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Monday, April 17, 2017

MELODI Tee of T by T ~ Collection (Tees by TK) Highly Recommended by Whom You Know, Made in Canada!

With glowing hearts
We see the rise 
The true north strong wearing Tees, T by T (Tees by TK)

You surely know that we are celebrating Canadian national pride with their anthem; technically speaking Peachy Deegan is American however has attended enough hockey games to feel quite Canadian. Previously on Whom You Know, you met Alix:
And we were not talking Rodriguez!
But we are talking about baseball in terms of fit this time: meet Melodi!  Style #1006, Melodi is defined as a  relaxed baseball tee and is designed for a looser fit through the body & arms.   We adore the  neckline which is a wider crew neck. The bottom has a high-low ribbed edge, and when you take a look at this line, you'll be so impressed by how many incarnations the t-shirt can have in fabric made so well.  The softness of these t-shirts is highly laudable and stay tuned for more of what this brand can do.

T by T Collection is made in Canada from luxury textiles sourced from Montréal. Each TShirt is made of specially sourced Modal fabric, and is designed so that the fit is both relaxed and effortlessly stylish. The line can transition from day to evening, and is an essential addition to any wardrobe.  In a world where so much is disposable and forgettable (neither of which we seek out but sort through!), 

Tamar Kate is about things that last, and the company maintains an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards both in fabric quality and craftsmanship!

T by T Collection is made in Canada from luxury textiles sourced from Montréal. 
Each T-Shirt is made of specially sourced Modal fabric, and is designed so that the fit is both relaxed and effortlessly stylish. The line can transition from day to evening, and is an essential addition to any wardrobe.

Responsibility ~
~ Its our mission to minimize our carbon footprint. 
Here are some of the ways we try... ~
Our business cards & thank you cards are printed on recycled paper.

We ship in resealable shipping bags for easy returns.
Our tear away washing labels are biodegradable.

Organic textiles are grown in controlled settings with no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.
Only natural fertilizers are used and the soil and water are monitored.

Our merchandise should be washed in cold water, reducing hydro usage. 

TAMAR KATE Merchandise is all picked up in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes and packaging.

Everything is done locally so no shipping, crate, air waste, fuel, excess waste, we make pick ups and drop offs at our warehouse for production purposes ourselves.

We hope to excel in these areas and will continue to find ways to minimize our footprint!

Recycle Reduce Reuse

Organic Modal Fabric ~

Fabric Details Modal

Like other types of rayon, originally marketed as "artificial silk," Modal is soft, smooth and breathes well. Its texture is similar to that of cotton or silk. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent. Like cotton, modal dyes easily and becomes colour-fast after submersion in warm water. Modal drapes well and keeps its shape, even when wet. 

Washing Instructions Modal

One of the advantages of Modal over cotton is its resistance to shrinkage, a notorious problem with cotton. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction. Its smoothness also makes hard water deposits less likely to adhere to the surface, so the fabric stays soft through repeated washings. For best wash use cold water and lay flat to dry.

Owner & Designer ~ ~ TK is a Vancouver based entrepreneur. 

TK’s depth of knowledge in the sales of luxury goods comes directly from her experience working closely with clientele of high net worth across multiple industries. After listening to the needs of the luxury customer, her current project sees her building a luxury organic modal fabric t-shirt line. The line, ’T by T Collection,’ (Tees by TK), features a selection of tanks, t-shirts and tee-dresses. Her main purpose is "to make every woman feel chic while staying comfortable,” and eventually adding in mens & childrens' styles, as well as branching off into other business ideas. 

TK returned to Vancouver in 2014 after spending 2 years completing an MBA with a specialization in Luxury Brand Management. Prior to this, she spent 5 years in Hawaii where she received a BSBA majoring in International Business and Marketing as well as studying French and Spanish. 

TK has worked across multiple industries in several countries worldwide, which has allowed her to gain valuable hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, event planning, consulting and in luxury sales. Internationally, TK has worked in a number of industries. She was involved with a consulting project at The Fairmont Monte-Carlo and SBM, as well as putting together a study of Monaco's offerings for tourists, residents, and potential business clients. In Hawaii, TK was a part of a small team that started up Event Attainment Hawaii which is now host to the Annual Polo Event on the North Shore of Oahu. In addition, TK has worked in the hospitality industry in Mexico, a consulting firm in Vancouver, and sales in Whistler, B.C. Once returning from New York, and working with Tiffany & Co in Vancouver for 2 years, TK saw the opportunity to apply her passion and talent to a company of her own. She returned to school, gaining insight into the inner working of running a business while taking an MBA program at the International University of Monaco.

After finishing her MBA in Luxury Brand Management at the University of Monaco, TK returned to her native Vancouver and noticed a void in the luxury apparel market. With her years of experience working with purveyors of extravagant goods, TK knew she had the skills and connections to merge together the relaxed West Coast lifestyle with a chic, upscale edge.

T by T Collection is the culmination of this vision. A line of sophisticated t-shirts for the fashion forward woman that considers the comfort we yearn for, and the chic edge we crave.

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