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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California: Supported by Our Mover and Shaker Consuelo Costin

Although Whom You Know focuses on Manhattan, we do realize that we are linked to the rest of the world, and many Manhattanites interpret that as that "the rest of the world is linked to us." (Peachy Deegan just lives here, she's not FROM here...we don't think we have that kind of attitude at Whom You Know.)

To that end and additionally to re-emphasize our belief that our Movers and Shakers are the absolute best of the best, today we are covering The Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California. Consuelo Costin is a strong supporter of this and has dedicated her work through The Legacy Group to them. See Consuelo Costin as our Mover and Shaker:

Ovarian Cancer affects one in every 55 women. That is why the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California is committed to raising awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms - symptoms so vague they're difficult to detect. Their goal is to educate the general public as well as the medical community of the signs and symptoms of this disease, and to support research to help find an early detection method and a successful treatment.

The Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California is made up of non-paid Board members and volunteers. They sponsor health fairs, lectures, and newspaper, radio and television broadcasts to increase public awareness about ovarian cancer. The annual run/walk raises funds for research, education, and the promotion of early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.

For more information and to access the release of the single, Find a Way, by Consuelo Costin:

Whom You Know recommends supporting such a worthy cause.

In New York, we have posted an upcoming event on a similar cause:

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