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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NIGHTLIGHT: HBO Shop® Launched “Alabama Chanin for HBO” Limited-Edition Collection T-Shirts

New York, NY (April 8, 2009) – Last night, the HBO Shop celebrated the launch of the new “Alabama Chanin for HBO” limited-edition t-shirt collection, designed by Natalie Chanin (featured above, center) of Alabama Chanin ( Peachy Deegan was in attendance and thought it was such a fun line!

The HBO Shop commissioned Natalie Chanin, designer and founder of clothing label Alabama Chanin, to design a special collection of “Alabama Chanin for HBO” limited-edition, embellished t-shirts. Each design is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and recycled from previous HBO® collections featuring logos and key themes from hit programs like Entourage®, True BloodSM, Flight of the ConchordsSM, Sex & the City® and The Sopranos®. The collection includes men’s and women’s t-shirts with Natalie’s signature hand-stitching, embroidery and appliqué details.

The “Alabama Chanin for HBO” collection is now available exclusively at the HBO Shop in New York (1100 6th Ave. at 42nd St.). The t-shirts retail between $65 and $85, with a select few retailing for $150. How many do we have to buy to meet Mr. Big???

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