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Sunday, April 26, 2009

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Tia Walker, Celebrity Lifestyle Journalist

Tia Walker is a very lucky girl. A true embodiment of beauty, talent and brains she is the most likely candidate to head up any number of one to watch lists. Over the past 3 and a half years, Tia has carved a niche for herself as a Celebrity Lifestyle blogger by exploring the worlds of art, fashion, media and beyond in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and London through The Quest for "it".

Classified as a pro blogger Tia has made blogging about fashion, media, and lifestyle on her blog The Quest for "it" a way of life. Quality select reporting, on many of New York City’s more exclusive events, have propelled her to a level that most bloggers never realize. Noteworthy events include: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week FALL 2009/SPR 2009, Tribeca Film Festival 2006/2007, CineVegas Film Festival 2007, Red Envelope Gift Giving Party, Russell Simmons' Art for Life East Hampton Gala 2008, Hollywood In the Hamptons, La Dona Maria Felix Celebration @ Christie's, The 8th Annual Love Heals, and Fashions from An American Icon: The Nan Kempner Collection at Christie's. In May of 2008 Tia began blogging professionally about the upper echelon of African-American society via fashion and cultural events for UPTOWN Magazine’s

Possessing a siren-like charm and undeniable sense of humor, Tia is surely the next big thing on the horizon. Concentrating her efforts on television, and more specifically the role of TV host, she’s set to bring her infectious appeal (come hither stare and irresistible smile) to the masses on a national level. Tia's on camera efforts include her increased visibility as an authority on both fashion and the world of blogging with 2008 interviews on Chic.TV and TME Tonight’s TME Live! Her most acclaimed project to date, where she wore the hats of both host and producer, has been her video coverage of The 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival where her red carpet reporting was unparalleled as she interviewed the likes of Model Shalom Harlow, Actor/Director Diego Luna, Actor Jesse Bradford, Actor John Leguizamo, Actress Kerry Washington, Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and those of a similar caliber.

Previous appearances include her guest video correspondence for in 2007 reporting on New York City’s Studio 54 legend Herbert Fox at his birthday celebration. TV appearances have included Tia as a sultry bachelorette on Season 3 of TV One's Get the Hook Up which aired in December of 2006. Tia continues to be fast at work pursuing the goal of TV Host and living the life of New York City "it" blogger chick. As of early March 2007 Tia signed with Posh Models, a model and talent agency in Tampa, Florida.
Tia’s image appears on the pages of the following sites celebrity: WireImage, Patrick McMullan, Getty Images, Film Magic, ManhattanSociety, and making her one the more sought after celeb bloggers on the internet.

2009 is a different direction for Tia Walker; as Celeb blogger she is doing increasingly more video projects. The Quest for "it" Hip & Social based on both the "hip" and "social sets in New York City the ones that dominate the Entertainment Columns, New York City Society Pages, and every place in between.

Additionally, her interest in charitable causes has been renewed. In 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which lead to a number of dietary and lifestyle changes in her life . Each have made her not only a determined survivor but a champion to breast cancer causes.

Peachy Deegan interviewed Tia Walker for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: What did you do professionally prior to your blogging?
Tia Walker: I booked DJs for high-end events like for Burberry ,Gen Art, Photographer Marc Baptiste--lots of Fashion-Related events.

What made you start writing?
I was always kind of a writer at heart. I was a History major and an Art History Minor in college was NOTHING but writing. I wrote a lot of poems and short stories when I was a little girl and at one point was an English Honors student. The blog came about in September 2005 due to the fact that I was rejected by IMG in trying to register for Fashion Week as an Owner if an Artist Management Company. When I was told I didn't fit the criteria for registration I found a way to "fit" by becoming a member of the press.

Who have you enjoyed interviewing the most and why?
I think I ALWAYS enjoy actress Vivica Fox. She is hands down the most FUN...she's always ready with her answers, never stumbles, never pauses in deep thought and ALWAYS make sense. Besides that she is just so GENUINE it is like she's your old friend from high school or something...pretty cool!

What is the best event in Manhattan that you have ever attended and what did you like about it?
This is an UNFAIR question. For me the elements that make an event TOPS are the atmosphere not just the people. I would say Russell Simmons Art for Life East Hampton 2007--CRAZY just so much fun good cause, good celebs, good food, good drinks, and most of all a Ben & Jerry's Ice cream truck! A close second would be the Charity Water Ball I attended in December of 2008. It was at the Metropolitan Pavilion which I 'd been to a MILLION TIMES and they managed to make it BETTER than anyone ever had--AMAZINGLY good night.

How has being a breast cancer survivor changed you?
Well it's made me stronger. Even stricter with my diet. It brought me closer to God which is good for sure. It made me sympathetic to so many other people that I never ever think about and that would be people who suffer from other worse forms of illness. I am truly more compassionate than I once was.

What future plans do you have professionally?
To do TV Hosting full time and to be a mom of 3 'lil pumpkins...WAIT is the mom thing a profession?

What is your favorite place to be in NYC?
The Metropolitan Museum it has the art of a lifetime, the old world feel of a far off palace, and the solace of a church or temple.

What is your favorite shop?
Henri Bendels

What is your favorite drink?
Don't drink anymore but I adored Sidecars when I did!

What is your favorite restaurant?
Don't have one all of my FAVORITES closed long ago.....

What is your favorite NYC book?
A Certain Age by Tama Janowtiz

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC that you can do nowhere else?
Go to a Broadway show

What do you think is most underrated and overrated here?
Most underrated-- art
Most overrated --fashion

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you?
Well, I like big butts and I cannot lie....NO ONLY KIDDING ...nothing more to know. I like to laugh and make other people laugh, that's SOMETHING to know I guess.

How would you like to be contacted by Whom You Know readers?
Via Email

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