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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Photography by Peachy Deegan 

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#PhotoGallery #Hippos and #Rhinos in #Midtown #Manhattan Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know @GaroNazarianDDS #cosmopolitandental #loveyoursmile

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Photography by Peachy Deegan 

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Photography by Peachy Deegan 

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The ten best performing fine wines posted an average return of 18%1 in September, according to Wine Track [], a comprehensive fine wine index giving retail investors access to a simple and transparent scoring system for building a wine portfolio.

Six of the ten strongest performing wines originate from the Burgundy region, which has set the pace for the fine wine market in 2022, generating an aggregate year-to-date return of 25.3%, comfortably outperforming all major financial benchmarks.2 A surge in the US Dollar has seen buyers flocking to fine wines as 39%3 of trade was made by US buyers on the last weekend of September.

Burgundy's reputation as the leading investment region for price performance has grown dramatically in recent years, with more labels traded on the secondary market at more affordable price points. Most of Wine Track's fastest movers in September are affordable Burgundian wines from highly regarded producers including Dujac, Jacques Frederic Mugnier and Domaine Ponsot (see table below).

Much of Burgundy's growth in volume comes from white wines, which now make up 60% of the region's production, and is on average considerably more affordable than the reds.

Wine Track's top ten for September include three Burgundian white producers from Puligny Montrachet Referts (+27%), Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus (+18%), and Nuits Saint Georges Clos Marechale Blanc (+13%).

While Italy is usually linked to Tuscan stars, Piedmont was a standout in September with wines from this region placing third and sixth. Produttori Barbaresco's Barbaresco Pora Riserva saw a 20% month-on-month gain, and Giuseppe Rinaldi's Barolo Cannubi S.Lorenzo Ravera rose 16%.

WineCap launched Wine Track earlier this year. The platform analyses as collection of data points to generate a bespoke scoring system. This helps investors reference a wine's quality at a glance. Wine Track was developed by WineCap, a fine wine investor with the objective of democratising fine wine investment and making it accessible to a wider cohort of investors.

Alexander Westgarth, CEO of WineCap, said: "Burgundy is well known for producing some of the world's most expensive wines, but right now we are seeing the biggest gains from the value-driven segment of the market. These wines are naturally more attractive to retail investors looking to build a diversified portfolio.

"Wine Track is especially useful for those looking to invest in rare wines. Price points are often skewed when there is a limited secondary market, so our point scoring system and indexed price performance metrics provide a more reliable and transparent indicator. We will be continually expanding the number of wines covered by Wine Track so it becomes an increasingly vital source of information for wine investors."

By leveraging technology and automating processes that were traditionally manual, WineCap passes on large cost savings to investors. Unlike other wine investment firms which charge annual management fees, WineCap levies a modest annual storage fee based on the number of bottles in a portfolio and a 5% commission on sales.

Wine Track top ten ROI wines in September





Current average price4

Month on month gain

Puligny Montrachet Referts

Jean-Philippe Fichet




27 %

Charmes Chambertin Cuvee Merles

Domaine Ponsot




22 %

Barbaresco Pora Riserva

Produttori Barbaresco




20 %

Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus

Bruno Colin




18 %


Guillaume Gilles




18 %

Barolo Cannubi S.Lorenzo Ravera

Giuseppe Rinaldi




16 %

Clarendon Hills, Liandra Syrah, South Australia

Clarendon Hills

S. Australia

McLaren Vale


15 %

Marsannay Longeroies Rouge

Denis Mortet




15 %

Gevrey Chambertin

Dujac Fils et Pere




14 %

Nuits Saint Georges Clos Marechale Blanc

Jacques Frederic Mugnier




13 %

Source: WineCap's Wine Tracker September 2022

For further informationAnalysis of WineCap's Wine Track in September 2022
Liv-ex Burgundy 150
Based on exchange rate on 28.09 of 1.0748

About WineCap

With decades of experience navigating the international fine wine market, Los Angeles, Bordeaux and London based WineCap aims to democratise wine investing while offering propositions that translate into maximised profits for their customers.

Their proprietary in-house technology enables them to continually monitor the global marketplace while also tapping into many other third-party fine wine authorities, securing only the most current and reliable market data, trends and fluctuations.


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#ScotlandPeachy Something Witchy This Way Comes

VisitScotland launches new Witch Trail, inviting visitors to discover dark legends, truly magical places and observe ways to live like a modern-day witch in Scotland.

The idea of witchcraft has always held an important place in Scottish stories: from ancient legends to some of the most popular films and TV series of the present day. Now Scotland's tales of witchcraft are being marked during the Year of Stories 2022 with a new Witch Trail created by VisitScotland, highlighting 15 locations across the country for visitors to explore year-round.

With Scotland's Year of Stories 2022 in full swing and Halloween around the corner, there is no better time to delve into the rich tales surrounding so-called witches by exploring these locations all with links to themes associated with witchcraft including a love of nature and modern takes on the lore.

Some experiences on the map include:Abbotsford: Sir Walter Scott's home, Abbotsford, boasts one of the rarest collections of books on witchcraft. Visitors to the 19th century writer's stunning library can still see his treasured "Witch Corner" today.

Strathspey Storywalks: Wander through the woods and trails of the Cairngorms National Park with Strathspey Storywalks. Tour guide, Sarah, will help visitors honour the memory of so-called witches by tuning into the quiet voices within the landscape.

East Neuk Seaweed: Seaweed has a key place in the healing legacy of Scotland and was likely used by the wise women of times gone by. East Neuk Seaweed offer workshops throughout Fife that highlight the healing properties and nutritional value of this sea vegetable.

Glen Dye School of Wild Wellness and Bushcraft: Visitors to Glen Dye School of Wild Wellness and Bushcraft have the chance to immerse themselves in all that the magical Aberdeenshire countryside has to offer, making it the perfect place to experience the therapeutic benefits of mother nature.

The Witchery by the Castle: Enjoy fine dining in a setting filled with history at The Witchery by the Castle. This unique and atmospheric hotel and restaurant that takes its name from the innocent women accused of witchcraft on Castlehill.


#LondonPeachy #CulturedPeachy Six Days in Fallujah Featured by Imperial War Museum London in New Exhibition Opening September 30th

Exhibition includes exclusive pre-release game footage and interviews
Victura, Inc. today announced that one of the world's most respected authorities on conflict, London's Imperial War Museum, has opened its exhibition War Games: Real Conflicts | Virtual Worlds | Extreme Entertainment. Open today until May 28, 2023, this exhibit, which seeks to challenge perceptions of how video games interpret stories about war and conflict, includes exclusive game footage and interviews with the development team from Six Days in Fallujah, Victura's upcoming tactical military-shooter video game.

Victura's Six Days in Fallujah featured by London's Imperial War Museum's New Exhibit
War Games: Real Conflicts | Virtual Worlds | Extreme Entertainment exhibit validates how video games interpret stories about war and conflict.

Conceived by a Marine who was badly wounded during the combat, Six Days in Fallujah recreates true stories from 2004's Second Battle of Fallujah, which became one of the world's toughest and most impactful modern battles. In the game, players assume the roles of real Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians as they participate in critical moments during the battle. Over 100 Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who were present during the Second Battle of Fallujah have shared their personal stories, photographs, and video recordings with the development team. The game gives voice to these stories through gameplay and first-person accounts captured in original documentary interview footage.

"Six Days in Fallujah lets players become virtual participants during a world-changing historical event, offering context and insight that hasn't been possible until now," according to Victura CEO Peter Tamte. "It's inspiring to see one of the world's most respected authorities on conflict demonstrate the important ways games like Six Days in Fallujah can use interactivity to help players understand the events shaping our world."

Chris Cooper and Ian Kikuchi, Imperial War Museums' co-curators of the War Games exhibition, say: "Paintings, books, plays, films and tv shows have all told gripping stories about conflict. Video games have continued this tradition in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, becoming today's largest and fastest growing entertainment industry. We hope this exhibition prompts visitors to consider the influence this media might have on our perceptions and understanding of war and conflict."

More information about Six Days in Fallujah is available at More information about IWM's War Games exhibition is available at


Six Days in Fallujah, which is being developed for PC and consoles, is a first-person tactical shooter that recreates true stories of Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians during the toughest urban battle since 1968 with help from more than 100 people who were there. Players lead a fireteam through real-life encounters enabled by unique technology that simulates the uncertainty and tactics of urban combat. Six Days in Fallujah is produced and published by Victura, Inc., and developed by Highwire Games, which is led by many of the leadership who created the original Halo and Destiny games. More information about Six Days in Fallujah is available at More information about Victura is available at

IWM's five branches, which attract over 2.5 million visitors each year, are IWM London, IWM's flagship branch that has recently transformed with new, permanent and free Second World War and The Holocaust Galleries; IWM North, housed in an iconic award-winning building designed by Daniel Libeskind; IWM Duxford, a world renowned aviation museum and Britain's best preserved wartime airfield; Churchill War Rooms, housed in Churchill's secret headquarters below Whitehall; and the Second World War cruiser HMS Belfast.

IWM London

IWM London tells the stories of those whose lives have been shaped by war through the depth, breadth and impact of our Galleries, displays and events. Explore the First World War Galleries and iconic Atrium; extensive new Second World War and The Holocaust Galleries; discover stories of bravery in The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes or take in our latest major temporary exhibitions.

IWM Open daily: 10am – 6pm. Closed 24 - 26 December. Free admission.

IWM London, Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ
T: 020 7416 5000


#GorgeousGifts #PeachysPantry Läderach Releases New Premium Fresh Vegan Chocolate Collection Recommended by #WhomYouKnow #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy

22 vegan chocolate varieties now available online and in 40 stores across the US and Canada

From its iconic FrischSchoggi™ (large slabs of fresh chocolate bark), tablet bars to chocolate covered popcorn, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse announced today the availability of new vegan chocolates in these varieties. In addition to existing pure and select dark chocolate with fruit and nuts, Läderach's new vegan chocolates include cashew milk instead of dairy milk, coconut blossom sugar instead of sugar and no preservatives. The coconut blossom sugar comes from Indonesia (organic quality), the cashew milk from Vietnam, and the cocoa beans from Ecuador and Ghana. Product innovation is led by World Chocolate Master Elias Läderach. The new vegan chocolate collection with a specially marked "Vegan Taste Approved" packaging sticker includes:

Läderach now offers 22 premium fresh vegan chocolate varieties online and in 40 stores across the US and Canada

Läderach's new premium fresh vegan chocolate collection features cashew milk and coconut blossom sugar.

Creamy Cashew Tablet (USD 9.90 | CAD 11.50) – Pure vegan chocolate made with cashew milk and coconut blossom sugar.
FrischSchoggi™ Vegan Cashew (USD 14.90 per 1/4lb | CAD 14.90 per 100g) - Roasted and caramelized whole cashew nuts are mixed into pure vegan chocolate made with cashew milk. Available by weight and in a small pouch combined with other Läderach vegan dark chocolate.
FrischSchoggi™ Vegan Pouch Small (USD 32.85 and CAD 37.25) – The following vegan FrischSchoggi chocolates are included: FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru 70%, FrischSchoggi™ Almond Dark, FrischSchoggi™ Blackberry Dark, FrischSchoggi™ Cashew Vegan, FrischSchoggi™ Orange-Almond Dark, and FrischSchoggi™ Pistachio Dark
Creamy Cashew Vegan Popcorn (USD 17.50 and CAD 19.90) – Caramelized popcorn encased in vegan dark chocolate and creamy cashew.

"Our Läderach team is proud to offer the vegan community delicious new premium fresh artisanal vegan chocolates made bean-to-bar in-house and delivered directly from Switzerland," said Nathanael Hausmann, president, Läderach North America. "With our unique ingredients and extreme attention to craftsmanship, our new vegan chocolates can unlock a rewarding five sensory experience and compliment any occasion well, synonymous to our existing Läderach premium chocolate collection."

Other existing pure and select dark chocolate with fruit and nuts suitable for vegans include:

FrischSchoggi™FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru Brazil 70% Cacao
FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru Madagascar 64% Cacao Lemon
FrischSchoggi™ Orange-Almond Dark
FrischSchoggi™ Almond Dark
FrischSchoggi™ Blackberry Dark
FrischSchoggi™ Pistachio Dark
FrischSchoggi™ Hazelnut Dark

PralinesPraline Pavé
Pavés Grand Cru – 8 pieces per box

SnackingDark Chocolate Orange Sticks
Dark Chocolate Orange Slices
Dark Couverture
Dark Chocolate Rocher
Dark Chocolate Choco Flakes
Dark Chocolate Ginger Sticks

Tablet BarsTablet Grand Cru Ecuador 70% - Single Origin
Tablet Grand Cru Madagascar 64% - Single Origin
Tablet Grand Cru Trinidad 80% - Single Origin

OtherCarrés Grand Cru (Canada Only)

About Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

Operating since 1962, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse is a family-owned, premium Swiss chocolate company dedicated to creating sweet moments of joy in everyday life. As the largest chocolate retailer in Switzerland with approximately 1,300+ employees representing more than 50 nationalities and over 100 retail stores worldwide, Läderach has rapidly grown to 40 stores across North America in 2.5 years. Swiss quality is reflected in Läderach's control of the entire value chain from bean-to-bar-to-shop. Läderach uses only the best ingredients through strong relationships with the finest suppliers. Läderach produces over 100 varieties of chocolates, including over 20 varieties of FrischSchoggi™ (large slabs of fresh chocolate bark), more than 50 different pralines and truffles, dozens of confectionery specialties, vegan varieties, and a large selection of seasonal creations. To learn more about its stores, chocolate and careers, visit


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