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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Pamela Pekerman, Bag Expert Extraordinaire

A regular fashion expert on V-H1’s The Fabulous Life Presents, Pamela Pekerman was infatuated with bags from an early age and decided to convert her passion into a profession. In April 2005, she launched to share her bag obsession with stylish women around the world. Today, is the best source for all things bags – shopping, news, interviews with designers, and advice. To date, Pamela and have received kudos from The Wall Street Journal, WWD, SUCCESS for Women Magazine, The Miami Herald, LUCKY, Accessories Magazine, and others.

In addition to starting, Pamela Pekerman is resident Bag Guru at the Home Shopping Network where she shares her bag-a-licious wit and Purse-onal Panache™ theories with women across the country. Pamela has also been tapped by AOL to contribute handbag trends and celebrity gossip. Additionally, she continues to serve as the handbag trend forecaster and NY fashion reporter for the World Shoe Accessories Association.

Pamela’s knowledge of the fashion/accessories industry is so extensive that designers often consult her on upcoming trends including handbag silhouettes and colors. Her expertise is sought after by editors and regularly appears in the pages of Accessories Magazine, Life & Style, The Times of London, Affluent Magazine, AOL, World Bride Magazine, Gisele Japan Magazine, WACO Today, The Sunday Times, Pacific Sun, Jewish Woman Magazine,,, and other media organizations. Pamela Pekerman appears on countless TV shows and radio programs including CW11, NBC6, CBS, ABC NOW, Better TV, Your Morning, E! Entertainment radio and more.

Companies and stores looking to inject excitement into their shopping events select Pamela Pekerman to partake in in-store appearances to share upcoming trends and connect with customers. Pamela has been a guest fashion expert at the AMEX Skybox held during New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. She also judges fashion contests, which recently included partnerships with Sex and The City/Bag Borrow Or Steal.

Pamela Pekerman has interviewed many of today’s leading designers and fashion personalities including Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Robert Verdi, Phillip Bloch, Carlos Falchi, Tracy Reese, Stuart Weitzman, Kimora Lee Simmons, Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Minkoff, Lauren Merkin, and many more. Pamela is an active member of the Accessories Council and a journalism alumna of New York University. Peachy Deegan recently sat down with Pamela!

Peachy Deegan:What age were you when you began carrying a purse?

Pamela Pekerman: Well, I always had a backpack, but even thinking as far back as junior high school, it was never a “backpack”. I always wanted to carry a real bag such as a tote or hobo.

Do you remember which one it was?

At some point in junior high I remember having a black, I think it was nylon, tote from Calvin Klein. I think it even said Calvin Klein on it in white letters or CK. I just remember looking at other people with their Jansports and I was so over that look. The blue, black or green options and that bulkiness on my back just weren’t going to cut it.

How many bags do you own?

I should have an accurate answer, given that I get asked this question often. I think it’s around 50ish and 30+ is just clutches. I love having amazing options for evening and I’m all over the oversized clutch for boardroom-to-ballroom. As for bag count, I will do an inventory soon. Maybe I’ll post it on my blog, My Bag-a-licious Life.

Do you have shoes to match each of your bags?

NO. I’m so not into matchy-matchy. I don’t buy a bag from a designer and then a shoe to match. Also, while I love shoes and my 5’1” self worships a good heel, I don’t have a crazy amount of shoes. I buy infrequently, but I buy smart. I also seem to find the best deals on shoes. Christian Louboutin peep-toe t-straps for $180 – hello?!?

What are the best places in Manhattan to shop for bags?

I love Blue Bag. Owners Marni and Pascal have an amazing eye for great talent. They have a similar belief that I do in my editorial work on and selection for A contemporary bag shouldn’t cost more that $600. Then you’re getting into luxury designer territory and you should really only play with the big boys if you’re ready and have the goods. I also love the Hayden Harnett shop – the designers are just so sweet and it’s nice to see their full selection. I love when brands have their own place to present their full vision.

What are the bag trends for spring and summer?

I’m loving coral as the main color for summer. From that also orange and pink either solo or combined. In terms of silhouette, the classic structured tote is still strong, but we are seeing a bigger push of the semi-structured shoulder bags often with just one handle. Another big trend is the rocker look of extra hardware, exposed zippers, black/gold combo and that is going to continue to develop for fall 2009.

What is your favorite place to be in NYC?

The area around NYU has a special place in my heart. I went to school there, met my fiancĂ© there, had amazing memories and it really was like an unmarked campus – from 8th street to 3rd street and from Broadway to 6th avenue. Even a little beyond that area, the environment still feels homey to me. I love Washington Square Park; I love the coffee shops; I like passing the little art galleries on West Broadway; I love the comedy club; I love getting lost for an hour on Greene or Mercer.

What is your favorite shop?

I guess Saks. I know it’s a big boy, but I always feel relaxed especially on the 5th floor. The sales people are very nice and many of them know me.

What is your favorite drink?

I’m a wine girl. Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc always hits the spot.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Wow. That’s a dozzy in this town. Well, I love Peeps down in the village for tie food. Oh and I can never get enough of China Grill.

What is your favorite NYC book?

I love buildings and this city certainly has a lot of great buildings, so I enjoy books about architecture in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Some are just visual. Some also share the scoop behind each building. I also have a lot of books about Jewish history and much of that revolves around NYC. It’s fascinating to read the stories and then to be able to walk the streets and, in many cases, see what these immigrants saw.

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC that you can do nowhere else?

Pretend like I’m in Europe. I love old building. I love history. I love downtown in the early hours before the major rush. I love the cobble stones. You don’t get that kind of energy anywhere else in America.

What do you think is most underrated and overrated here?

Most overrated: Herald Square. Why do tourists want to go there? It’s mostly a bunch a pointless stores, noise and nonsense. I just don’t get why you would come to NYC and want to be there of all places. I guess it’s interesting that the original Macys is there, but really that’s about it.

Most underrated: Battery Park. Because there aren’t a million trains coming right there and it isn’t really a tourist destination or a place I think most NYers venture to. When I get out there I love how peaceful it is. I still remember when it was nothing – I mean nothing. I remember when cirque du soleil first started coming to NYC about 15 years ago. They set up a small tent in Battery Park. There really was nothing around. Maybe the Jewish Museum was already there, I can’t recall. There was no fancy park, no Ritz Carlton, no chic moms with strollers.

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you?

I love what I do and I can’t believe that I get to view, talk about and lust after handbags for a living. And, while I’m in love with my job and I do work a lot, I have my priorities in check. I spend time with my friends and family and I’m about to marry the love of my life and can’t wait to start a family.

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