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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whom You Know Recommends Uncle Jack's Steak Sauce

Peachy picked Uncle Jack's Steakhouse:

We have featured William Jack Degel as a Mover and Shaker:

So, our distinguished Whom You Know panel was extremely excited to try their fabulous Steak Sauces! Peachy Deegan could not have been more pleased with the variety among the three flavors and found each a smashing success not only with steak, but also with other meats as well. In our Peachy's Pantry Panel, we worked with those that did dine at Uncle Jack's as well as those that did not, to see if there was any variance in opinion; however, all were in agreement that each of these sauces are to die for! The original is fabulous, the teriyaki is amazing and the barbecue is just right.


"Having dined at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, I was excited to try their bottled sauces at home. The sauces come in a traditional looking glass bottle, with a paper wrapper over the top that initially must be removed to reveal the present of tasty steak sauce! The sauces are made in small batches (the batch number is even marked on the bottle). My favorite of the three sauces is Uncle Jack’s Original Recipe Steak Sauce. It has a short list of natural ingredients with no preservatives, including San Marzano tomatoes, worcesterchire, honey, maple syrup, herbs and spices. This sauce is just right in consistency and it offers a sweet, mild flavor that compliments but does not overwhelm the steak. If you are cooking with quality meat at home, you do not need a sauce that completely overwhelms the meat. With this sauce you taste your steak but it is even tastier with a bit of the original recipe Steak Sauce. As I am health conscious, I would also like to point out that besides having no preservatives, a tablespoon on the sauce has only 5 calories and a very reasonable 55mg of sodium. While at the supermarket the other day I happened to see available for purchase steak sauce made from another famous New York Steak house, and the list of ingredients was not as simple. This sauce must be kept in the refrigerator after opening, and without preservatives I am not sure how long it stays fresh; however since it is so good I am sure most people will use it up quickly."

"For the record, Uncle Jack’s steaks are just awesome without sauce. This steak sauce is great, though, if you’re grilling some supermarket-quality meats in the backyard. I grilled up some sirloin tips and left them on the grill too long. This steak sauce saved the day!"

"The unique flavor of Uncle Jack's Steak Sauce is the perfect complement to all steaks, whether cooked indoors or on the grill. Even though I am not a fabulous cook (therefore, I go out to eat mostly!) when I do cook steak this makes me feel like I am out to eat!"


"Teriyaki sauce brings back so many happy memories of going out to steak houses with my family as a kid and this sauce made me just as happy! The exotic flavor paired with all meats- I loved it with chicken also- just made my day and made me want to visit Uncle Jack's Steakhouse in person to sample all else they have to offer!"

"I always love Teriyaki sauces, and Uncle Jack’s sesame-soy Teriyaki Marinade does not disappoint. The sauce is a pretty dark color with bits of sesame seeds, ginger and garlic perfectly distributed throughout. The flavor was everything I want in a teriyaki sauce. I used it as a dipping sauce for my steak, but it is labeled as a marinade and I plan to test it out in this manner soon! As a main ingredient of a teriyaki marinade is soy sauce, this sauce is higher in sodium than the original steak sauce. However it is packed with flavor and one does not need to use much! I have tried several other teriyaki marinades and I definitely think this is my favorite one."

"Before I even broke the seal on Uncle Jack’s Teriyaki Marinade, I knew it was going to be a winner. You can see the spices and sesame seeds floating around the bottle, and that can’t be a bad thing when you’re flavoring meat. I used the marinade to flavor some chicken and since I actually planned ahead, I was able to marinate the meat overnight. While many sauces or marinades may burn while grilling, this marinade provided a tasty caramelization on the outside and a moist, flavor-filled inside. Uncle Jack’s offers a little more than basic brown sugar and soy in this tasty marinade. A winner."


"Let me recommend this sauce for any pulled pork or pulled chicken dish. Need a quick and easy meal? Throw 4 or 5 large chicken breasts into a crockpot with a bottle of Uncle Jack’s bbq sauce, a can of cream of “something” soup, one packet of onion soup mix. Let it cook the day away while you’re working or whatever. When you get home, shred the chicken or pork and serve in a hamburger bun. This recipe has been a favorite of mine for some time, but Uncle Jack’s took it to a whole new level."

"The Barbecue sauce dresses up steak like none other. The fabulous flavor is exquisite without being too sweet or tangy to a commercial degree. I felt like a true gourmet using this!"

"Finally, I sampled the Uncle Jack’s Barbecue Sauce. This sauce would go well with any beef, ribs, or chicken and it has a very traditional BBQ taste. It has a flavor of hickory wood smoke; use this sauce and your guests will think you have spent years perfecting your art of BBQ!"

Our parting comment:
"I actually think it is fun to have all three sauces at the table at once to add variety to every bite of your dinner, but if I had to choose one I would start with the original steak sauce because it is both delicious and healthy, and low in sodium (which is rare is most bottles sauces and marinades)!"
Whom You Know endorses and recommends all three versions of Uncle Jack's Steak Sauces!

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