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Monday, August 24, 2009

Champagne Wishes: Star Vodka

Star Vodka is an American made boutique luxury vodka developed for people “in the know” longing for smoother alternatives to the common overseas premium vodka. Peachy Deegan has tried it for Whom You Know and we are pleased to recommend it! The smoothness, taste and overall quality make it a must-have in your bar. Also, it is equally good on the rocks or with a mixer.

Star Vodka is:
Made in USA (We love it! Patriotism and vodka.)
Made from pure Cascade Mountain water
Hand picked corn from the Midwest
Filtered 5 times through volcanic lava rock
Gluten Free
Limited Production
“The Smoothest Vodka Anywhere”
Founded in 2008 by Charles Ferri as a limited production vodka for his private clientele
Production expanded in May 2009 for public release
In a short period of time Star Vodka has created significant “buzz” with key mentions and product placements in trend setting mediums including:
The New York Post
InTouch Magazine
New York Magazine
“30 Rock” TV Show
“A Night at the Opera” Independent film in post production
...and now, on Whom You Know!
Distributed by Opici Wine & Spirits

Charles Ferri, Founder & CEO

For many years Charles Ferri has been a major player in New York nightlife and social scene as the owner of two of the New York area’s most well known private clubs.

Charles has had the opportunity to experience firsthand, what it takes to measure up to the quality standards of socialites and celebrities. “Our clientele”, Charles says “always wanted a stand alone smooth tasting vodka”. Charles felt the time was right for a premium American vodka and knew that it wouldn’t be easy to create vodka that would measure up.

Charles began his quest traveling and researching to find the finest quality ingredients and production facilities for Star Vodka. He met with distillers and purveyors of grains and selected only the finest ingredients. The first production became available in the Spring of 2008 and met with instant success.

Since that time he has been producing limited quantities for his private clientele and only now is there a small amount for the general public. “We are slowly beginning to increase production but we will not sacrifice our quality standards for the sake of speed", says Charles.

Before Star Vodka, Charles spent his career in finance at Sanford Bernstein and Deutsche Bank managing assets for high net worth individuals, families and select companies in sports, entertainment and media. Peachy has met Charles-he is just as nice as the vodka!

David Horner, President

David Horner has been a "Star" in the fragrance industry for many years. He has an outstanding record of accomplishments and is best known for being one of the founders of the legendary Giorgio, Beverly Hills fragrance.

After the Sale of Giorgio to Avon, Horner opened his own consulting practice and has been personally involved in fragrance projects involving Madonna, Princess Diana, The Royal Family of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, Halston and Tiger name just a few.

Before his career at Giorgio, Horner held senior corporate positions at Revlon, Max Factor and Helena Rubenstein. For many years Horner worked closely with Pierre Cardin to develop new distribution concepts for his licensees

"Just like perfume, the creation of a vodka is a sensory undertaking" and "Like a fine perfume, it needs to be blended slowly and with great care. When I first met Charles it was clear that he and I both shared a passion for creating quality products. We distill our vodka in small batches, and right now it isn't easy to find. Like all luxury items it needs to occupy a special niche…....Our vodka is the smoothest you can find.'s made in America."

Thanks to our Mover and Shaker Pamela Friedman, for her excellent taste

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