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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MOVERS and SHAKERS: Codie Prevost, Country Music Sensation and Proud Canadian, Western Canadian Music Award winner for Country Recording Of The Year, Nominated for Canadian Country Music Association Awards Album of the Year Our Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner

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Codie Prevost is a Canadian country music sensation. When he was 14 he picked up his first guitar, and since then his career hasn’t stopped accelerating. He began his journey on the path to fame by playing guitar, and writing songs simply to entertain his friends and family. Little did the world know that those family concerts would spark the pilot light on one of the biggest engines in Canadian country music. Codie has been nominated and won dozens of awards for his art, from the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards to the Canadian Country Music Awards.

Codie grew up on a 2,000-acre farm, where his mother runs a small town bar. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. During family events, Codie would listen to his mother and his uncle as they played guitar and sang songs. These family concerts were what began to grow the love of music within Codie.

Making the leap from farm to fame has not been an easy task. Codie grew up in the 300 person farming community of Archerwill, Saskatchewan. He first learned how to play by picking up his mother’s guitar and practicing until the calluses on his fingers began to develop. After only two years of learning the guitar, Codie began to write as well. Songs began pouring out of the young artist and before long, Codie found himself, engulfed in a sea of talent competitions.

Codie’s first band wasn’t even in the country genre. When he started up his first band with some friends, they played mostly punk music. They would play covers from some of their favorite punk bands such as Goldfinger, and Greenday.

Codie thrived from the pressure that came from the talent competitions. Each one would give him butterflies right before he was about to play. As soon as the spotlight hit Codie, those butterflies would melt away like a pat of butter. That ability still resides within Codie today, even when he plays concerts with groups like Emerson Drive, or Big and Rich.

Codie went to college after high school. While studying academically and honing his craft in music, Codie was still participating in talent competitions. It was one of those competitions where Codie took the exit onto the highway of country music and never looked back.

Codie met his manager, Al Leblanc after that talent competition. Together these two were able to take the entertainment industry by storm. With the help of Al, Codie found himself playing concerts every weekend at different bars.

When Al first accepted the offer to be Codie’s manager he gave him a task. "You have 4 weeks to learn 30 songs." Codie got to work, and after only two weeks Al called saying, ‘Hope you’re ready, I booked you for a show!” Codie successfully learned 30 songs in two weeks.

Through a friend of Al’s, Codie was able to spend a bit of time in a studio which led to Codie’s first EP called, “Surrounds Me Again.” The song was released in Saskatchewan which is where more doors of opportunity began to appear for Codie.

After spending a couple years hopping from bar to bar playing shows every weekend, Codie and Al decided it was about time to record an album. This was not an easy task. Codie’s search for funding ended up at an organization called Community Features, which is put in place to help people achieve their goals by providing the financing and knowledge needed to succeed in business in rural Canada.

Codie spent a lot of time searching for funding. He went into many banks to look for loans, none of which wanted to help out.

After putting together a five year business plan, Al and Codie went in front of the board and delivered their case. The plan was a success, and Codie received the funding. Soon he was on his way to Nashville to record his very first album. Codie still thanks Community Features for believing in him and giving him the opportunity to share his music with the world.

Codie was asked to bring his guitar to demonstrate his abilities to the whole organization. He played his song, “The Road Ahead,” unknowingly foreshadowing the successful career that indeed lay ahead of the star.

Using the money from the loan, Codie was able to record his first album in Nashville, Tennessee. Codie still continued to play at the bars, but he was able to play shows with some larger Canadian bands such as Emerson Drive, and Doc Walker.

One of the goals outlined in the business plan Codie and Al presented to Community Features was to win at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards. Not only did that first album win, but also it earned Codie seven awards from the SCMAs in 2011.

Awards began to flood in for the star. In 2010 Codie won an award for Best Country Song from the Independent Music Awards and he was also nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award. In the three year span from 2011 to 2013 Codie won awards at the Saskatchewan Country Music Association including Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. Codie was nominated for the Canadian Country Music Awards Rising Star in 2011 and 2012.

This past year has been a big one for Codie. He has played concerts with Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, and Big and Rich, he even began a tour with fellow artist Stephen Maguire called “Imagine No Bullying.” During that tour, Codie, Stephen, and the Canadian Red Cross would go from school to school playing music and speaking to the masses in an attempt to bring bullying to an end.

More shows are scheduled in April and May for the Imagine No Bullying Tour. The proceeds from these concerts go to the Canadian Red Cross.

Throughout Codie’s career, he has remained the same humble farm boy. Every Tuesday night he logs into Twitter to connect with his fans and friends. He wants nothing more than to help people through his songs and he does that. The Imagine No Bullying tour is a great example.

Codie is a great musician, a great writer, a great friend, a great husband, and a great leader. His music rocks, and his personality is solid. He is a wonderful person to know, and a talented artist and he has an extensive resume of awards and achievements to prove it.  We are absolutely thrilled to present Codie Prevost as our latest Mover and Shaker!  Peachy Deegan interviewed Codie for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: Does learning 30 songs in two weeks put you in the genius category and what is your Briggs Myers personality? 
Codie Prevost: 
I’d say learning 30 songs in 2 weeks puts me in the good under pressure category. That is an experience I’ll never forget. If I didn’t jump in and go for it I’m not sure where I’d be today. My personality I’d say is let’s get it done and do amazing things with a twist of comedy in there.

We love Canada because of all of the positive experiences we’ve had with Canadian hockey players (Peachy was a Junior Whaler her entire childhood) what do you love most about Canada and why?
The thing I love most about Canada is the people. There is a certain feeling of home and family. This is always something I miss when I travel around the world. 

What does being a Canadian mean to you?
It means being true to who you are and standing tall and proud. 

What are your favorite hockey teams and players of all time? 
I’d say Wayne Gretzky. It’s always amazing to see someone perform at the top of their game. Calgary Flames are my favorite team. I’ve been to a few NHL games and it’s always a rush.

What should Americans and the world know about Canada?
It’s an incredible place filled with every type of landscape. We have forest, prairies, lakes, oceans, mountains, and more. There are some breathtaking views and amazing people.

We love the song “I’ll Be Your Whiskey.” Please tell us which whiskeys or whiskeys inspired the song.
The song uses the Whiskey as a metaphor for the guy showing his love for the girl. All kinds of Whiskey inspired the song.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only 5 bottles of whiskey or whiskey right now, which bottles would they be, would they be a blend or certain year, and why?
5 bottles would be:
Crown Royal Black – It’s very smooth
Forty Creek – A Canadian Whiskey that is awesome
Wisers Deluxe – This is good every once in awhile
White Owl – A clear Whisky that is very smooth
Canadian Club – To have a piece of my roots from Canada

What country produces the best whiskey/whisky and why?
I would say Canada because that is the only Whiskey I’ve had.

What do you like to pair your whiskey/whisky with?
I like to have Whiskey press which is one ounce of Whiskey with water, ice, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

What musicians have inspired you the most and why?
I’ve been inspired by Keith Urban when it comes to live performance. He has an amazing ability to connect with his audience. When it comes to Songwriting Eric Church inspires me. He crafts an amazing lyric that is fresh and unique.

When you write music, do you do it when inspiration strikes or do you have set days where you sit down and say to yourself “Today I must write!”?
I love planning writing trips where I go away for a couple weeks and write with a lot of writers. I find that I get great songs and it’s very productive.

What inspires your music and why?
I love writing about experiences that have happened in my life. Experiences that will connect with my fans because of similar experiences they’ve had. I think the purpose of music is making a difference by making that connection.

Have you sung “O Canada” at any ceremonies and if so which ones?
I’ve sung “O Canada” at various events over the years. I’m always nervous singing this song as it is one song you don’t want to mess up on. Luckily I’ve been fortunate so far to not have that happen. I’ve sung the anthem at Calgary Stampede, Hockey Games, School, and other events.

What Grammy award would you like to win first and why? 
I would love to receive “Country Album Of The Year”. I think this award is about a project that connects with music fans. That is my main goal to share my music with people all over the world.

What Grammy award winners are your favorite and why?
I really think Bruno Mars is amazing. He does his own thing and doesn’t try to be someone else. You can tell he is exactly who he wants to be and it shows through is music and live performance.

You look like you love Twitter also. What do you think of it and what do you like most about it?
I love Twitter. I love being able to connect and share my music with so many new country music fans! The Internet really changed music forever and it’s such a blessing for an independent artist.

What do you like to do the most at your family farm?
I used to love to build tree houses. When I get a chance to go back and visit it always brings back memories because the tree houses are still in the bushes! 

At your family farm what do you and your family grow and do you have animals?
My dad had cattle my whole life so I got a chance to work with them growing up. I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite task. It seems that cattle never do what you want them to do. We also had dogs, chickens, ducks, swans, and geese. Quite a petting zoo I tell you. 

Why is your family not making whiskey on the farm or are they?
No they never got into the Whiskey business. I’m sure that’d be a good business to be in though.

What or who has had the most influence on your pursuit of excellence? 
I spend a lot of time reading self-growth books. I enjoy studying Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Ted Talks. I enjoy books like The Secret and The Answer. Reading has become one of my favorite hobbies. 

What are you proudest of and why?
I’m proudest of my family. My wife is an amazing hair stylist and we had our first baby girl Lyriq who is now a year and a half old. They make me so thankful everyday.

What would you like to do professionally that you have not yet had the opportunity to do?
I have started studying the investment world. I think financial knowledge can help you achieve more in your life and create a free life to follow all your dreams and passions.

What honors and awards have you received in your profession? 
I have been fortunate to receive 26 awards from the Saskatchewan Country Music Association, 1 Western Canadian Music Award, and been nominated for 4 Canadian Country Music Awards. It’s been amazing to be recognized by my peers in the industry.

What one word best describes you and why?
Energetic. I think I get this from my parents. When I grew up we were always on the go. I feel that trait got passed down to me.

What is your favorite place to be in Manhattan? And Canada? And Nashville?
I have not been to Manhattan quite yet but I’d love to soon. In Canada my favorite place is being at the lake. It could be any lake they are all beautiful. I love the outdoors. In Nashville my favorite place to be is downtown writing songs. It’s such a blessing and an inspiration to be able to sit down with some of the best songwriters in the world and create songs!

What is your favorite shop in Canada? And Nashville?
In Canada I love the outdoor store Cabela’s and in Nashville at the Opry Mills Mall they have a shop called Outdoor World that is similar but bigger than Cabela’s. It’s an outdoorsman’s dream shop.

What is your favorite drink?
My favorite drink is a Canadian Cesar. It uses Clamato Juice, which is pretty specific to Canada. It uses a lot of spices and is a very good drink.

What is your favorite restaurant in Canada? And Nashville?
In Canada there is a restaurant called Los Palapas in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They serve Mexican food and it’s amazing. In Nashville I like hanging out at Taco Mamacita, which is another Mexican restaurant where some of Country Music’s stars hang out.

What is your favorite Canadian book or favorite character in Canadian literature? And Nashville? 
My favorite Canadian Book is David Chilton's The Wealthy Barber and my favorite Nashville book is “All You Have To Know About The Music Industry" by Donald Passman. There is so much great knowledge included in these books.

Who would you like to be for a day and why?
Would be great to be Bob Izumi for a day. He hosts a Canadian Fishing Show. I’ve always loved fishing and he sure gets to fish in some cool locations around the world.

If you could have anything in Manhattan named after you what would it be and why? And Canada? And Nashville?
Would love to have a street named after me in Canada. The reason being is to leave a legacy when I’m gone.

What has been your best Canadian athletic experience? 
I played hockey for many years in Canada. I always loved playing the sport and it taught me about being part of a team and working together with people.

What is your favorite thing to do in Canada that you can do nowhere else? And Nashville?
In Canada my favorite thing is watching the Northern Lights dance. It is an amazing experience to see the sky full of dancing lights. In Nashville my favorite thing is getting to write with the world's best songwriters and musicians!

If you could have dinner with any person living or passed, who would it be and why?
I would like to have dinner with Tony Robbins. It would be amazing to tap into his abundance of knowledge about conquering one's self in every area of life.

What has been your best Canadian art or music experience? And Nashville?
I've had the privilege of opening a concert for Garth Brooks. He is a role model of mine. For the amount of success that he has he is still just a regular down to earth guy wanting to make a difference.

What do you personally do or what have you done to give back to the world?
I have had the opportunity to participate in many charity events to help raise funds for cancer, MS, Cystic Fibrosis, Domestic Violence, and more. I also recently sponsored a child. I think if you’re healthy and capable of helping out then you should. Being a part of these events makes me know how lucky I am to be in the fortunate position to help others.

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you?
I’m a pretty simple guy who fell in love with music and chased the dream. I count myself truly lucky and blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and working at a career that I absolutely love and am passionate about.

How would you like to be contacted by Whom You Know readers?
Visit and find out all tour dates, music, news, and videos.


BIG APPLE BUSINESS: #evertoexcel 'Change the world' The Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College's Carroll School of Management and the Center for Social Innovation within the ​U​niversity’s School of Social Work Chosen as the Official Academic Partners for the Forbes $1 million Global Change the World Pitch Competitions: 2016 Forbes Under 30 Summit Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know

Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, co-founders of Sound Ventures, are Forbes' partners on the competition for early stage for-profit entrepreneurs.

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The Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at BC's Carroll School of Management and the Center for Social Innovation within the ​U​niversity’s School of Social Work have been chosen as the official academic partners for the Forbes $1 million Global Change the World pitch competitions that are part of the 2016 Forbes Under 30 Summit taking place October 16-19 in Boston.

"At an event that celebrates some of the world's best young entrepreneurs, we're proud to again host the world's largest competition for young entrepreneurs of all types. The partners we have in this endeavor are fittingly world-class,” said Forbes magazine editor Randall Lane.
Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, co-founders of Sound Ventures, are Forbes' partners on the competition for early stage for-profit entrepreneurs.

In one competition, Forbes is partnering with Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, co-founders of Sound Ventures, as well as Boston-based Rough Draft Ventures, to host a $500,000 global competition for early stage for-profit entrepreneurs who have disruptive and scalable ideas with the potential to change the world.

Forbes is also partnering with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation to host a $500,000 competition for U.S.-based social entrepreneurs who are advancing solutions that will improve educational outcomes for PreK-12 students nationwide, with particular focus on low-income and urban communities.

Eight finalists, four from the for-profit competition and four from the nonprofit competition, will each pitch their companies at the Forbes Under 30 Summit on October 17 and 18. One winner will be selected from each competition.

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Boston College's Shea Center for Entrepreneurship and Center for Social Innovation will manage the initial review and assessment of applications, whittling down a field of approximately 2,000 applicants, with final decisions to be made by the official Forbes Under 30 Summit judging team.  Thank you for making Peachy Deegan, Editor and Publisher of one of the Official Judges; she is a proud Boston College Eagle and though she graduated with a B.A. in American History, she took many classes as electives in Boston College's business school. 
Jere Doyle
“The Boston College team is excited to be a part of this effort, building upon its entrepreneurship work in Boston and around the world,” said Jere Doyle, executive director of the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship.

"It’s going to get the entire BC community involved and that’s the whole idea here," he said. "This is a great opportunity, particularly for our mission to train students around entrepreneurship, how to work in an entrepreneurial environment, and how to be great entrepreneurs on both the social entrepreneurship and for-profit sides."
Stephanie Berzin

"The Forbes competition works to find 'disruptive, scalable solutions' to the world's most pressing problems,” said Center for Social Innovation Co-Director Stephanie Berzin, an associate professor in BC's School of Social Work.

“This opportunity to bring the University together with practice, media, and business demonstrates the power of collaboration," she said. "Today's global problems need us to work across lines to foster the most effective solutions. We are thrilled to be part of that endeavor."

Entries are now being acception for the competitions; for more information about eligibility and entry requirements, visit the Forbes Under 30 Summit $1 Million Change the World Competitions website.

The Forbes Under 30 Summit, expected to bring together more than 5,000 global entrepreneurs and game changers of all ages, will take place at different venues in Boston, including Faneuil Hall and at other academic institutions. Two hundred speakers are slated to participate, including Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Deepak Chopra, Chrissy Teigen, Bobby Flay, Maria Sharapova, and Adam Neumann.

The Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at BC's Carroll School of Management integrates entrepreneurial thinking into the educational and formational experience of undergraduate and graduate students throughout Boston College. Students are engaged and challenged by rigorous academic coursework, co-curricular activities, and experiential opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Center for Social Innovation at the Boston College School of Social Work promotes “innovation from within" with the mission to foster effective, sustainable social innovations that enhance social justice. 


On Risk, by Regis Philbin

"Go ahead and take a chance on doing surprising things at work.  Attention will be paid.  Eventually, anyway.  Maybe not right away, but someday, someone will notice.  There's no such thing as a lowly job when you start in the particular business where you've always dreamed of succeeding."
-Regis Philbin
READ THIS: How I Got This Way by Regis Philbin, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know


The New World Trade Center Oculus in Manhattan Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

For over 30 years, Stribling and Associates has represented high-end residential real estate, specializing in the sale and rental of townhouses, condos, co-ops, and lofts throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and around the globe. Stribling has more than 200 professional brokers who use their respected expertise to provide personalized service to buyers and sellers at all price levels. A separate division, Stribling Private Brokerage, discreetly markets properties over $5 million, and commands a significant market share in this rarified sector of residential real estate. Stribling is the exclusive New York City affiliate of Savills, a leading global real estate advisor with over 200 office in 48 countries. 

& their most recent State of the Market:

Whom You Know Congratulates their new President, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan:
Photography by Peachy Deegan 
All material is property of Whom You Know. Copyright 2016 Whom You Know. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.


On Believing in Yourself and Recognizing Your Strengths and Weaknesses, by Regis Philbin

"When other people believe in you, they believe in you for a good reason.  Don't worrry about that reason- just believe right along with them.  To specifically label what you do best is to unfairly limit what you can do best.  Just make sure you konw what you absolutely cannot do.  And don't be afraid to admit it."
-Regis Philbin
READ THIS: How I Got This Way by Regis Philbin, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know


Vinitaly International returns to Shanghai’s most important b2c event Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Fresh Origins is America’s leading producer of Microgreens and Edible Flowers. Combining the benefits of an ideal climate with a deep passion for quality and innovation, Fresh Origins products are sought after by the finest restaurants and top chefs. The farm is located in the picturesque rolling hills of San Diego County, where the near perfect weather allows for production and harvest all year. Fresh Origins produces almost 400 Microgreens, Petitegreens, Edible Flowers, Shoots, Tiny Veggies™ and related items. Many are not available anywhere else, with new introductions nearly every month. Fresh Origins products are on top of the finest cuisine in the world! Fresh Origins supplies distributors of specialty produce who serve fine dining restaurants and resorts nationwide. There are also a few online sources of their products available to private chefs and home cooks. Read our first Culinary Queen interview with Kelly Sasuga:

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Following its third edition of Vinitlay China – Chengdu back in March, Vinitaly International is now ready to take part in the second edition of the Shanghai Wine & Dine Festival (23rd to the 25th of September 2016), the largest b2c food and wine festival in China. The event has been advertised through traditional social media channels as well as the city’s wifi access and Didi, the most popular online taxi platform in China. Vinitlay International will once again be leading the Italian Pavilion with a rich program of events counting among its special guests some of the most important Italian food manufacturers: Casale, Ferrero, Fabbri and Illy.
This year the three-day event will have a stronger focus on wine with a series of Masterclasses and presentations to be held in the Vinitaly Lounge. A special highlight will be an Italian-style aperitivo organized in collaboration with the Italian Consul General who will be preparing a Spritz in front of the Chinese public. Italian wine producers and local wine importers exhibiting at the Italian Pavilion will be joined by prestigious online platforms such as Amazon China and BottlesXO as well as Slow Food, the Italian Cooking Academy and five regional cooking associations. Italian food and wine matching will find it’s greatest expression during a series of cooking shows where Italian chefs will be preparing dishes made with Italian wines (Prosecco, Barolo and nero D’Avola).

Vinitaly International Academy opens its doors to top international candidates 

Following the official opening of applications for the next edition of the Vinitaly International Academy Certification Course (3rd- 7th April 2017) here are the names of the first five candidates selected by the Scientific Commission:
Natasha Hughes graduated as a Master of Wine in 2014, winning four out of the seven prizes awarded that year, including the Outstanding Achievement Award. Natasha today works as a consultant, judge and freelance journalist writing for prestigious publications including Decanter, Square Meal, Traveller Wine and Harpers.
Levi Dalton following a long career working as a sommelier in some of the most distinguished and acclaimed dining rooms in America, Levi today is a wine writer for Eater NY and the host of I’ll Drink to That!, a well respected podcast featuring guests from the wine world.
Giuseppe Leonardo LoCascio - a young professional with 17 years of experience in the wine, until August 2016, Giuseppe was the Vice President of Portfolio Management for Leonardo LoCascio Selections, the Italian Wine Imports Division of The Winebow Group.
Deborah Parker Wong Wine industry educator, judge and consultant, Deborah is also Editor of The Tasting Panel Magazine, SOMM Journal as well as contributing editor for Clever Root and Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine
Robin Kick - one of only 5 Masters of Wine residing in Switzerland, Robin worked as a wine specialist at Christie’s auction house in Los Angeles for numerous years before returning to Europe where she worked as a wine buyer for Burgundy-specialist, Goedhuis & Co. 

To apply to the next edition of the Certification Course in Verona go to or write to

Calendar 2016
Shanghai 23 - 25 September
Vinitaly China - Shanghai Wine and Dine Festival
Hong Kong 10 - 12 November
Vinitaly Hong Kong - Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair
Russia 14 November
Vinitaly Russia - Moscow
Italia 6 - 7 December
wine2wine - Verona

Copyright © 2016 Vinitaly International, All rights reserved.
Vinitaly International is the strategic arm of Vinitaly abroad. As the true Ambassador of Italian Wines, Vinitaly International acts as a bridge between Italy and the rest of the world facilitating the collaboration between Italian wine producers and the key players of international wine markets.

Vinitaly International
Via Fragiocondo 62Verona, Vr 37135


#wch2016 NHL Peachy: MORNING SKATE: WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY EDITION – SEPT. 21, 2016 Our Coverage Sponsored by Paul Mayer Attitudes

Paul Mayer's luxuriously, comfortable designs keep women coming back for multiple -- even dozens -- of pairs. Classic, yet contemporary and always comfortable, his shoes are an addiction that we highly recommend. A staple of the Paul Mayer collection is the simple ballet-flat, with true ballerina construction for a perfect fit that comes in a variety of colors and materials. A cult favorite is the cozy, a flat with lavender-scent infused soles adding style and fragrance to collector's closets as Paul's designs emerge in sophisticated design incarnations season after season in the most incredible hues, textures and modern innovations in luxury footwear because we know firsthand how incredibly brilliant he is. Mayer founded the brand in 2004 with partner, Jeff Levy. All shoes in the line are manufactured in Spain’s Valencia region, along the Mediterranean coast by a skilled staff of 12 artisans. They craft each pair of shoes with an old-world attention to detail that includes in-house embroidery, quilting and stitching as well as custom tanned leather. This allows the brand to cater to each retailer’s specific demands in with timely and consistent alacrity, with orders completed in an unheard-of 3 to 5 weeks. When not in New York, Paul can be found traveling to his myriad of stores across the country meeting his loyal clientele or vacationing in his favorite spot, the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach. 

Paul Mayer is a Mover and Shaker: 


Home Team in Caps
TEAM SWEDEN 2, Team Finland 0
Team Canada 4, TEAM USA 2

Down 1-0 early in the first period, Team Canada scored four consecutive goals – including a pair in 14 seconds – to eliminate Team USA and clinch a spot in the semifinals of the World Cup of Hockey 2016.

* Matt Duchene potted two goals, including what stood as the winner. Duchene, who collected one assist in the club’s tournament opener, has totaled 11-14—25 in his last 22 international appearances for Canada: also 4-8—12 in the 2015 World Championship (10 GP) and 5-5—10 in the 2016 World Championship (10 GP), both of which resulted in gold medals.

* Carey Price made 34 saves for the victory, but saw his international shutout streak end at 228:41 dating to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Overall, Price is a perfect 13-0-0 in his last 13 appearances for Canada dating to the 2007 World Juniors.

* ICYMI: John Tavares celebrated his 26th birthday by making a slick move and setting up Patrice Bergeron for Team Canada’s fourth goal.

Team Europe also clinched a spot in the semifinals by virtue of Team USA’s loss. Team Europe will face Team Canada Wednesday in a showdown for first place in Group A.

Seven players share the tournament lead with three points apiece, including four from Team Canada: Matt Duchene (2-1—3), Sidney Crosby (1-2—3), Brad Marchand (1-2—3) and John Tavares (0-3—3).

Two of the other players also are Canadian, but are participating with Team North America in the World Cup of Hockey 2016: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (1-2—3) and Colton Parayko(0-3—3).

Henrik Lundqvist stopped all 36 shots he faced, including 13 in the final period, to lead Team Sweden past Team Finland and into first place in Group B with a perfect 2-0-0 record.

* Lundqvist, who guided Sweden to the silver medal at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, returned to the team’s lineup after missing its tournament opener due to illness.

* “I felt pretty rusty the first period, not as aware as I wanted to be, but I got some really good help with some loose pucks and stuff like that,” Lundqvist said. “Then in the second and third I felt more and more comfortable. But it was fun. I really enjoyed being out there playing, a big game, an important game.”

* Team Sweden will clinch a spot in the semifinals – as well as first place in Group B – if it earns at least one point Wednesday against Team North America.

The NHL and NHLPA celebrated the World Cup of Hockey 2016 Legacy Project by welcoming 102 new Canadians – including Swedish-born NHL alumnus Daniel Alfredsson – at a special swearing-in ceremony Tuesday at the Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village.

The Legacy Project is an ongoing philanthropic endeavor to support community organizations in the host city of an event.

Click here for more details.

All Times Eastern
Team North America @ Team Sweden, 3 p.m., ESPN, SN, TVAS
Team Europe @ Team Canada, 8 p.m., ESPN2, SN, TVAS

* Team Sweden will clinch a spot in the semifinals – as well as first place in Group B – if it earns at least one point against Team North America.

* Team North America will clinch a spot in the semifinals if it defeats Team Sweden in regulation.

* Team North America will be eliminated from semifinal contention if it loses to Team Sweden by five or more goals.

* Team Finland will be eliminated from semifinal contention if Team North America earns at least one point against Team Sweden.

* The winner of the Team Europe-Team Canada game will clinch first place in Group A.

The top two finishers in Group A and Group B – following the conclusion of round-robin play – will advance to a single-game semifinal, where the first-place team from each group will face an elimination game against the second-place team from the other group. Winners of the semifinal games then will advance to a best-of-three final series.

The following tiebreakers will determine group rankings at the conclusion of the round robin:

Two-Way Tie
Any tie between two teams will be decided by the result of their head-to-head game.

Three/Four-Way Tie
Steps 1-4 will be calculated based upon ALL games played:
* Step 1: ROW (total regulation/OT wins, not including shootout wins)
* Step 2: Regulation Wins (total regulation wins only)
* Step 3: Goal Differential (total goals for minus total goals against)
* Step 4: Total Goals Scored (total goals for)

Steps 5-6 will be calculated based upon games played between tied teams only:
* Step 5: Goal Differential (total goals for minus total goals against)
* Step 6: Total Goals Scored (total goals for)

^ Note: As soon as any three-way ties are broken down to a two-way tie, the tie will automatically be broken by the head-to-head matchup between the two tied teams (see two-way tie criteria outlined above), and not by continuing on with any additional steps.

Click here to view the standings through four days of the World Cup of Hockey 2016.

The Scotiabank World Cup of Hockey Fan Village is open Wednesday from 2 – 11 p.m.

Among Wednesday’s highlights:

* Visit for complete details.

The World Cup of Hockey 2016 will host another ‘Hockey Sense’ summit – this time focusing on youth hockey and development – Wednesday at the Hockey Hall of Fame, beginning at 7:30 a.m. (with full program starting at 8:30 a.m.).

Among the attendees will be NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, NHL vice president of hockey development Pat LaFontaine, Los Angeles Kings president of business operations Luc Robitaille and NHLPA special assistant to the executive director Mathieu Schneider.

MIC’D UP: Team Russia forward Evgeny Kuznetsov; Team North America forwardNathan MacKinnon; Team Finland defenseman Sami Vatanen; Team Europe forwardMats Zuccarello; and referees Chris Lee, Dan O’Halloran and Kelly Sutherland . . . The Los Angeles Kings unveiled their 50th anniversary jersey, which they will wear for 14 home games in 2016-17.


On Charm and the Meaning of No, by Regis Philbin

"All men should study the charm of Cary Grant in the movies whenever possible.  You may not become Grant, but you'll be inspired to be a better man.  No really does mean no, especially if the same person keeps telling you so every single day for weeks on end."
-Regis Philbin
READ THIS: How I Got This Way by Regis Philbin, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Terrific Takeout: Flinders Lane Summer 2016 in Manhattan of course - PLUS CONNECTICUT YOU SHOULD BE GETTING EXCITED FOR THEIR STAMFORD OPENING SOON! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Owner Chris McPherson and Peachy Deegan

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Lachlan McPherson, this one's for you!
We can't wait to work with you too someday and by the time you can read this we think we'll see you here.

We have yet to visit Australia, but feel like we must be there every time we visit Flinders Lane, a bastion of excellence all the way east in Manhattan on Avenue A, definitely the best venue in its neighborhood and more than worth the trip from any other neighborhood.  Our first visit in early 2015 was highly promising and the fantastic news is that Flinders Lane is no one-hit wonder.  They are in it to win it and they are going to be winning even bigger once they open in the great State of Connecticut.
Every hedge fund in Fairfield County is going to be clamoring to get their attention at lunchtime for catering.
We bet there has never been an Australian restaurant in Connecticut before this and we hope we are the first to tell you about it.  Sometimes the Best of Connecticut comes to Manhattan but in this case it is vice versa!  (But technically speaking you know Chris and Chris are the Best of Melbourne, Australia.)
and they also were featured in early 2016:
This time we were delighted to work with Owner Chris McPherson and Owner Chris Rendell, who is the Executive Chef-we look forward to seeing you again next time.

If you know Peachy well, you know she often carries a Lilly Pulitzer bag with pink elephants on it and it is pink and green of course.  Lilly, like Peachy, was a Miss Porter's Graduate (Farmington, Connecticut; i.e. an Ancient) and since Lilly was a "9" and Peachy is a "4" they used to see each other at reunions (Lilly has since passed - say a prayer for her please.)  Flinders Lane this season has had the brilliance to bring the pink and green of Lilly Pulitzer to your plate with the Montauk Fluke Sashimi, which is purely gorgeous.  This must be a subconscious Connecticut thought...and w
hen Virgin Atlantic says "Hello Gorgeous" we think they must be talking to this plate.
The Montauk Fluke is finely sliced and superbly refreshing.
The serrano chili (green) is finely sliced as well as its companion radish (pink), and we even trust Flinders Lane with the Salad Dressing and we like the Lemon Dressing which boasts an amazing kick.  What a brilliant appetizer!
Also note that the ambiance of Flinders Lane is upbeat and festive without being overbearing and the music selection we heard from The Supremes to A-ha's Take on Me and We Built this City on Rock n Roll confirms that it is not only your appetite that will be rocked; your ears experience a virtual jukebox to be adored.
So, movie and television producers, we're talking to you with scenery selection: pick this for a great scene (and maybe put the Chris team in it to secure a good review!).  PBS-why would you have Indian Summer when you can have AUSTRALIAN SUMMER!  That should be next.

We have been lucky to experience some truly phenomenal salads this summer, but this one is the best: meet the Grilled Peach and Ricotta Salad which endeavors to party in pistachios, baby greens and drumroll please, BLACK TRUFFLES!  The genius combination has flavor and texture that has been unparalleled in our experience and from the succulent grilled peaches to the creamy ricotta to the nutritious greens to the ultimate triumph: black truffles! - every aspect on this team is cast from an All-Star lineup.
This is the salad to beat in Manhattan right now.
For your tastebuds, the experience of eating this salad and enjoying the taste it exudes is like swinging from the most gorgeous chandelier in Manhattan and not getting in trouble for it.

Obviously peaches speak to us and they said basking in the brilliance of black truffles makes them the happiest!

We applaud Flinders Lane for their healthy menu: they also have a wonderful Heirloom Tomato Salad with Olives, Pickled Red onion and Basil Oil.  Green, yellow and red tomatoes sing a song of summer that also have a lovely color contrast that's stunning.  They are fresh and spectacular and this is a prime example of why less is more.  This is the Chanel LBD (little black dress) of salads at Flinders Lane.

We love that Flinders Lane is so detail-oriented that they have glasses with their name etched on them with precision and we must say Chris McPherson has exquisite taste in wines and though we are not big believers in pairings because everyone has a different palate to start with, we agree with every combination he's come up with.
Now we would like to hear from the vineyard owners of these fine Australian wines!

Every steakhouse in Manhattan should cower in a corner when they compare their steaks to the truly phenomenal Grilled Hanger Steak of Flinders Lane which is pure, juicy perfection.  It arrived at a perfect medium rare and is hand cut with precision (close to its liver) and you will revel in all of its Black Angus glory which exhibits a laudable iodine, earthy character.  It's also grass fed and Flinders Lane sources its steak from both Baldor and DeBragga, both of which we hold in high esteem.  It has sidekicks of succulent sauteed mushrooms, shallot jus and fat chips which is the Australian way of saying steak fries.  
Carnivores, rejoice!

Just when you thought "How could this review get even better?" amazing creamy Tiramisu arrived in style with PEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We can't remember the last time we used an exclamation point so liberally but the fourth time's a charm and we cannot WAIT to brag about these guys in Connecticut.
We have every confidence they are going to blow everyone away.

Yes of course Flinders Lane is Terrific Takeout and it continues to be Highly Recommended!
Stamford, Connecticut you'd better get excited because the Australians are going to take the Nutmeg State!
184 Summer Street, Stamford, Connecticut!
We'll let you know when it opens....


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