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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day Idea: “Not Another Neck Tie!”

Tired of giving dad the same old gifts, year after year? The artist behind the nation’s hottest selling hand-painted drinkware has your solution – and don’t worry, it’s “Not Another Neck Tie!” Lolita’s “Not Another Neck Tie” pilsner and martini glasses pay homage to gifts of Father’s Days past. Brightly colored ties are hand-painted on these collectible (and usable) glasses. On the bottom of each is an extra surprise – a drink recipe for the martini glass, and for the pilsner, a gift-worthy message (finally something he’ll use).

Additional Father’s Day favorites from Lolita include: “Pizza and Beer” pilsner – the perfect way to set apart the man from the boys on game night; “19th Hole” wine glass for the golf enthusiast himself; and “Toolbelt” pilsner a handy companion for your favorite Mr. Fix It.

Lolita’s creations celebrate life’s milestones, hobbies, new jobs and holidays, like Father’s Day. Her designs are available on a variety of drinkware, from wine and martini glasses to shooters and hot beverage mugs – so whether Dad’s a lawyer, fisherman or sports fanwine buff or beer fanaticthere’s a glass he can call his own. And let’s face it: no matter which one you chose, it sure beats the homemade picture frame you almost resorted to.

Lolita’s retail for about $25 each. Lolita’s creations are available at thousands of fine gift stores across the country and online. For more information about Lolita, visit


It all happened on a girl's night out in 2001. Lolita ordered a Cosmopolitan and thought that stemware looked naked and needed something. The artist in her called out to her. She decided to go home and hand-paint and sell glasses out of her basement. With 2 babies hanging onto her legs she worked night and day. She'd sell about 2,000 glasses a year. Today she sells over 4 million! Each glass represents special moments and personalities in life.

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