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Thursday, April 16, 2009

PRODUCT ALERT: BVLGARI Radiance Toning Lotion

Today Whom You Know is starting with the BVLGARI Lotion Tonique Eclat (Radiance Toning Lotion) as Peachy is feeling like exercising her French skills this morning. After using the cleanser, already reviewed, this Toner is the perfect follower to the skincare regimen in the morning (or at night).

The Illuminating toner, suited for all types of skin, adds the final touch to the facial cleansing routine. Thanks to the camomile extract, the lotion delicately smoothes the skin without irritation. It instantly restores its radiance by preparing it to receive treatments. The fresh, clean skin reveals its natural splendour.

This illuminating toning lotion provides the final step in the face cleansing routine leaving the skin clean, refreshed and radiant.

• Skin is comforted and instantly prepared to receive its daily skincare treatments.
• Radiance is restored.
• Skin is left luminous, refreshed, soft and smoothed.
• For all skin types.

Special Ingredients:
• Chamomile extract delicately smoothes the skin without irritation.

How to use: Apply to freshly cleansed face morning and night.

The BVLGARI Skincare line is available at BG and in select Neiman Marcus nationwide. It is also available online at and very shortly at Peachy Deegan and Whom You Know just LOVE it!

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