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Friday, May 22, 2009


Princess Marcella Borghese is a woman who exemplified the finest Italian elegance and splendor. Her cosmetic line of the same name is based on the Italian ideology that a woman’s inner beauty is as important as her outer beauty. Whom You Know is pleased to kick off our coverage of Borghese!

The Princess was born in Umbria and educated in Florence. As a young woman, she dedicated herself to the arts, sports and worked with her mother on charities. She then married Prince Paolo Borghese and eventually devoted her energies to raising twin boys.

In 1956, Princess Marcella Borghese traveled to America with her husband for the very first time and stayed three months. A friendship with the late cosmetics genius, Charles Revson, gave her the inspiration to develop further the beauty secrets that she and a family chemist in Italy had developed from her mother’s secret formulas. Returning to Europe, Princess Marcella Borghese began her “cosmetic adventure” and first coordinated lip and nail colors for the fashion collections of Emilio Pucci. She returned to America with her dazzling beauty collection and before 1960 had actually created a complete range.

From the beginning, Princess Marcella Borghese wanted the women that used her products to feel pampered and luxurious – her products have always meant to be good for the body, as well as the soul. Everything – from lipstick, eyeshadow and blush to all skin treatment products – is designed with care and with thought for each individual woman. From the beginning, the packaging for every product has been as elegant as the cosmetic itself, and is meant to be a pleasure for any woman to carry.

In 1992, the Princess Marcella Borghese cosmetic range was sold from Revlon, Inc. it was purchased by private investors and is now part of Borghese, Inc. the Borghese line is growing rapidly internationally, presently with a large representation in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and South America.

The presence, productivity and posture of Borghese are universally acknowledged and acclaimed. The thermal baths of Montecatini have welcomed curists since 400 B.C. the Spa provides those in pursuit of renewed health and vigor a serene and elegant retreat. The philosophy that spa curists espouse and strictly adhere to is that repose and relaxation, amidst the idyll of Montecatini, enhance the psyche as well as body.

Princess Marcella Borghese has made it possible to experience Montecatini’s benefits at home. Skincare treatment products based upon the healing and rejuvenating properties of Italy’s Tuscan region’s intensive research and testing, Princess Marcella Borghese has combined these legendary resources with unique scientific ingredients to create skincare that virtually reverses the visual signs of age on the surface skin. We look forward to evaluating some of the Borghese products on Whom You Know.

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