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Sunday, March 29, 2009

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Elline Surianello, Motivational Speaker Who Herself Overcame Adversity

Elline Surianello is the leading authority on women’s hair thinning and hair loss. She has been personally affected by androgenetic alopecia (a genetic form of hair thinning) since 9 years of age. After decades of frustration due to the lack of suitable lifestyle options for women with hair loss issues and a traumatic run-in with “rock bottom” after her sister was tragically killed, Elline decided enough was enough. If no one else was willing to step up and be the face of women’s hair loss, then she would.

It was at this time that Elline took it upon herself to patent a solution (the LeMetric hair system) and open up her doors, at her New York City-based LeMetric headquarters. She has since created a service that now helps women across the USA, Canada, and Europe to overcome this issue.

Today, Elline is a motivational speaker who has appeared on countless media outlets including:
Good Morning America, ABC Chicago, ABC Philadelphia, Breakfast Television, City TV, Ladies Home Journal, The Toronto Star, and Salon Today, just to name a few. We are pleased to present Elline Surianello to you today as a Mover and Shaker on Whom You Know! She travels the world speaking out at various health, beauty, and women’s related symposiums, in the hopes of spreading awareness and education on the topic of women’s hair loss.

Most recently, she organized an event at the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue location entitled, “An Evening of Reinvention: From Hair to Toe, and From the Inside Out,” and next month, she’ll be speaking at IBS 2009 (the annual International Beauty Show) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to over 3000+ salon owners and stylists on the topic of women’s hair loss (April 26th-28th, 2009).
Peachy Deegan chatted with Elline Surianello recently.

Peachy Deegan: As you are inspirational to others, what inspires you?
Elline Surianello: There are many female public figures who inspire me, but what inspires me the most, are the women that I meet on a daily basis through this crusade I am on. The women who build up the courage to walk through my door at the shop and reclaim their lives come with the most inspiring stories. I try to make time every day, to go deep inside that private place in my soul, to be quiet, and to really listen. This practice helps me to focus on what I’m being to taught, and to learn from it. Inspiration is all around!

How have you impacted others in a tangible way-would you share any stories of what people have told you about how you impacted their life?
Every day, I hear about a life changing experience. From women in their 70s who are back on the dating market and want to have fabulous sex lives again, to young girls in their teens who are now able to look at themselves in the mirror and feel pretty—this is what it’s all about. It’s not about the superficial aspect of the hair itself, it’s about giving women the tools to allow them to feel beautiful and confident on the inside again.

What is your favorite place to be in NYC?
New York is dynamic, powerful, and full of energy, but the ocean has my heart. Luckily, Manhattan is surrounded by water, so if I can find a spot to sit on the pier, I’m happy.

What is your favorite shop?
Saks Fifth Avenue and ABC Carpet

What is your favorite drink?
Depending on my mood: Ice tea, a Martini, a Manhattan, or Espresso

What is your favorite restaurant?
In New York, you can get amazing food at a diner, but if I had to choose, I’d say Babbo.

What is your favorite NYC book?
Not for Tourists

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC that you can do nowhere else?
I love that this is one of the only cities were you can experience every culture and every language that the world has to offer, all by foot, in one day. I love walking through the city and really experiencing it: I can do Chinatown, Little Italy, Little India, Little Korea, and Little Brazil all in one day!

What do you think is most underrated and overrated here?
I think the most overrated notion is that New York is dangerous, it’s not, its just a fast paced city.

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you?
Whom You Know readers should know that what I do is not easy. Most people that know about my job would not be willing to trade places with me. There are a lot of ups & downs at LeMetric, simply due to all of the emotion that comes with the transformation my clients go through. No one client is the same, and thus, no solution is the same. What I will say though, is that I have gotten to where I am today by being willing to pay my dues to myself. I never worried that I was dreaming too big, because truly everything is possible. I hope all of your readers will believe that in their own journeys.

How would you like to be contacted by Whom You Know readers?
Whom You Know readers can call me (212-986-5620) or email me (, or they can interact with me on my blog or my YouTube channel ( and

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