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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nouveau Paris: Dusk Eau de Toilette

Nouveau Paris Dumann for Men Eau De Toilette fragrances represent distinguished tastes that are ahead of the trend. Modern, clean and sexy, Dumann for Men offers exotic and luxurious scents created with ingredients from all over the globe. These premium colognes offer textures of spices linked with exotic flowers and fruits. As with the Les Fleur Eau de Parfum for Women, they can be designed BY YOU to suit your changing lifestyle and moods. The collection offers 4 unique scents that can be worn in their pure form, or layered to transform into a new, uniquely refreshing dimension.

An air of mystery is alluded to with this notable pure scent of orange, mandarin and black currant blended with Bulgarian rose and island jasmine. Not only is the scent surprising and spontaneous, so is the wearer. Layers with Azure, Onyx and Feral. It is perfect for the upcoming fall season and is strong and pleasant without being overpowering. A classic to add to your collection!

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