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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charitable Peachy: More on Kennedy, Vanderbilt and Roosevelt as they Form The Legacy Group Venture

The Legacy Group LLC (“Legacy”) is a consumer marketing, endorsement and licensing firm that specializes in raising awareness and funding for important charitable endeavors through exclusive partnerships with some of America’s most revered families. A for-profit charity, Legacy partners with bright, young women from iconic families who are dedicated to public service and strive to further the legacies established by their famous forbearers. Legacy philanthropists donate all proceeds from their endorsement deals to charities of their choosing. These organizations support worthy initiatives ranging from environmental causes to public health concerns. Whom You Know thinks this is an absolutely fabulous idea and was so pleased that it kicked off in Manhattan this morning!

Founded by Ralph Destino, Jr., a veteran marketing and sales executive who serves as the company’s president, and chaired by Ralph Destino, Sr., former president and chairman of Cartier, Legacy is the first and only licensing company of its kind, offering a compelling value proposition that is both profitable AND philanthropic.

“What we have created with Legacy is a socially minded for-profit charity that is the first of its kind,” said Mr. Destino, Jr. “Through marketing, endorsement and branding of specific goods, we have the potential to bring much needed fiscal support to charitable causes.”

Kennedy, Roosevelt, Vanderbilt….these were leaders who heeded the call to action. Their progeny are touched by the same insatiable spirit and dedicated to using the power of their birthright to forge their family footprint in their own unique and modern way.

Kick Kennedy, granddaughter of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy and daughter of noted conservationist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an environmentalist, student and intern for Rolling Stone magazine. Her exploits as a white-water paddler were recently chronicled in the IMAX film Grand Canyon Adventures. An avid white-water rafter, Kick supports the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international organization protecting waterways, for which her father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., serves as chairman.

Sara Delano Roosevelt, great-granddaughter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, is the mother of three sons. Sara is all too familiar with the importance of positive role models and structure in a child’s life. That is why Sara is actively involved with the local Boys and Girls Club in her area. She has chosen the organization to be her designated charity in conjunction with the Legacy Group.

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, an eighth generation descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, is a musician, artist, singer and actress. She has composed, recorded, and donated special musical performances to both the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California and the American Cancer Society. The beneficiary of her Legacy Group participation is the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, the highly respected organization founded in 1994 and subsequently led by the late Liz Tilberis, the beloved editor-in-chief of Harpers Bazaar. Since her death in 1999, the Fund has received major support from the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.

Legacy enters into endorsement and licensing agreements with manufacturers of consumer products, including apparel, leather goods, jewelry, watches, fragrances, home furnishings, and cosmetics. The firm will collaborate closely with its licensees on product development and design, as well as marketing and promotional strategies to highlight the high-profile brand image and the philanthropic benefits associated with the purchase of the product. Licensees pay royalties on the net sales of the products, ultimately shared between Legacy and the designated charity.

In the modern consumer marketplace, cause-related marketing is an integral component of many of the most successful brands. Legacy effectively creates a new paradigm that harnesses the public’s fascination with historic figures and their families to support causes that inspire others to rise to the challenge and promote the common good.

Kick Kennedy, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Sara Delano Roosevelt are the first to sign on as “Legacy Women.” Each will lend their name and likeness to Legacy for the purpose of branding and marketing manufactured goods to provide much-needed support to charitable causes. In addition, Legacy will develop endorsement opportunities for them.

The three Legacy Women will not profit monetarily from the venture. All proceeds will instead go to the charities of their choice. While all three Legacy Women are the bearers of lofty surnames, each comes from a respectively diverse background and has chosen to champion causes reflective of their own experiences and values.

“The Kennedy, Vanderbilt, and Roosevelt family names are richly embedded in American political and philanthropic history, “said Legacy’s Chairman Ralph Destino, Sr. and former President of Cartier, Inc. “We are pleased to be working with such intelligent and bright young women.”

Legacy has already gained the attention of the fashion industry. World-renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier donated his time and services to the project by shooting the promotional photos of the Legacy Women from his studios in midtown Manhattan. Lauren Santo Domingo, contributing editor at VOGUE magazine, voluntarily served as artistic director for the Patrick Demarchelier shoot.

The Legacy Group plans to expand its charitable endeavors by attracting other major names to its roster of prominent American families in the future.

About The Legacy Group

Newly founded, The Legacy Group is a unique for-profit charity which provides financial support to specific charities via marketing, endorsement and licensing partnerships with women’s fashion manufacturers and retailers.

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