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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peachy Picks Arturo's

We know we have smart readers, and last night's dining panel composed of 75% Ivy Leaguers was smart enough to reach a 100% positive vote for Arturo's to graduate to Peachy's Picks!

Arturo's was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:

It is now among Peachy's Picks! From the moment we arrived, Josephine and Joe Napolitano could not have been more gracious or accommodating and the authentic Italian food could not have been any more delicious. Their parents ARE from Italy... They had us from the very start with the Vongole Oregante-Baked Clams with Bread Crumb seasoning and the custom made salad composed of bacon, tomato, bleu cheese and romaine lettuce. This was accompanied by some of the best Fried Calamari Peachy Deegan has ever had in New York.

Located on York Avenue and 85th, Arturo's is mainly frequented by neighborhood regulars and empty tables were rare last night, as is the case usually. However, if you are not an Upper-Eastsider yourself, you should make sure you come this far east to taste the excellent cuisine Arturo's offers as it is well worth the trip. After appetizers, the Whom You Know panel sampled the Chicken Parmesean which was absolutely the best Peachy has had in New York. She even dreamed about it last night.

Normally quite decisive, it was a tough choice whether to go with the Chicken Parmesean or the top seafood choice, and Peachy went with the seafood pictured above. Served with linguine, this super-fresh seafood dish included lobster, scallops, clams, mussels, spices, white wine sauce and a ton of talent that put it all together resulting in a perfectly pleased Peachy! You are missing out on life if you have not tried this at Arturo's.

Dessert included fabulous Tiramisu and Cappuccino that awakened our senses, already heightened by such a meal! Tony did a great job as waiter with our group and was quite attentive. Lovely Italian wine accompanied our meal. Toast your glass to Arturo's success and be certain to visit it to see what success tastes like!

Our Panel commented:

"Dinner began with fried calamari and baked clams, both of which were succulent and flavorful. These appetizers were followed by a course of chicken parmesan, which was amazingly good -the red sauce was delicious as was the chicken drenched in cheese. For the main course, I had a medley of lobster tail, scallops, musels, and calamari over a bed of linguini in a white wine and garlic sauce with a bit of spice, which was wonderful. My dessert included a shared taste of tartuffo (chocolate covered gelato)--yum-- and Joe's mother-in-law's cheesecake (outstanding). Combined with the warm and friendly atmosphere provided by Joe and his wife, and the excellent Italian wines, my dinner at Arturo's was a memorable experience."

"In New York today, where storefronts are quickly turning over or becoming empty, it nice to visit a bustling restaurant that has been around for over 20 years. Although I live in the East Village and don’t often make it to the Upper East Side, I am happy to have ventured uptown to try out Arturo’s. Upon walking in I noted the friendly atmosphere; both the owner Joe, and his wife Josephina, regularly circulated to speak to their customers and I could tell they genuinely enjoy their work. The restaurant had a nice, relaxed neighborhood feel. On this weeknight I could see that this was a gathering place for groups of friends and family to catch up with each other.

Although I am an avid pasta fan, I was enticed by Joe’s endorsement of the chicken special. This was a variation of Pollo alla Scarpariello: chicken with white wine and lemon, complemented by spicy sausage and cherry peppers, as well as garlic and artichokes. The lemon and spice brought a perfect variety of flavors, and were well complemented by a mild, creamy risotto with peas. A glass of Montepulciano and a readily filled glass of water (always a sign of good service) rounded out the meal.
For dessert, I chose the cheesecake baked by Josephina’s mother; it was light and with a hint of lemon. I also enjoyed the bites of Tiramisu and Tartuffo I sampled, and they served a generous sized cappuccino. I am sure the pasta is delicious and would like to return to Arturo’s to try it another time; I have heard good things about the Bolognese sauce. For anyone looking for a tasty, comfortable restaurant on the upper east side with genuinely friendly staff, I would say to try out Arturo’s!"

"A great dining experience necessarily begins in the front of the house: the patron is greeted, seated and accommodated as if she were a family member returning for a warm, carefully-planned reunion. The quality experience continues when the patron is treated to a generous pour of the beverage of her choosing and offered tasty samplings of the back of the house’s specialties. During the evening, the conversation and solicitous attentions of the proprietors augment the gustatory pleasures available on the table. At the end of the meal, the farewells are hearty and the promises to return heartfelt.

Arturo’s Restaurant, at 85th and York Avenue, exemplified all of the qualities of an ideal dining experience. Generous pours of wine accompanied the thoughtfully-apportioned appetizers. The fried calamari, in particular, possessed the attributes of proper seasoning and breading that demonstrated the kitchen’s attention to the use of fresh, clean oil and proper timing. Eggplant parmesan had been prepared with similar enthusiasm for detail: the thin slices of eggplant were feathery and coated with a tomato sauce made from a recipe the chef surely guards, closely. The eggplant dish had been baked under a fine, scallion-speckled mozzarella that dissolved on the tongue and lingered on the palate. Dessert was an impressive affair for the eyes—and too tempting to resist for the stomach.

The evening ended, as all good adventures must, with calls for a repeat performance. In business since 1982, Arturo’s will not disappoint its guests on that count."

For more information:

The website features both a menu and a wine list.

Arturo's Italian Restaurant
1617 York Avenue (Corner 85th & York Ave.)
Free Delivery 7 Days a Week
(212) 535-4480 (212) 650-1358


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