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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrific Takeout: Da Tommaso Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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Da Tommaso was first featured in 2012:
The superior Italian cuisine combined with the pride that Paul and his family take in their business are a winning combination for your dinner plans.  Many restaurants have been featured once, but we really have to be impressed by a venue's cuisine and overall business acumen to return, and we hope to return to Da Tommaso more often, especially because Peachy Deegan is totally in love with the Tortellini Gratinata, which has punctuated her culinary visions like sugarplums dancing in the head of children on Christmas Eve.   At the opposite end of the nutritional spectrum, we find the Paesana salad, above.  Da Tommaso is so quintessentially spectacular at dish content and presentation that they can make a mixed chopped special house salad look this great!  Less is more we believe, and this salad was fresh, delicious and a must as part of every meal at Da Tommaso.
Please meet the Prosciutto E Melone, which is of course prosciutto and melon.  Above is how Da Tommaso presents it to you, the culinary enthusiast.
 Peachy could hear the melon slices protest that no one could see their smile in the above picture, so she pulled back some of the prosciutto so they'd have a turn in the spotlight.  Again, a simple concept executed perfectly by Da Tommaso with the Prosciutto E Melone.  The prosciutto was thinly sliced the way it should be and the melon was ideally ripe.
 As an entree, Peachy chose the smashing Pollo Scarpariello: Chicken with Garlic, White Wine and Herbs.  In her book, there is no such thing as too much garlic. She rejoiced in the tender flavorful chicken dancing in just the right amount of sauce, highlighted by the broccoli.  This is a must-try dish. 
 We've saved the best for last.  This is simply one of the best Italian dishes we've had this year: Tortellini Gratinata.  Tortellini baked in cream and parmesean cheese is totally to-die-for and supremely magnificent.  It's a dish for special celebrations and we could not recommend it more highly.  It boasts a divinity that few dishes could and God probably eats this up there.
Da Tommaso is of course even better than Terrific Takeout!
Two thumbs up to Paul and his family. 

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