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Monday, February 13, 2017

#ValentinesDay Miller et Bertaux #1 (for you) Eau de Parfum by Lothantique - 2017 Fragrance of the Year for Valentine's Day Says Whom You Know!

Sophisticated, sensual fragrance is an essential element of Valentine's Day and for her, Miller et Bertaux of Paris by Lothantique is #1 in both name and quality.  Its depth of notes are complex for the winter air and the layered scents of romantic intoxication will allure those both far and especially near.  Also, this brand is not in every store (though it should be!) so you will boast an extraordinary level of uniqueness in wearing it.  M
iller et Bertaux #1 (for you) Eau de ParfumA cedar/sandalwood base, blended with flowers of character (white lily, black iris, ylang ylang), spiced chutney, and rosewood oils.  The clear bottle with the single drop of red indicate #1, and it's fantastic to know that your investment in this product is in the scent itself, not the packaging; less is more with the bottle  Studies show this yields smashing results for a night out on the town...and that is all we will tell.  Miller et Bertaux #1 is absolutely the fragrance you want to be wearing tomorrow.  The French know best in perfume!

Infused with rich spirit and history, Denis and Dominique Vogade carry on the lifestyle founded by their grandparents with the creation of Lothantique, a modern company that combines old world Provencal tradition and formulas with contemporary technology. Selecting only the finest ingredients from the most elite areas of the world, we at Lothantique strive to recreate the handmade quality and uniqueness first engaged by the Vogades of Haute-Provence in order to bring you the finest selection of luxurious bath, beauty and home fragrance products.

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