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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look Your Best: Cosmetic dermatology with Dr. Lewis Feder and Peachy Deegan Product Review: Dermaceutical Renewal System Eye: PM Anti-Aging Complex

After a long weekend, Whom You Know readers want to wake up on Monday morning, fresh and perky for the week! The best way to do that is with the fabulous Dermaceutical Renewal System Eye: PM Anti-Aging Complex for patients of all skin types.

Whom You Know highly recommends products by Dr. Lewis Feder M.D., and Peachy Deegan's eyes look like they did when she was in prep school! The Renewal System Eye Cream "Protox" is almost as good as Botox injections, but in a jar!

This major breakthrough is composed of: a non-toxin, anti-aging peptide chemically combined from naturally derived amino acids.

It works in a non-paralytic way through a reduction over time of neurotransmitters that mediate or initiate muscle contractions and it helps prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movement without the loss of natural expression, made with 5% Argireline.

To look your best, order!
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