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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour Highly Recommended by The Beautiful People of Whom You Know!

NeoStrata Company, Inc. announced the launch of Exuviance® AGE REVERSE, a multi-modality line of skin care with a proprietary complex of state of the art technologies to address all of the visible signs of skin aging.  Whom You Know has tested this entire line and we absolutely love it.
Educated, savvy consumers expect comprehensive products that work together to target wrinkles, texture, elasticity, and pigmentation.  Exuviance® AGE REVERSE is a powerful regimen that addresses those concerns by combining a bevy of multi-functional ingredients to trigger collagen and matrix building in skin's deeper layers, surface active compounds to enhance cell turnover and disperse pigment clusters, along with broad spectrum antioxidants that limit oxidative damage, neutralize free radicals and protect cellular membranes while also preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin.  The result?  Undeniably younger looking skin that is visibly evident.  
Because no single ingredient can address the many signs and sources of aging skin, the creators of Exuviance® AGE REVERSE formulated the line with OptiSpectra, a proprietary complex of proprietary and clinically proven de-agers.  "It's very exciting to launch these products featuring a synergistic combination of our clinically proven, patented technologies, Polyhydroxy Acids and NeoGlucosamine, with other highly effective ingredients such as retinol, peptides and potent antioxidants -- to target the multiple mechanisms of skin aging.  Exuviance® AGE REVERSE is a complete regimen of multi-tasking products specifically designed to meet the skin care needs of the 40+ age population with noticeable signs of aging," says Dr. Ronni Weinkauf, VP of Research & Development.  
Exuviance® AGE REVERSE provides comprehensive anti-aging benefits across all skin layers by targeting multiple mechanisms of the aging process.  Each of the four core products -- BioActiv Wash, Day Repair SPF 20, Night Lift, and Eye Contour -- was created with a carefully selected spectrum of ingredients designed to work synergistically for optimal results.  While each individual product provides significant benefit, maximum results are achieved by harnessing the synergy of different modes of action across the regimen.
With Exuviance® AGE REVERSE, seeing is believing.  The clinical data demonstrates outstanding visible results.  "Participants in our 12 and 16 week clinical use studies confirmed significant, visible benefits in as little as four weeks for all major signs of aging including the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, rough texture and enlarged pore size.  96% of participants agreed their skin looked and felt younger within four weeks and 100% noticed improvements in appearance," reported Barbara Green, VP of Clinical Affairs.
Whom You Know has recommended the BioActiv Wash, Day Repair SPF 20, and Night Lift previously, and today we are pleased to discuss the results of the Eye Contour, which we could not have been more pleased with.  
The Eye Contour Stats:
  • Peptides help replace collagen and firm skin around the eye area, targeting droopiness and sagging
  • Maltobionic Acid/ PHA alleviates appearance of crow's feet
  • Fortifies skin's protective barrier
  • Caffeine deflates puffiness around the eyes
  • Botanicals refresh and soothe
  • Optical diffusers brighten and illuminate
Our Panel states:
I love when beauty companies create an entire line of products meant to work together. The new Exuviance Age Reverse system includes a Bio Active Wash, Night Lift, Eye Contour and Reverse Day Repair. These products are meant to reverse the skin that is already damaged and visibly aged. So twenty-somethings and those of you in your thirties that have taken care of your skin or just have great genes need not apply. The fourth product in the system I tried was Exuviance’s Age Reverse Eye Contour. Your eyes are what make you shine and twinkle and really let your face be expressive. Therefore the crinkles and wrinkles that surround them can put a damper on your looks and really add to the signs of aging. Most people obsess over crow’s feet and the droopiness of the skin under the eyes. This great product soothed the bags under my eyes, tightened the skin and reduced some of my crow’s feet. This made me look more refreshed and rested, which really means younger. The puffiness went away and voila, I felt great about how I looked.
I can see the crow's feet around my eyes deepening with each passing year despite religiously using eye cream and wearing sunglasses when I'm out in the sun.  With said eye cream, I've used many different brands thru the years and while they kept the skin around my eyes moisturized, I felt it wasn't doing anything extra in terms of the deepening lines.  Hence, I was quite taken aback that after just a few days' usage of Exuviance's Age Reverse Eye Contour, I notice that my crow's feet seem less defined when I smile.  The skin is plumper and more refreshed in appearance.  I can't wait to see what extra time with this product can do for my eyes! 
The Exuviance's Age Reverse Eye Contour has a very mild, light fragrance which is always a plus. When we first get a new product, I am always looking at it, smelling it and feeling it first...nice and creamy, this superior product goes on smoothly and is easily absorbed.   It definitely makes my eyes look less puffy, and it has only been a few days!  Also, it fills in wrinkles a bit.  If you massage in a circular motion until absorbed, this definitely helps in having it penetrate your eye area.  Puffiness has been banished from my face!  Additionally, it does not irritate or sting eyes your eyes like other lesser creams can, and it is not sticky or tacky at all.  Again, a little seems to go a long way so it should last for a long time.
Whom You Know highly recommends Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour!
NeoStrata Company, Inc. (, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, develops and markets a comprehensive range of clinically-proven, dermatologist developed skin care products featuring Polyhydroxy Bionic Acid and amino sugar technologies to meet the needs of every skin type.  Founded by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, world renowned leaders in dermatology and dermato-pharmacology, the company is backed by a proud medical heritage that includes decades of clinical research and over 100 patents.  These advanced therapeutic and cosmetic dermatological products are available worldwide through consumer outlets, physicians' offices and spas.

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