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Monday, March 20, 2017

KEEPING WALES ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES WELSH STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with The Hot Chocolate Gift Bag by Robins and Sons, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and Perfect For Our Next Blizzard!

Did you have the best time ever during the blizzard in the Northeast of America last week?
Your answer is obviously not if you don't know Andrea Robins and her Hot Chocolate from Wales. 
We're predisposed to like anything that has to do with whales or Wales because of our genetic motivation for it and the Whalers, sadly now extinct but certainly the original inspiration for NHL Peachy.  Before the games, Peachy Deegan always went to Munson's chocolates in the Hartford Civic Center, and if you don't think chocolate is one of the major food groups, we feel sorry for you.  Andrea has great ways to eat chocolate, but during this cold weather we suggest drinking it as well.  She doesn't simply do a single product: she goes the entire way and does a Hot Chocolate Gift Bag (by the way you can give one to yourself).  
It includes 2 solid Belgian Hot Chocolate stirrers (two milk and two white chocolate) that turn into indulgent luxurious beverages that can be served with or without the Belgian chocolate chips and mini pink and white marshmallows, which are also included. 
Boiling water and pouring the hot water from your copper kettle (ours) into the glass mugs included and then swirling around the chocolate on a stick is one of life's pleasures that is missing from your life if you haven't done it.  This is true, authentic hot chocolate that you make yourself in front of your own eyes in a moment.  Peachy's magically disappeared quicker than the Lotus we just featured.  W
hen the delectable edible treats are gone, you're still left with a sturdy and attractive jute bag (ideal small size carry bag or fashionable alternative to a lunch box), a stylish barista style glass and handy spice jar, both of which can be used time and time again.  We experimented and flavored the white chocolate with coffee and whiskey-not included but also smashing enhancements.
Includes: 1 x Hot Chocolate Glass Mug. 1 x Hot Chocolate Stirrer (Milk chocolate). 1 x Hot Chocolate Stirrer (White chocolate).1 x Jar of mini marshmallows (10g) . 1 x Treat size bag of Belgian milk chocolate chips (35g). 
Blizzards are exactly what you want Mover and Shaker Lonnie Quinn to forecast when you've the right hot chocolate, with all the bells and whistles.
A wonderful way to warm up with luxury, premium chocolate that you can drink, from Wales!

Robins and Sons are a small, family run UK business, specialising (you know over there they use s instead of z often and we'll humor them, but not humour them with their spelling!) in luxury handmade chocolate gifts and treats. Inspired by a trip to New York, the source of so much that is great in the world, during which Andrea Robins (founder), sampled a seasonal delicacy called ‘Peppermint Bark’, the journey from government employee to self-employed chocolatier began. 

Holding firm to the belief that the secret behind delicious, high quality products, is delicious, high quality ingredients, every component of their 25+ products have been meticulously sourced from around the globe for superiority in taste, texture and appearance. The company also insist upon natural colours and flavours throughout, using only natural peppermint and Valencian orange oil extracts in their Robins and Sons Signature ‘Chocolate Crackle TM’, and fragrant Sicilian lemon oil in their Sicilian Lemon Crunch.

Products are primarily Belgian chocolate (with the exception of a single estate, Ugandan ‘Purist’ 80% Dark chocolate range), and although their sliced oranges may be imported from Rioja region in Spain and certain toppings from France, all items are lovingly mixed, dipped, topped, decorated and packed by ‘Robins and Sons’, at their family home in Wales.
Primarily an online retail business selling through their own website (offering worldwide delivery), and other major online selling platforms, they also have a growing ‘Corporate’ division, where most recently, their Hot Chocolate Gift Boxes were chosen by the Acura Automobile Division of Honda Motors America, to help promote a corporate event.

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