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Friday, February 5, 2010

Peachy's Pantry: Penne by Fiber Gourmet

Whom You Know is always on the lookout for ways to improve your life, and although Peachy is nowhere near a nutritionist (She thinks the four major food groups are chocolate from Godiva, pizza from Mimi's, crabcakes from Legal Sea Foods and Veuve Clicquot....they aren't?) on a daily basis she really does try to be balanced and usually is.  Face it, we all need fiber, but we didn't know we could find it in pasta until we met Fiber Gourmet.

FiberGourmet is a food technology company dedicated to creating reduced-calorie, high-fiber products that taste good and are good for you. Their unique technology allows them to create foods with literally HALF the calories that look and taste just like their full-calorie counterparts.   They are SO smart.

Their parent company, Food Industry Technology (FIT) has produced specialty ingredients to serve the ever-changing needs of the food industry since 1987. Several years ago they started working on baking mixes which would allow companies to give their customers low-calorie alternatives to their usual wares. After over 2,500 trial-and-error experiments, they developed some technical breakthroughs which allowed them to create an entire line of low-calorie foods, including such favorites as pasta, cookies, crackers, cakes, and much more. 

The first commercial launch of this product came in 2007, with FiberGourmet Light Pasta. Since then they've expanded the pasta line to more shapes and styles and added the well-received mac & cheese dinner. In 2009 they launched their long-awaited Light Cracker line, to an overwhelmingly positive response. 2010 should see the launch of light microwave cake mixes and pasta lunches, as well as cookies.

Here is what the fabulous Peachy's Pantry Panel penned on the Penne:
Being a pasta addict who's also looking to shed a few pounds, coming across Fiber Gourmet's Light Penne is truly a blessing!  Pasta as a main meal is something that I crave and indulge in at least 3 times a week and I'm ecstatic to know that I don't need to give up this habit.  As long as it's Fiber Gourmet pasta, I'm taking in 40% fewer  calories, while upping my daily fiber intake.  This pasta tastes just as good as standard white pasta and whole wheat pasta, so you're not sacrificing taste in order to reap the benefits of fewer calores and extra fiber in your diet.  Amazingly the fiber fills you up longer and keeps you quite satisfied.  I'm looking forward to stocking up and making Fiber Gourmet pasta a regular part of my lite and healthy eating plan.
Living a healthy life with the right foods is a goal most of us strive for. Fiber Gourmet's "Lite Penne" pasta makes that goal achievable with its high fiber, low calorie ingredients. Surprisingly the taste and texture of  Fiber Gourmet's "Lite Penne " pasta was not gummy or tough; a trait that you sometimes experience with high fiber whole wheat pastas.There will be more pasta dishes served on my table thanks to Fiber Gourmet....
Seeing the Fiber Gourmet’s nutritional info made me skeptical (at best!) about their Light Penne.  I mean, 130 calories and 18 GRAMS OF FIBER per serving?  When numbers look that good, something’s gotta give – and usually what “gives” with pasta are taste and texture.  Not the case with the Fiber Gourmet’s Light Penne!  It cooks up just as well as any other boxed pasta and the health benefits are off the charts.    Where else can you get 72% of the recommended daily value of fiber in one serving?

I am not quite sure why anyone would buy 'regular' pasta when this product is out there!  It is delicious with loads of fiber.  I ate this with chicken and veggies.  Now I am loaded up on all the fiber, protein and vegetables my body needs.  This pasta cooks and tastes great, highly recommended.

Fiber Gourmet, Light Penne – which has 40% fewer calories; 130 calories vs. the regular penne at 210 calories makes this the penne of choice.  Durum semonlina flour, modified wheat starch and wheat gluten compose this healthy choice.  Fiber Gourmet, Light Penne has no artificial colors or flavors while it contains no polydextrose, no insulin, and no sorbitol or other polyols.  This delicious pasta when cooked al dente held its penne structure not making it mushy or wilted.  It was scrumptious with a homemade broccoli and cheese sauce!

Pasta with Perks! Fiber Gourmet has come out with a penne pasta that not only tastes good but more importantly is better for you than regular pasta. Low calorie and full of fiber, this pasta is a more healthy alternative. Now I will not feel as guilty about a big bowl of pasta for dinner thanks to Fiber Gourmet. What a breakthrough for carb addicts everywhere!

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