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Friday, February 16, 2024

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #daUmberto Since 1987 by #UmbertoAssante #Founder and #VittorioAssante #Proprietor A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 Winter 2024

Owner Vittorio Assante with his favorite, the Cavatelli
His late father who passed on February 1, 2004, Umberto Assante, started da Umberto in 1987 and we bet Umberto is now reading upstairs and quite proud of his son!
Raviolacci: the Best Pasta we have had ANYWHERE so far in 2024!
Other pastas dream of being this one when they grow up
We were tickled pink to return, and owner Vittorio Assante, who has been the owner since 2004, has shown us he is in it to win it.  It is most definitely the best Italian in Chelsea. From Florence, Italy, Umberto Assante started this gem in 1987 and today Vittorio, his son whom we worked with on both reviews, is the sole owner.  They continue to evolve the Florentine Tuscan menu with great consistency and modern innovation for today.

Everyone knows Peachy Deegan is crazy for Burrata, hence the BURRATA Peachy column.
If you also think life's purpose is to discover the best burrata everywhere, put da Umberto on your list.
The marinated tomatoes in addition to the superlative burrata itself put it over the finish line.  Garlic, kosher salt, olive oil and a touch of sugar come to the party.
You should be asking yourself: Does your Burrata smile at you like this before you devour it?
Yes we like salad.
Yes it is an essential component to a meal.
Yes it is excellent at da Umberto.
Classic Cesare with romaine hearts will wow you with anchovies in the dressing, parmigiano and for someone that doesn't like croutons, Peachy liked these garlic sourdough croutons.  Too bad for the next place that serves her croutons that aren't like this because she'll probably say: "But they have them at DA UMBERTO!"
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and they do have Castelvetrano Olives.
Caprino is Arugula-based and it arrives in style with warm bucheron, roasted beets and pistachio vinaigrette.  We adored the actual pistachios in it.
Of course, as a dedicated student of Gianfrano's wine tastings with Gruppo Italiano, Peachy was delighted by the incredible wine selection at da Umberto.  They did offer to make her cocktail, but alas it is not around anymore because Mover and Shaker Charles Ferri has moved on to other ventures. Maybe we will pick it up again another day, but you should know you are not going to run out of great wine choices at da Umberto.  The divine Super Tuscan is only available commercially at restaurants, so chalk that up for one more reason to go see Vittorio.
Made on premises, Raviolacci is THE BEST PASTA WE HAVE HAD ANYWHERE IN 2024 SO FAR.
And it gets points for consistency!  Words cannot approach the majesty of the truffle mushroom ravioli which is beyond exquisite.
It is Top of the Heap.
Sorry other pastas: you have a tough act to follow!
The Bucatini of Creamy Carbonara is a classic that will win you over with its dedication to quality.
The pasta selection at da Umberto needs its own zip code like Saks shoe department.
The Pappardelle was incredible and we found it to be healthy and unique as we reveled in the leeks, artichokes and parmigiano (obviously Peachy's favorite vegetable).
General Manager Gian Paolo and Owner Vittorio agree their favorite is the Cavatelli.
Charred corn, Guanciale and Parmigiano successfully team up for a winning goal in your stomach:
Of course, it is even more incredible with cheese:
Make sure you swim with the Branzino for dinner.
If you own a restaurant anywhere, particularly in Manhattan, it is helpful if you are fun and have a personality.  We don't tell you when that is not the case, but we try to show you when it IS the case!
Farm-raised in Greece, the Branzino is delivered twice a week to da Umberto and is perfectly grilled with a herb citronette: rosemary lemon and caponatina.  It is perfection in poisson and also it is healthy!  Every bite is testament to why this place has been around since 1987.
In case you didn't notice, Peachy loves Chicken Parm.
It is super elevated at da Umberto: it's da U style written on the menu.
This means it is 75 percent Val D'Aosta Fontina cheese and 25 percent mozzarella and is fired on top so it is caramelized and crispy and absolutely delicious!
Note that the menu changes here seasonally so we certainly won't wait another 12 years to return, which was ridiculous and not representative of the quality of da Umberto.  They're dedicated to the classics with a contemporary sensibility.
With St. Patrick's day approaching, of course Peachy is excited and likes to eat everything green.  Both the classic Spinach with aglio e oli and the Broccoli Rabe, raised to the edible stratosphere with toasted garlic and hot chilis, were tremendous hits.
Lesser restaurants "mail it in" with the sides, but da Umberto cuts no corners.  From the Cavoletti: roasted brussel sprouts with honey and pancetta; to the asparagus parm, the nutritional value that sings backup to all else of excellence at da Umberto will wow you.
Dessert is all made on premises at da Umberto.
The chocolate mousse is pure luxury!  Our favorite.
Tiramisu is famous and homemade and the layered Napoleon are also tremendous.
Pistachio Gelato is also the right answer to dessert:
The grand finale:
da Umberto continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

107 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011
One of New York’s top Italians since 1987, class remains the hallmark of the Assante family’s renowned ristorante. da Umberto serves up lovingly prepared classic Tuscan with contemporary twists- complimented by an acclaimed wine list – delivered with that special touch by its cordial team. The old-world charm mixed with the cosmopolitan, vibrant setting set the stage for a sophisticated transporting experience. “da Umberto is about appreciating our roots while implementing current trends,” says Vittorio Assante, “maintaining tradition with innovation, remembering who we are and where we come from and doing it with contemporary sensibility.”

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