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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

READ THIS: Freakin' Fabulous! By Clinton Kelly

Whom You Know caters to the proper Manhattanite, and knows at some stage you were aware of each criterion mentioned in Clinton's educational book, however it is always great to get a refresher lesson Peachy Deegan believes! Freakin' Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better than Everyone Else is written by the American Fashion Consultant and Media personality, and he happens to live in Manhattan!

The co-host of "What Not To Wear" on TLC has a highly entertaining style of writing as well as an eye for everything under the sun. Whom You Know's Peachy Deegan first encountered Clinton as a host on that show during a vacation to Connecticut when she was alerted to how appropriate the show was to the general public.

The seriously clueless would also love this book, but Peachy is not sure that that is the main audience of Whom You Know. Peachy recommends this work of art mainly as a reminder- as life can get so busy. Whom You Know is confident that you are fabulous, but if you're going to be fabulous, you might as well be FREAKIN' FABULOUS, right Clinton?

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