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Monday, May 12, 2014

Whom You Know Is Thrilled to Kick Off Coverage of Catskill Provisions, Made in New York! Chocolate Honey Truffles are Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Catskill Provisions is known for providing excellent quality raw, all-natural products created from resources that are as local as possible. Founder Claire Martin started beekeeping as a hobby in 2003, but by 2010, she was so passionate about it that she turned it into her full-time career and created Catskill Provisions, which boasts a product line featuring the honey produced by her bees! One of the creative ways in which she's managed to use honey is in the creation of honey truffles, which are every bit as outstanding as they sound - and then some! Handcrafted in New York State, these delectable truffles are decadently rich and definitely sweet, but not overly so. These chocolate delights are dusted in bittersweet chocolate and infused with Catskill Provisions' dark fall honey, for a finished product that is immensely satisfying. The only possible downside is that they are totally addictive! Highly recommended for any chocoholic!
Once more, these truffles aren’t for truffle purists (and how many of those are there?), but rather for those who love chocolate and honey (basically everyone). Under the cocoa dust, there’s a substantial dark chocolate shell, which I loved. I like a distinct difference in texture between the truffle exterior and its innards. This one delivers just the right consistency and the right sweetness. The chocolate honey ganache was like a thick, sweet, dark pudding. I liked keeping mine in the fridge where the shell would harden into a nice, thick layer that gave way with a satisfying CRUNCH. Since all the ingredients are organic, and the honey is local, these are a guilt-free indulgence.
Oh, my goodness. This goes from the hive to the delectable taste treat that is chocolate in the hands of Catskill Provisions that you're going to want to be visited by. These wonderful people take chocolate, make a truffle scented, flavored and blessed with their incredible honey, and pack it up in the most luxe presentation box that you can imagine. These truffles are handcrafted in a “small corner” of the Catskills, using local product, local talent, and so much love that it’s self-evident. These are truffles that will not make you feel guilty in your pleasure. They will not do anything but tantalize and melt in your mouth. Semisweet, and raw in a way that only all natural can be, truffles that impress your giftee, your boss, your Mother, yourself. Buy a box or three as soon as you can, stash them in the fridge if you need to, but when you can’t live without that chocoholic fix, let it be with Catskill Provisions truffles. Oh, how you will thank them, and yourself, for being such a sage, choosing your treats where they benefit the most.
First of all, I loved the packaging. Tied with a nice brown grosgrain ribbon made me want to rip open the box. And when I did, these lovely little truffles were sitting in individual holes in little brown paper cups. Fitting perfectly between my thumb and forefinger I took a bite. I was expecting the ball to break into pieces, but it did not. I made it last into 3 bites. It was not overly chocolaty, and the hint of honey was just enough. I doled them out – one a night. I have one left!

Who we are:
Located in a small corner of the Northwest Catskill Mountains, Catskill Provisions specializes in creating raw, all-natural handmade food products while subscribing to the philosophy that a thriving society makes use of the closest resources around it. In the surrounding area of Long Eddy, New York, we source as many materials from local purveyors as we can while employing people from within our community. Catskill Provisions continues to grow a list of clients that is comprised of farm-to-table restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores all like-minded in our sustainable philosophy.

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