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Monday, March 16, 2009

FASHION ALERT: Tiffany Designs the Ultimate Key to Fashion for the Spring

Whenever Peachy Deegan has the mean reds, she knows just what to do. She heads straight for Tiffany's! Whom You Know is excited to announce to its readers: the New Keys Collection!

Unlock your Personal Style and the Heritage of a Legendary Jeweler, Whom You Know readers! Put a spring in your step and imagine what this could be the key to...Tiffany & Co. announces a new jewelry collection that holds the key to personal style and reveals the renowned jeweler’s great legacy.

The new Tiffany Keys Collection is inspired by keys from the Tiffany & Co. Archives. The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors. Other archival keys encrusted with gems were designed as brooches and charms, incorporated in a coat of arms or given as gifts to heads of state.

These magical talismans are reworked in the Tiffany Keys Collection, each with a storied past now open to intriguing new interpretation in iconic pendants and charms. Crafted with utmost quality and suspended from fine, ball or oval-link chains, each one is elegantly expressed in 18 karat yellow or white gold, platinum with diamonds or sterling silver.

The collection includes an array of fanciful designs: medallion-shaped keys that promise access to wondrous places; romantic heart-shaped keys that might keep love letters private; poetic flower-topped keys that are graceful and feminine; and luxurious keys set with sparkling diamonds.

Worn alone or layered, Tiffany Keys are innately chic, keepers of a mysterious message for the keyholder to know and the curious to imagine. Is it a key to a Park Avenue penthouse or a little red Corvette? The collection is available at select Tiffany & Co. stores worldwide. And our favorite of course is the original on 5th and 57th!

For more information, call 800 TIFFANY or access

Tiffany & Co. (NYSE: TIF) was established in 1837 with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that is the basis of its heritage as a world-premier jeweler. Renowned for its diamond authority, the company continues as fashion’s arbiter with designs of legendary style that reveal Tiffany in its truest light: a dynamic enterprise of modern glamour and luxury that is dedicated to its great tradition of excellence. For additional information, please visit or call our shareholder information line at 800-TIF-0110. Thank you Nicole!

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