book is like unwrapping a present of quality knowledge about the city that many of us reside in, and for those of you that don't live here, after you read 
House of Outrageous Fortune you'll see many more reasons and facts on why Manhattan is in a class by itself, which is what Whom You Know has been saying all along.  More than that, 

Gross does not simply look at the building: he looks at the story behind it.  In this case, part of the story is the rise of Donald Trump and we are still laughing at the acronym that didn't make it, thanks to his attorney.  We were thrilled to see Elizabeth Stribling quoted right off the bat early in the book on page 13: "Suddenly, 'the idea that you need a fancy co-op to be socially acceptable is gone with the wind,' says Elizabeth Stribling, founder of an eponymous brokerage.  'New York has become much more of a moneyed town, and buildings are now being created for them.  Money trumped the club.'"  Later, Gross quotes Stribling on Onassis on page 86.  We were also pleased to see Mover and Shaker Peter Pennoyer quoted on the opening page, and later Mover and Shaker Sara Blakely's purchase of an apartment (37A) in this majestic building designed by Robert A. M. Stern, whom we've met at New York Landmark Conservancy events.

We love how the real estate developer Zeckendorfs were committed to quality in building the "consummate residence of its era" (p. 175) in contrast to Goldman Sachs appetite for profit trumping all.  We also commend them for their pride in doing it their way and not changing their style but rather deleting it for those that wanted customization.  From a physical standpoint, the residence itself has elements that echo the best of the Upper East Side (see page 179), however, the philosophy of ownership at the House of Outrageous Fortune is the "concrete embodiment of the persistence of the American Dream." (p. 261).  

Gross captures key quotes, and as he should, critically examines how the international economic decline came to be with seeds sewn during the Clinton Administration (page 249) "when it became public policy to encourage home ownership, and the financial industry did all it could to make that 'dream' come true."  
You'll capture all the best lines to be heard at the next cocktail party you're at thanks to Gross's attention to detail, including the story of a onetime Indian trail called Bloomingdale Road which is not the yellow brick road to the department store you may think in Manhattan.  You'll learn what the point is from which distances to and from Manhattan are measured...clue: it's steps away from 15 Central Park West.  And did you know the first hedge fund was started way back in 1949?  The colorful personalities that punctuate each page will regale you and the stories are priceless and Gross found them-we'd tell you but we want you to read it for yourselves.  Though we did make it to the liquidation sale of the Plaza and the Surrey, we are sorry to learn we missed the one at the Mayflower...

Intriguing, historical, informative, enthralling. Outrageous? Absolutely. I found Michael Gross’s latest oeuvre to be all of the above, and therefore, a must-read. I am an admirer of decorative prewar limestone edifices and enjoyed reading about the history that led to its reincarnation by famed architect Robert A.M. Stern as the obvious building material for 15 Central Park West. Fifteen Central Park West, as you will learn from this well researched book, is the culmination of decades and generations of real estate knowledge, civic planning, foresight and hubris that merged at the location of Central Park West and Columbus Circle. Originally farms and forest occupied Manhattan until city planning began in earnest with the establishment of the grid pattern of Manhattan by the city commission in 1811. The East Side attracted the wealthy, whereas the West Side, the upper middle class. Apartment hotels such as the Dakota and Beresford were developed to fill a need for private homes without the cost, with their central housekeeping and dining facilities. Central Park West enjoyed 1920’s magnificence with buildings by Emery Roth and others. Then stock the market crashed. Gross chronicles the course of the city’s economy and the role of the real estate titans, including Trump, Zeckendorf, Brown Harris Stevens and Bing and Bing to name a few names, over the ensuing decades. The 1907’s tested the survival of the city, which rebounded in the 1980’s. Hedge funds profits and salaries soared. Goldman Sachs thrived. Money arrived in New York often from international sources, not earned by the traditional Upper East Side co-op Board candidates. The stage was set for the curtain to rise at the corner of Columbus Circle and Central Park West.

However, lest you think this book is all about bricks and mortar, I am pleased to report it is also a gripping chronicle of those who chose to call Fifteen home. Gross also provides us with some gossip tidbits such as how Kelsey Grammer’s then wife discovered the other woman courtesy of a staff member’s faux pas. I was uplifted by the last section of the book detailing how several families immigrated to the United States with nothing in their pockets and through hard work and persistence purchased their condominium dreams. They bought homes in a building with a private dining room, screening room, health club with a pool whose temperature was the source of controversy, and called Lloyd Blankfien, Sting, Sandy Weill, and Denzel Washington “neighbor”. I will not give away the ending, which was not a surprise to this New Yorker who would have done the exact same thing, if only.

Where to invest in New York City real estate? According to Michael Gross, there’s only one address you need to know: 15 Central Park West. In his new tell-all real estate book, “House of Outrageous Fortune”, Mr. Gross waltzes us around the highs, lows and backstreet gossip of this Tower of Power. Coveted by the rich and richer, inhabited by the mighty few, 15 Central Park West houses some of the best known names in Hollywood. As well as their bosses. From the original developers, the Zeckendorfs, to the un-shy celebrities who share its hallowed halls, names are readily bandied about like table tennis balls in play. Mr. Gross leaves no stone unturned as he outlines the historical and current factual tidbits about the backstory of this building. Calling out the spirits of the long dead-those who helped establish the boundaries of Manhattan neighborhoods- “House of Outrageous Fortune” cracks the ice of snobbish secrecy. Dishing the dirt about the how,why and where coincides delightfully with the who and when of an iconic building where only the elite dare set foot. Published by Atria Books, “Outrageous Fortune” delineates just that : the .01% reality. In a market well known to Mr. Gross (just read some of his previous books for juicy backstories about other establishments in NYC), 15 Central Park West may well be Mecca. Read about it, dream about it, let it be your shining star in real estate heaven. With a balanced sense of humor and an eye to the precise, Mr. Gross’ book will entertain and provide untold bits for your next cocktail party.

In today's society, there are, as always, the "have-s" and the "have-not-s." However, over a span of the last 20 years or so, a new class has arisen - the "have so much, it's simply unfathomable-s," and nothing signifies the age of the über-rich quite as well as Fifteen Central Park West. And nobody chronicles the story of Fifteen Central Park West and its exquisitely wealthy inhabitants as well as author Michael Gross. Critically acclaimed for his previous book about another famous piece of real estate, 740 Park, Gross takes an unprecedented look behind the scenes of one of the most coveted addresses in the world. To put Fifteen CPW in the proper context, Gross gives a thorough history of real-estate development in New York City, including the shift from the established East Side co-ops (restricted to "old money") to the more welcoming condominiums, which not only accept the noveau-riche, but celebrate them. The groundwork for Fifteen Central Park West was laid by Donald Trump and the Time Warner Center, which made the formerly undesirable location of Columbus Circle a popular destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike. Suddenly, the area had finally come into its own, and the time was ripe for the most luxurious of luxury buildings to arise. In the writing of House of Outrageous Fortune, Mr. Gross had first-hand access to the heads of the legendary Zeckendorf real estate dynasty (the developers of the property), as well as their financial backers, giving him amazing insight into the building itself and the story behind it. Full of mind-boggling facts and figures (the condos sell for HOW much per square foot?!), as well as inside stories about some of the famous people who live or have lived there (Sting, Alex Rodriguez, Denzel Washington, Jeff Gordon, hedge fund head Daniel Loeb, executives from the Google, Yahoo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and more), Fifteen Central Park West is an engaging and entertaining read, for New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers alike. 

Michael Gross, you wear out our green highlighter and we are glad for it.  Nobody does research better, and note to publishers: you ought to pony up-he deserves super-sized compensation for this quality.

There's only one Michael Gross, and House of Outrageous Fortune has earned our Highest Recommendation.


Previous coverage of Michael Gross on Whom You Know:

In New York, a city obsessed with real estate, no building has gained the jaw-dropping celebrity of Fifteen Central Park West. “Fifteen Central Park West is more than an apartment building,” writes Michael Gross at the start of his penetrating new chronicle, HOUSE OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE: Fifteen Central Park West, the World’s Most Powerful Address (Atria; March 11, 2014; $28.00). “It is the most outrageously successful, insanely expensive, titanically tycoon-stuffed real estate development of the 21st century.” What’s more, he adds, “Fifteen represents a massive paradigm shift in the lifestyle of New York’s rich and famous.” 

With dazzling detail and Gross’ trademark gimlet eye, HOUSE OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE relates the colorful and convoluted story of not only Fifteen’s inspired genesis and costly construction, but the flashy lifestyle it has engendered in a once moribund Manhattan neighborhood. Gross, who has been called America’s “foremost chronicler of the upper-crust”(, has enjoyed unprecedented access to the people behind this already legendary building, including the scions of the fabled Zeckendorf real estate dynasty, and their financial backers, Goldman Sachs, and an Israeli billionaire, as well as those who live there—or wanted to. As he reports on big money, massive-ego power plays over the creation and occupancy of New York’s most desirable address, Gross identifies Fifteen as a bellwether of the city’s changing social landscape. 

“The clash of titans was the first indication that 15CPW would become an apartment building like no other, a new colossus both literally and figuratively, a status signifier nonpareil, and a towering symbol of its time,” Gross writes. “It was a sign of a generational shift in the makeup of the 0.1 percent who dance on the head of the pin of American wealth, evidence of the torch passing from the aging financial lions of the mid-20th century to the brash new 21st- century crop of cats.” As Gross explains, the astonishing sums spent on apartments show how much wealthier today’s wealthy have become. The range of buyers, who hail from around the globe, are evidence of the new mobility of great wealth. And the source of those buyers’ wealth spotlights the new economic sectors that have generated the new new money. 

Gross frames this story of contemporary excess with a historical overview of prime residential real estate in New York, examining how the seismic shift from co-ops, whose exclusive boards keep out “undesirable” residents, to more freely inclusive condominiums beginning in the 1970s, meant the newly wealthy, including foreigners and ethnic Americans, could lay claim to their own piece of the luxurious rock that is Manhattan. He also provides a history of the long-beleaguered area surrounding Columbus Circle, which remained unfashionable for decades until Donald Trump and Time Warner put it back on the map, paving the way for Fifteen Central Park West. 

Denzel Washington, Sting, Alex Rodriquez, NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, hedge fund runner Daniel Loeb, as well as Russian oligarchs, and the top executives from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, Google, and Yahoo! all bought apartments in Fifteen Central Park West, which boasts two concierge staffed-lobbies, a walnut-lined library, a screening room, a sixty-seat dining room with a private chef offering room service, and a subterranean health club complete with a seventy-foot swimming pool. The building’s classic beauty, sprawling apartments and extraordinary amenities redefine our vision of what it means to be unimaginably rich. 

HOUSE OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE is, “Both an incisive social commentary on our modern Gilded Age and an irresistible peek behind the walls of 15 Central Park West, otherwise known as ‘Limestone Jesus,’” says Karen Abbot, author of Sin in the Second City and American Rose. “With characteristic audacity and wit, Michael Gross has deftly chronicled the immense egos (and bank accounts) of the nouveau riche who reside at Manhattan's most coveted address.” 

About the Author 

Michael Gross is the author of Unreal Estate, Rogues’ Gallery, 740 Park, and Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women. A contributing editor of Travel + Leisure, he created the blog Gripepad and has written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, New York, The New York Times, The Daily Beast/Newsweek, Huffington Post, and other publications. He is the Real Estate Editor of Avenue and a regular columnist for the New York Post’s quarterly luxury real estate supplement. 

House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, the World’s Most Powerful Address 

Michael Gross 

ISBN: 9781451666199
416 Pages


On Luck, by General Douglas MacArthur

"The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself."
-General Douglas MacArthur


DAYLIGHT: By Baldor: Bite: An Arousal of your Taste Buds is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! April 2014 Coverage Highlighting Fresh Origins, Church Brothers and More! We Look Forward to Featuring Some Fantastic New Brands We Met...

What is Bite Baldor?
It is a product exposition featuring the top influencers in the restaurant and food industry in New York.  Thank you Baldor for inviting us. Last year we were thrilled to attend the first Bite Baldor (click here to see our coverage), and we're pleased as punch to say this brand is two for two in Bite and has both of our thumbs pointing up.  Recently, Peachy Deegan was busy eating in Washington D.C. and she was so excited to see the Baldor truck she took a picture.   We wonder what restaurants we know use Baldor... 
Julie and David Sasuga of Fresh Origins
 You know we love Fresh Origins.  They dominate the microgreen market!  We tell you every month their latest and greatest because they always strive to be even better.  Fresh Origins is America’s leading producer of Microgreens and Edible Flowers. Combining the benefits of an ideal climate with a deep passion for quality and innovation, Fresh Origins products are sought after by the finest restaurants and top chefs and Baldor is one of their distributors.  If you are a restaurant that has not been reviewed by Whom You Know and are in one of our geographical concentrations and you use Fresh Origins, the owner of the restaurant should contact Peachy and we will review you.  We are thrilled to see their products used in new and exciting ways!
 Their flower crystals are divine and truly unique and incredible: 
 Every time we see them, they have a new variety we haven't experienced yet. 
The farm is located in the picturesque rolling hills of San Diego County, where the near perfect weather allows for production and harvest all year. Fresh Origins produces almost 400 Microgreens, Petitegreens, Edible Flowers, Shoots, Tiny Veggies™ and related items. Many are not available anywhere else, with new introductions nearly every month. Fresh Origins products are on top of the finest cuisine in the world! Fresh Origins supplies distributors of specialty produce who serve fine dining restaurants and resorts nationwide. There are also a few online sources of their products available to private chefs and home cooks.  Here is some of the Fresh Origins hit parade-seeing these microgreens is akin to a culinary fashion show-they are that gorgeous: 

 Perhaps for the Easter Bunny next year: 

 We have so much fun seeing all of the Microgreens that we could have been there all afternoon! 
We were also pleased to see our friend Mike Larocco from Church Brothers and try his fantastic Kale.
 But it was time to make some new friends...which way should we go?
Brand and people names of the below will be published post-formal-review.
 You know we love Italian food....
 We definitely have always loved Florida Orange Juice! 
 Promising produce: 
 Everything from Connecticut is better:
 Did someone say Burrata?
 Eat British cheese while watching your favorite BBC program...
Is it Ronnybrook or Cathybrook?  Either way we loved the skim milk.
We love caffeine!
 At Peachy's elementary school, she bought Guida's chocolate milk at lunch.
Meanwhile, back at the busiest booth:
Everyone wants to know what the buzz about Fresh Origins is all about of course.  We hate to say we told you... 
 And after the show, there was a cocktail party! 



Paul Mayer's luxuriously, comfortable designs keep women coming back for multiple -- even dozens -- of pairs. Classic, yet contemporary and always comfortable, his shoes are an addiction that we highly recommend. A staple of the Paul Mayer collection is the simple ballet-flat, with true ballerina construction for a perfect fit that comes in a variety of colors and materials. A cult favorite is the cozy, a flat with lavender-scent infused soles adding style and fragrance to collector's closets as Paul's designs emerge in sophisticated design incarnations season after season in the most incredible hues, textures and modern innovations in luxury footwear because we know firsthand how incredibly brilliant he is. Mayer founded the brand in 2004 with partner, Jeff Levy. All shoes in the line are manufactured in Spain’s Valencia region, along the Mediterranean coast by a skilled staff of 12 artisans. They craft each pair of shoes with an old-world attention to detail that includes in-house embroidery, quilting and stitching as well as custom tanned leather. This allows the brand to cater to each retailer’s specific demands in with timely and consistent alacrity, with orders completed in an unheard-of 3 to 5 weeks. When not in New York, Paul can be found traveling to his myriad of stores across the country meeting his loyal clientele or vacationing in his favorite spot, the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach.

Aahhh the drama of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton!!! Helena Bonham Carter’s rendition of Elizabeth Taylor is fantastic, and spot on! Dominic West doesn’t outshine Liz – could anyone REALLY outshine Elizabeth Taylor – but is the perfect offset as Richard Burton. BBC’s Burton and Taylor chronicles a short period in the much watched and documented relationship between the two. Sometime after their two marriages (and two divorces), the two are staring on Broadway in a production of Private Lives, a story which in many ways parallels or plays off of the intricacies of Burton and Taylor’s relationship. Both onstage and off, Liz is tempestuous and dramatic against Richard’s brooding and serious struggles. Though we all know the ending of the real-life story, we go through the drama still hoping for the two to be able to share how much they truly care about each other, a tribute to Bonham-Carter and West’s portrayal of these two very complex characters. Burton and Taylor by the BBC is a fantastic snapshot of Burton and Taylor’s relationship, and a must watch!

Few romances have captured public attention like that of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Providing excellent tabloid fodder over a number of decades, the tempestuous Burton/Taylor love saga was full of passion, excitement, and drama. Although attempting to capture the story of the two lovers on film is a highly ambitious undertaking, BBC Home Entertainment's Burton and Taylor is a home run. Starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter in the titular roles, the film wisely does not attempt to cover the whole scope of the pair's relationship. Rather, it focuses on a particularly interesting chapter in their story: that which takes place in 1983 seven years after their second divorce, when Burton convinced Taylor to join him on Broadway in a revival of Noël Coward’s “Private Lives.” In a classic case of art imitating life, the play focuses on a divorced couple who are reunited when they are both on their honeymoons with their new spouses. Of course, although both Taylor and Burton have moved on with their lives, their chemistry and their history are undeniable, causing sparks to fly and outlandish behavior to take place. Bonham Carter and West do an admirable job of bringing the two iconic performers to life, without resorting to mimicry or imitation, and the supporting cast members also turn in stellar performances. Thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable from start to finish, Burton and Taylor is highly recommended by this panelist!

Richard's voice is appropriately husky and sexy, and Elizabeth is breathe-y and witty. With their voices again leading us into the real lives of Taylor and Burton, we grasp the tone immediately of this BBC production. Helene Bonham Carter does a sparkling interpretation wrapped in violet eyes. Dominic West is just Burton, convincing us that we are watching their story. Good casting. With a relationship that was at best rocky and always full of their own kind of love, Taylor and Burton captivated audiences for decades. The drama behind and in front of the cameras was reported to their adoring public on a daily basis. Pre-internet, that was no mean feat to perpetrate. A tiny package, Elizabeth Taylor was always a dynamic personality. We may know her today largely because of Ms. Taylor's benevolent activities, but in the 1960's she was our Cleopatra. This BBC production of Burton and Taylor gives us the Taylor/Burton team during their Broadway run with "Private Lives". Although it was not their most shining hour in the eyes of the critics, the time frame is a perfect setting for this story. The picture isn't always pretty, and shows their recurring struggles in their daily lives. BBC manages the story within a reverent space, and keeps us within the hallowed walls of memory with brilliant production values. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton shall forever be Mr. and Mrs. to many of us, at the height of their infamity and gigantic talent. May they live longer now because of BBC home entertainment.


Academy Award®-nominee and Screen Actor Guild nominee Helena Bonham Carter (The King's Speech, Sweeney Todd) received a Golden Globe® nomination for her portrayal with Dominic West (The Hour, The Wire) of Hollywood's most famously volatile on-again-off-again couple. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had one of the most fascinating, glamorous and tempestuous relationships of the 20th century - the two most famous movie stars of their day who played out every high and low of their love affairs, multiple marriages and divorces right in the public eye. Burton and Taylor follows their private and public relationship played out against their ill-fated appearance in a 1983 revival of Noel Coward's stage play, Private Lives. Tempestuous, funny, and dripping with diamonds - this is the last battle of the Burtons. Bonus materials include two behind the scenes featurettes: “Setting the Stage” and “Love is the Drug.” 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Haute Hotels: This Spring Stay at The Westin Georgetown to See Washington D.C.'s Famous Cherry Blossoms! Exuding Wellness and Better Living, the Westin Georgetown Continues to Be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!!!

 Hotel Sweet Hotel
 In our 16k posts and counting, there is only one international hotel brand that has been featured multiple times and that's the Westin, and the Westin Georgetown specifically.  We are proud to be called a Starwood Preferred Guest, and we reiterate that the Westin Georgetown is absolutely a preferred hotel.  They did everything perfectly as they did in our previous stay in 2013, featured here:
And they did even more.  They pay attention to details which we feel is absolutely crucial, and perhaps most important in a Hotel brand.  When you are not in your own element with everything exactly the way you want it, for you to be happy to travel you have to work with a brand that understands this.  Picky Peachy has found happiness at the Westin Georgetown. 
Peachy is a clean freak; you know there is a column called Clean Peachy.  When she was staying at this Westin they happened to be cleaning the windows from outside, and they notify their guests in writing of this detail and draw the shades for them, which is quite thoughtful and helpful.  We think maybe even the Easter bunny lives at the Westin Georgetown because chocolate was on our pillow when we returned from dinner reviews.  (Of which there were many!  If you are a Washington restaurant we reviewed, you should send people to the Westin Georgetown because they made your restaurant review possible.)
 To properly explore a place, we believe you do it on your feet.  Peachy walked all over Washington (this was one of our shorter trips below) and was really happy to be greeted with fruit infused cinnamon elixir to refresh us after one of our trips intelligently located next to the elevator bank.  This also shows you how the Westin is creative and does more than simply water.
 But let's start at the beginning.  When we arrived at the Westin Georgetown, we were greeted promptly, professionally and enthusiastically by Lapu-Lapu.  The lobby is gorgeous as you saw in the previous review, and the circular shape adds to the friendly nature of the venue.
 We always say it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.  Everyone we've ever encountered at the Westin Georgetown has been the consummate professional, and they have also been extremely cordial and nice.   Aside from what we've got to say, you can see they've received acclaim from other judges as well: 
 Nice to see all the diamonds!
 Peachy Deegan sleeps better at night knowing that the Westin uses Lenovo.  When we started Whom You Know we had visions of the best of everything working together.  Looks like they already are here!  Whom You Know has been proud to work with Lenovo since 2009 and we love love love love LOVE our ThinkPad by Lenovo.
 The hallways at the Westin Georgetown are immaculate, and they are thoughtful to put the newspapers on the table near the elevator of the floor to add convenience to your life.   
 See that little square beauty to the bottom right?  Peachy asked if she could use an empty refrigerator, because she is famous for not being able to eat her entire dinner at dinner.  If you have seen the Peachy's Picks columns you would understand why.  The Westin Georgetown was so helpful to let her use this and she only had to ask once and did not need to remind anyone.  It was there as soon as she entered her room the first time.
 The desk area is tidy and spacious, and the light is perfect throughout.  If you've seen the column Chandelier Peachy, you know who is obsessed with proper lighting.  
 There is a second desk area closer to the closet, and we dearly loved the closet.
Look at how much space you have!  A safe is to the bottom right and a luggage rack opens up too.
You know we love our fashion everything.  Peachy as you could guess brought as much as she could carry.   For shoes, she brought Paul Mayer Attitudes, Posh Wellies and Lotus.
Note that the Westin Georgetown also offers you an ironing board and iron so you can fix any wrinkles that happen along the way.  Hallak the Couture Cleaner cleaned everything for us before we went away and since she got back, they found out that some of her clothes enthusiastically participated in dining reviews since they came back to New York wearing some of the food.  Our new Ellen Christine creation below escaped unscathed.  For Peachy, the ironing board was a good hatholder.
 The bathroom at the Westin Georgetown is a dream.  You may have noticed our most populated column by far is Product Alert; we have featured 1,944 beauty products since our inception, so  yes, we are pretty big advocates of gorgeous bathrooms.
 Not only is the bathroom gorgeous, but also it is functional and spacious.  The Westin Georgetown kindly leaves you soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, mouthwash, towels galore, clean glasses, two mirrors, a shower cap, a polishing cloth and if you asked for it they could probably find whatever your little heart desires.  If you forget anything there is a CVS on the next block; we love CVS.  
 Please meet the tub.  You will not want to leave the tub!
 The shower is equally fantastic.  Both the tub and the shower have excellent water pressure at the Westin Georgetown, which is absolutely essential.  We like how the shower has a special sprayer function as well.  You can use their super comfortable bathrobe and we did!
 Right up there with a comfortable bed, one of the best things ever is that the Westin Georgetown leaves you ample caffeine.   Caffeine is an essential in life.  Superb caffeine is even better, and the Westin Georgetown leaves you Starbucks in your room which is super smart of them.  That way you can be both pleasant and alert before even leaving your room.  It's also nice to know that Larry Work has fantastic coffee at The Caucus Room downstairs if you need even more coffee.  
 They also leave you water, which is fantastic and perfect to hydrate with.  We love how the Westin is into your wellness.  They really do care about you.
 The piece de resistance is the bed.  This king-sized bed is super comfortable and if Washington didn't have such great cherry blossoms and restaurants to see, it's easy to imagine not getting out of this bed.  This time Peachy was in such a trance the morning she left and slept so well she forgot her tempurpedic travel pillow and the Westin is helping her out with that too.  The Westin has fantastic pillows which we used as well!  The more pillows the merrier, in our book. 

 Look at how clean those windows are!  Finally, everyone living in Manhattan can especially appreciate how you can temperature control your room at the Westin Georgetown, which is more than anyone can say for their Manhattan apartment-no one here can control their temperature it is controlled by each building...and note on Memorial Day weekend, we believe their pool which looks AMAZING will be opening!  Bring your Eco Swim!
The Westin Georgetown continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Nestled in between the stylish West End of D.C. and the historic, waterfront Georgetown neighborhood, The Westin Georgetown, Washington D.C. is moments away from the capital's main attractions and is highly recommended by Whom You Know. Our outdoor pool and WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio keep guests fit during their travels, while our lush courtyard offers a quiet oasis. Havens of productivity, our rooms are designed to help you rest, re-center, and feel your best. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the bustling streets of D.C. and fill the room with natural light. Sink into a blissful slumber each night on our signature Westin Heavenly Bed®. In the morning, awaken your senses in the Heavenly Shower® or separate soaking tub. Traditional room just won’t do? Ask about the Deluxe, Studio and One Bedroom Suites, as well as the Royal and Presidential Suites. At The Westin delicious, nourishing fare is always on hand to energize your body and delight your taste buds. Visit The Caucus Room Brasserie-Steakhouse for breakfast, lunch and dinner or stop by Boveda to sample inventive Latin American plates paired with a premium glass of wine. Work on your dance floor moves with free salsa lessons on Thursday nights. Go beyond the boardroom. Located on both the lobby and Conference levels of the hotel, our flexible event space spans a total of 12,000 square feet and includes meeting rooms, ballrooms, private outdoor space and pre-function areas that can accommodate a diverse range of events and meetings. 

Facts you should know from the Westin Georgetown:

Welcome to the Westin Georgetown in Washington, DC. With architecture inspired by some of the finest hotels in Europe, the Westin Georgetown offers luxury combined with custom amenities and instinctive guest service.

Situated just steps from fashionable and picturesque Georgetown, the Westin Georgetown is in close distance to the White House area while still providing a residential neighborhood feel. The location offers access to notable monuments, glamorous boutiques, a palette of modern, elegant or easy-going restaurants, a metro subway stop just 3 blocks away and scenic running paths.

A masterpiece of both interior and exterior design, the hotel proudly honors custom Westin brand décor that smoothly transcends through out all the guest rooms. With the help of unprompted guest service staff, heavenly bed and shower and 24 hour room service your visit at the Westin Georgetown is going to be unique and refreshing.


2350 M St. NW

Washington, DC 20037


Hotel: 202.429.0100

Hotel Fax: 202.857.0127

Toll Free: 1.800.228.3000


15 minutes away from Ronald Reagan National Airport; 45 minutes from Dulles National Airport; 55 minutes from Baltimore International Airport 

Airports can be accessed by taxi, shuttle service, metro or Amtrak

Approximately three blocks from Foggy Bottom metro (blue/orange line)

Owned by Host Hotels & Resorts

Managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc


267 newly renovated deluxe guest rooms and suites

Meeting and banquet facilities

Restaurant and bar

Full service concierge and 24 hour business center

High speed internet access available in sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and common areas

Wireless internet in the lobby and guestrooms

Overnight parking: valet parking ($40); self parking ($34)

Outdoor pool located on the mezzanine level (open between Memorial Day and Labor Day)

Laundry, valet and dry cleaning

In-room spa services

100% smoke free environment and guestroom


217 king bed rooms

38 two double bed rooms

12 suites

Handicap accessible rooms

4 Westin SPG floors

3 Westin workout guest rooms featuring stationery bicycles or treadmills in each room

All guests rooms and suites feature the Heavenly Bed®, the Heavenly Bath®, high speed internet access, complimentary Starbucks coffee, the Westin plush robe and recycling containers.


Over 12,000 square feet of flexible event space divided into 9 meeting rooms

Westin one call

In-house professional and audiovisual services by Presentation Services, Inc


Advertising, Coverage of your Product and Critique of Your Services


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