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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BIG APPLE BUSINESS: Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties, is one of Manhattan's premier catering and event planning companies and is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Since 1989, co-owners Carla Ruben and chef Bob Spiegel have been the choice for those in the know, satisfying the most discerning of clients and their guests with food that is regarded as equal to the best restaurants in the world. In fact, NYC chefs such as Gabrielle Hamilton (chef/owner Prune), Geoffrey Zakarian (chef/owner Town) and Wylie Dufresne (chef/owner WD 50, Original Chef, 71 Clinton Fresh Foods) among others will attest to the quality, innovation and overall excellence of Creative Edge.

Carla Ruben is an entertaining expert who believes a successful gathering involves far more than delivering hot food and hiring cute wait staff. Seeing an opportunity in the catering industry, she decided to translate her longtime passion for both cooking and parties into a new style of event planning and catering firm that would combine high-quality fetes with savvy, sophisticated messages.

Bob Spiegel, as chef, has changed and influenced the food industry with an original approach to catering that many have tried to duplicate, but cannot. He is a rare talent whose love of food has led him around the world in search of the best cuisines, practices and ingredients. His ability to prepare and serve exceptional food no matter where he is, whether a stairwell or a full service kitchen, is a testament to his skill.

Carla and Bob are real NYC food pioneers and together, they have a partnership that is recognized for the quality and presentation of the food they create. They have a high profile and eclectic client list ranging from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Calvin Klein to The Brooklyn and Whitney Museums, to Target and American Express, as well as many other private individuals, charitable organizations and companies. Bob Spiegel and Creative Edge Parties were just featured in Ask the Experts in New York Weddings last month and have an upcoming 4 page feature in the June/July issue of Gotham for Cristina Cuomo’s birthday party.

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