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Friday, September 18, 2009

Argentine Designers Spring 2010- A Lovely Collection thought Peachy Deegan of Whom You Know

Although we have never been, after this fabulous show last night we feel like we took a trip to Argentina! Presented by the Office of International Trade of Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this show created awareness of some fabulous designers such as Benito Fernandez (who has super-supportive friends traveling all the way here to see his show like Mercedes!), Cardon, Eufemia, Min Agostini, and Fabian Zitta.

Benito Fernandez is known for his colorful and modern designs and in 1994 launched his haute couture line; he dresses Princess Maxima of The Netherlands. Cardon is classic and timeless and has 110 stores in Argentina. Fabian Zitta, a licensed anesthesiologist and self-taught in fashion, is worn by Katie Holmes and Pink. In 2008, Francis Ford Coppola chose Zitta to design the costumes of his latest movie "Tetro."

The five designers showcased were a great collection together, as their contrasting styles from casual and colorful to elegant and classic combined together to form quite the Argentinian look.

A fabulous job by A. Cicognani Communications also!

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