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Monday, February 13, 2017

#hotandsweet CALLING EVERY LOVER OF SPICY AND HOT: Spice Up Your Life and Valentine's Day with Little Bird Kitchen! We Bet You Have Had Dark Chocolate, But Have You Had Their Candied Jalapeno Fire Bark?!

Have you ever had a candied Jalapeno?
On the very long list of food we've reviewed over the last 8 years, we had not so it is an accomplishment to find something so innovative!
Sea salt and dark chocolate candy these jalapenos-eat slowly and carefully, and at your own risk!  Some of our panelists found them too hot, but if you like hot, we'd say this is just for you.  We liked this product the most of their three products.  
The first bite lent a gourmet taste of creamy chocolate mixed with sea salt, but was quickly followed by a sensation your mouth engulfed in flames. Keep a cup of water close at hand when eating, and milk also worked well. For those who enjoy this type of burn, it is the perfect treat. 
Fire Powder adds heat to any meal, its ideal if you cook a casserole, curry, bolognese sauce as you don't have to add it to the sauce while cooking but each dinner guest can add to suit while in the plate. I personally enjoy my food with a hot lift and Fire Powder certainly works for me.
Some powder was sprinkled on steak, and again, use at your own fire degree! You can always add more as you go along. The powder complemented the other spices on the meat.
We like that their website had recipes, and the syrup is seemed mild enough that it would be easily adjustable for what amount of heat your tastebuds could handle.

This brand tells Whom You Know:
Corey and Sara Meyer, owners of Little Bird Kitchen make all sorts of strange and wonderfully curious confections in Long Island, New York. 

Like many great origin stories it all began with Chocolate Covered Orange Peels. Sara made them as a present for Corey. They came out great. So Sara started candying everything in the house. She decided to try candied Jalapeños. Corey told her that she was nuts. Sara didn’t listen, as usual. Good thing this time. They were awesome. Sara brought the candied Jalapeños to work and her co-workers placed orders. Little Bird was hatched. 

The final touch was the name Little Bird — it comes from Corey’s grandmother Fay whose name means Little Bird. 

Little Bird Kitchen is known for making Jalapeño based products: Fire Bites, Fire Powder and Fire Syrup. Their candied Jalapeños are all American-grown, their sugar is non-GMO certified, their Chocolate is sustainable, and all of their products are Kosher certified. 

They turn their candied Jalapeños into the finest ground powder (Fire Powder™, non-GMO certified), add it to delicious Chocolate with a touch of Sea Salt to create Fire Bark™, and create the multi-purpose hot and sweet Jalapeño Simple Syrup – Fire Syrup™ (also non-GMO certified). 

So, that’s their story. They hope you enjoy their treats as much as they enjoy making them.

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