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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tasty Tidbits: Yorkville Crêperie

Whom You Know just loves quaint, neighborhood places and we are so excited to try Yorkville Creperie!

The concept of Yorkville Crêperie was created with the neighborhood in mind. They have space, seating and sunlight and wanted to share it with the public for all to benefit.

There is a full bar including excellent coffee, espresso and late drinks and they of course serve crêpes for all cravings as well as paninis. There are two large windows on York Avenue that bring in immense sunlight and table and bar seating is available as well as lounge seating (couches and comfy chairs). The atmosphere is serene and comfortable - all tied together with contemporary mellow music. The concept and atmosphere stand alone in this neighborhood and Whom You Know thinks the room holds potential for endless possibilities.

Picture this: Breakfast crowd in early morning followed by "Mommy & Me" with storytime close to noon. In comes an after work happy hour phased by dinner and dessert crêpes & dates topped off with live music and wine, really hitting all angles in the spectrum.

They are open to hosting all occasions including 1st Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and christenings to bachelor parties, as well as tournaments and food clubs. Also, they are open to holding events and promotions which can adapt to any occasion and or event.

Yorkville Crêperie provides exactly the lively atmosphere customers would want to relax and enjoy their crêpes. Your crepes can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, dessert, or as a meal in itself with the savory crêpes. As an appetizer, one could try the mixed fruit crêpe. Snack crêpes are prepared with light fillings such as concord jam, cinnamon apple or with the ever-popular Nutella. Savory crepes are prepared extra heavy (with a choice of cheese) and stuffed to the brim and makes it perfect for lunch or dinner. The savory menu includes items like chicken, hummus, mozzarella, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and much more. Ice cream crêpes are served with a choice of fruits; whip cream, and/or chocolate syrup.

Everything is fresh, natural, and homemade. Their choices of sweet and savory crêpes are filled, folded, wrapped and handed to you in one neat package that you can eat on the go or sit at our tables and enjoy. They offer free Wi-Fi for those who want to spend some more time. Yorkville Crêperie is a tremendous experience for the eyes, nose and especially the taste buds! A Parisian crêpe is not just several thousand miles away but just around the corner.

It is located on York Avenue between 83, 84.

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