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Monday, August 24, 2009

Donna Karan Introduces CASHMERE MIST LUXE EDITION Celebrating 15 Years of Seducing the Senses

“Cashmere Mist is the ultimate Modern Icon. For 15 years, it has been a worldwide passion – a soft, sensual indulgence for women to wrap themselves in year round. Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition adds a whole new level of luxury. It is my thank you to women for making Cashmere Mist what it is today.”
Donna Karan

How do we celebrate one of the world’s most beloved scents? By introducing its most luxurious version. Presenting Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition. Its ultimate cashmere embrace nuzzles the skin and intoxicates the senses. It arrives on counter this September, just in time to keep you warm for fall. Peachy Deegan just loves it!

Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition Eau de Parfum is a modern, enhanced creation of the original, concentrating on a selection of natural ingredients – the highest quality available in perfumery: Heightened notes of Watery Elements and Bergamot mingle with two Jasmine absolutes, Orange Flower, Ylang and Muget, enveloped by the creaminess of Moss, Blonde woods, Amber, Labdanum and Vanilla. The result is a concentrated impression with an unparalleled sensuous depth and texture.

Like the finest cashmere in the world, this is a luxury so personal, so exquisitely divine, it’s a gift you give to yourself, each and every day. The new Sensual Ad Campaign Stars Milla Jovovich. Fifteen years after its debut, Cashmere Mist introduces a new advertising campaign to seduce the senses. It is the third campaign for one of the most consistently best-selling fragrances in the United States. The campaign photographed by Mikael Jansson, who also shot the very first campaign, features actress Milla Jovovich misty-skinned and wrapped in cashmere, as if caught in a private moment. The message is one of pure luxury and seduction.
“You can feel the sensuality,” says Donna Karan, of the new campaign. “There’s a tactile quality to the photos that is steamy and warm, so much that you feel you can almost touch her. The effect is very seductive.” The choice of Jovovich underscores that feeling. “Milla embodies the sensuality and timelessness of Donna Karan New York,” says Karan. “She has a strength and confidence about her. There’s depth -- she’s an actress and a mother, and you sense the multi-dimensions of her life.”
Hans Dorsinville, EVP and Sr. Creative Director at Laird + Partners, Karan’s longtime advertising agency, sees this campaign as a visual evolution of the brand. “The first campaign featured a woman sitting on a rock, being one with nature. We wanted to create another such iconic campaign, only one that speaks more to a woman and the luxury of her private rituals. The environment with Milla is much more intimate, hinting at her lifestyle.”

Jovovich has a long history as a featured model for Donna Karan New York advertising campaigns, including the spring 2001 Vietnam campaign with Jeremy Irons, also shot by Jansson.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist remains the ultimate cashmere embrace, nuzzling the skin, intoxicating the senses. The new fragrance and advertising campaign debut in fall 2009 publications. But if they haven't yet arrived in your mailbox- you heard it first here on Whom You Know!


The Story of Cashmere Mist – A Modern Icon

Fifteen years ago, Donna Karan did the impossible: she bottled the luxurious sensation of wearing cashmere. Introduced in the form of a body lotion - whisper light, yet sumptuously indulgent, Cashmere Mist seduced the senses, evoking the divine feeling of cashmere against bare skin. This now best-selling sensuous scent was the result of popular demand by women across the world. Women everywhere instantly fell in love. Obsessively so. They wrote letters and called in. Many even stopped Donna Karan on the street, begging her to turn this luxe scent into a fragrance of its own. Feeling just as passionate, she agreed.

Stephan Weiss, Karan’s sculptor husband, created the now-iconic bottle, inspired by the small of a woman’s back. The bottle was sheer and frosted to convey the utter softness of what lay inside. Alongside Cashmere Mist came a wardrobe of alluring bath and body products to match.

Fifteen years ago, a star was born -- Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. Today, it remains the number four best-selling fragrance in the United States (According to NPD data of sales from July 2008 – April 2009 at the Fragrance Bar.) Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition is the ultimate birthday present of all that is luxurious and indulgent about Cashmere Mist. It is an invitation to come celebrate Cashmere Mist, created for a woman by a woman.

Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition EDP will be available in Donna Karan Collection stores, and fine department stores nationwide September 2009.

Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition EDP 1.0 oz $48.00 USD

1.7 oz $70.00 USD


Whom You Know has tried the original Cashmere Mist as well and it is a must-have for your perfume collection, as well as the other elements of the luxurious line, itemized below.


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

1.0 oz/ 30ml EDT Spray $45.00*

1.7 oz/50 ml EDT Spray $58.00*

3.4 oz/100 ml EDT Spray $78.00*

1.0 oz/30ml EDP Spray $48.00*

1.7 oz/50 ml EDP Spray $70.00*

3.4 oz/100 ml EDP Spray $90.00*

0.5 oz/15ml Perfume $150.00*

(NEW) Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition

1.0 oz/ 30ml EDT Spray $48.00*

1.7 oz/50 ml EDT Spray $70.00*

Cashmere Mist Candle 17.62 cm x 22.86cm $25.00*

The most luxurious way to light up an evening. The aromatic sensation of Cashmere Mist instantly seduces any room. An elegant accent to every décor, the lightly fragranced candle comes in a classic cylindrically-shaped frosted glass, burning for approximately 36 hours.
Cashmere Mist Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant 1.7 oz/50 g $18.00*

Noticeably effective and lightly scented, the advanced formula keeps you dry. Wetness and perspiration are controlled leaving you feeling fresh all day. Gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.

Cashmere Mist Body Powder 3.0 oz/ 8 g $39.00*

This sublime powder leaves skin feeling cool, refreshed and as soft as your favorite cashmere sweater. Dust your body with this sheer powder after moisturizing with Cashmere Mist Body Lotion or Crème. Absorbs easily without any powdery residue.

Cashmere Mist Body Lotion 6.7 oz/200 ml $40.00*

Donna Karan’s personal favorite. A luxurious, intensive treatment for all skin types, it leaves skin feeling like it’s wrapped in cashmere. The unique, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly with special ingredients that help soothe and calm the skin.

Cashmere Mist Body Crème 6.7 oz/200 ml $46.00*

Sumptuous to the touch, the ultra-rich crème moisturizer for the body leaves the skin feeling nourished and intensely moisturized. Helps improve skin texture by removing dry, flaky skin. The pampering crème absorbs easily as it seductively scents the body.

Cashmere Mist Body Oil Spray 3.4 oz/100 ml $45.00*

A sensuous way to seal in moisture. This lightweight, non-greasy body oil spray indulges skin with a combination of natural oils. Applied with an ultra-fine mist, skin is left glistening without any residue. Perfect for extra sheen on bare shoulders, chest and legs.

Cashmere Mist Body Cleansing Lotion 6.7 oz/200 ml $35.00*

Cleanse, condition and lightly scent your body with this creamy, multi-purpose cleansing lotion that rinses off easily and removes impurities without stripping skin. The gentle cleansing lotion is great for shaving legs, as well washing fine lingerie and hosiery.

Cashmere Mist Shampoo 6.7 oz/200 ml $20.00*

A luxurious shampoo that cleans and helps build volume with immediate visible results. Provides a smooth, high-gloss finish, making hair resistant to static and fly-aways. The formula is gentle enough to use everyday. Follow with Cashmere Mist Conditioner.

Cashmere Mist Conditioner 6.7 oz/200 ml $20.00*

An intensive conditioner that instantly voluminizes, detangles, and conditions hair, leaving it as soft as cashmere. Revitalizes and revives each strand from the inside out. Can be used everyday or as an intensive hair mask when left on for 15 minutes.
*All prices are Suggested Retail.

The Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Collection is available in Donna Karan Collection stores, and fine department stores nationwide.

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