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Monday, October 19, 2009

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm! How did we ever live without it?

Whom You Know is nearing our 2,000th post and we have tried many, many products and only tell you about the ones we love.  We love the Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm because it solves problems, holds a unique place in the market, and enables us to look great and feel great.

The revolutionary shoe survival balm was designed to protect and soothe from rubbing-induced fashion abuses endured on a daily basis.  Sidewalk skincare’s convenient solution provides a high-performance, long-lasting barrier against skin irritations brought on by pounding the pavement in our favorite shoes.  While protecting your skin with the exclusive jojoba blend, shoe survival balm also nourishes with lavender oil & dandelion extract. 

Stylish enough for your birkin, yet slim enough for your back pocket, sidewalk skincare’s shoe survival balm is your best defense against finding yourself in a birkin...stock. (Horrors!  Peachy Deegan has never put one of those on her feet.)

You won’t know you lived without it!  Formulated, designed & manufactured in the United States which we think is fabulous as well.

Shoe survival balm’s devotees are stiletto addicts, maiden-voyagers of the mule, and elastic-afflicted flats-wearers, but it isn’t limited to footwear woes. 

The balm can be also used against irritating tags, itchy fabrics, and irksome bra straps.  

Endurance athletes are opting to use shoe survival balm over typical sports formulas, discovering it works better and more efficiently.

A thin, invisible coating of non-greasy, protective balm is all you need to nourish, repair and protect throughout the day.  Slip it in your pocket or purse for reapplication on-the-go if your plans call you to your feet all-day or all-night long.

Sidewalk shoe survival balm is free of petrochemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, and they are against animal testing.  (We at Whom You Know are pleased to test it!)

They worked with experts in the skincare field over several years to perfect the science behind the high-performance, convenient stick. Their naturally-derived ingredients are gentle, ethical, & highly effective:

The most stable of natural oils, jojoba acts like a wax, providing a long-lasting protective layer. 

They chose a naturally-derived synthetic beeswax over nature’s original, because their preeminent purveyor’s blend mimics beeswax in a smooth consistency without stickiness or brittleness.

A natural antibacterial, this essential oil’s soothing and healing properties provide immediate comfort.

Dandelion extract’s cleansing and detoxifying agents help to heal and repair the skin.

About Sidewalk Skincare
Based on the belief that one shouldn’t have to suffer for the sake of fashion, Sidewalk Skincare’s performance balm was the dream of Jody Llewellyn.  It was her wish to create the ideal solution – equal parts protection, nourishment, and beauty accessory.

Jody’s run in with near-disaster was the night before her first NYC marathon. Channeling her inner-Carrie Bradshaw for dinner on the town, she opted for a sumptuous pair of patent heels over something more “practical”. The following day she realized perhaps she erred in judgment.  Nearly hobbled by her fashion choice, she thought, “athletes have secret formulas to prevent blisters and redness -- why isn't there a performance foot balm for everyday? there ought to be something for women on-the-go.”  

She had three criteria: it had to be chemical-free, more effective than the run-of-the mill sports balms she knew well from her triathlons & marathons, and sleek enough that it she wouldn’t feel ashamed if fell out of her evening bag. Thus, Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm was born. 

Sidewalk’s offices & manufacturing are based in San Francisco.  Its products are inspired by its hometown lifestyle, as well as the founder’s old haunts of New York & Los Angeles.

When not running Sidewalk Skincare,  Jody and her husband can be found running after their toddler son, also qualifying her as  a “mompreneur,” and the brilliant woman is also an Ancient! 



If your city does not recycle their #7 abs plastic container, they will provide customers with an address shipping code and gladly recycle it for them.  All you need to do is contact, or (415) 776-6000.  

Their pledge to quality
Sidewalk believes it need not sacrifice performance & luxury to formulate safely.  Their ingredients are all naturally-derived.  They do not use parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrance, and are against animal testing.  All packaging, including shipping materials, are either made of recycled content, or recyclable.

Giving back

Sidewalk Skincare is committed to giving back to the community.  They pledge 10% of the net proceeds to programs that inspire them, including the local chapter of the boys and girls clubs; girlventures, a non-profit empowering girls through outdoor adventures and creative arts; and, creative visions foundation, formed to celebrate the late photographer Dan Eldon and others like him who use their creativity as a means of positive social change. 

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Our fabulous Whom You Know panel said:

"Shoe Survival Balm....Is everything the name says...Survival for your feet while wearing the latest fashionable footwear.  Everyone should try this out.   The fresh scent of the jojoba, lavender oil, and dandelion extract makes me feel like I just had a spa foot massage!  The balm applies so smoothly that I can gently slip on my snug loafers and pumps.  It is non-greasy and smells refreshing.  As a hostess at an elegant restaurant who needs to dress up every night in heels, this is my savior.   I am on my feet for hours and this is a welcome relief.  My feet did not feel uncomfortable at any moment during my day of standing and shuffling around the restaurant.  Also,  I have a pair of loafers that I love, but on one heel always leaves a blister everytime I wear them.  All I have to do is apply this balm to my heel and I am safe to wear my favorite loafers without the fear of a nasty blister.   This is an awesome and very useful product that I will apply to my feet daily!  I am a loyal customer forever."

"After a long day of shopping at Bendels followed by a evening gallery opening in SoHo, I cannot help but complain about my aching feet. But a true Fashionista would never sacrifice her LV’s and Prada boots for a pair of orthopedics. Now you do not have to! Jody Llewellyn, founder and CEO, and fellow Ancient, has come to our rescue with her miracle product Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm. Designed to protect and soothe pressure points and prevent blisters, Sidewalk’s Shoe Survival Balm does the trick. It’s exclusive jojoba blend protects your skin and its lavender oil and dandelion extract adds extra nourishment. It also gives your feet a clean and fragrant scent and who doesn’t want that.  Ready to start skipping in your Manolos! You can purchase the Survival Balm for $18 a tube at and if you buy two or more, the shipping is free.  As they say at Sidewalk Skin Care, 'You won’t know how you lived without it!'"

"Every morning I hit the gym for a run, all day I wear heels to work, from work and at work....we are talking 4" minimum, at night I hit the town...with my heels.  All this really takes a toll on my feet.  It doesn't seem to matter how many pedicures I get, my shoes still rub.  Until now....I was so excited to receive my Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm.  First impressions....the packaging is so chic.  When you open the small box you will find a modern, silver container, it looks like a mini deodorant.  You immediately smell the beautiful lavender scent.  It is so easy to carry around with you as it is so small.  As per the instructions I dapped Survival Balm right onto my toes that were looking a little red.  This really works, it really did as promised and created a very comfortable layer between my toe skin and where my shoe fits (or rather rubbed).  My toes felt silky smooth after application with no greasy residue.  The balm immediately moisturized the areas I placed it on.  I am really hooked on this also provides good relieve for just tired toes.  It only contains beeswax and essential oils, so this is very natural.  Let's face it girls...we are not giving up the heels anytime soon, so give this a try!"

"Shoe Survival Balm by Sidewalk Skincare is a Godsend!  After a summer of flip-flops and sandals, getting back into the 'work shoes' has been no picnic.  Between the blisters and the chafing (and the leftover dry cracked heals from wearing the sandals and flip-flops!) getting into my fall favorites had been anything but easy.  And then I was introduced to Shoe Survival Balm.  After weeks of complaining and switching shoes daily to avoid being sore in the same spot for two days in a row, I experienced my first pain-free day after just one application.  I even waited until I was at work and starting feeling the pinch before I applied it because I didn’t want to be thanking the Balm for a day that might have been pain free without it.  An hour into my day and about ten flights of stairs later, I was rushing back to my office to give it a try.  And it worked!  I sat at my desk and discretely opened the applicator.  I applied the Balm (it glides on like anti-perspirant) and was immediately struck by the scent.  I’m sick of the foot creams and treatments that smell like peppermint candies.  Shoe Survival Balm smells much more like the aromatic oils used during a professional massage.  The best part is that at the end of the day I didn’t need a massage!  Shoe Survival Balm soothed my sore spots and helped protect sensitive areas throughout the day.  Now, I don’t leave home without it!"

"Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm is encased in a very convenient sleek container.  It is handy to use and/or travel with.  With a twist of your fingers you dispense the penetrating balm with this long-lasting protection without stickiness to your feet.  Just soothing elixirs invigorate your feet and ease the wearing of any shoe.  The joba esters foundation eases the trying on and wearing of any and all shoes!  With the beeswax your dry and/or cracked feet feel immediate relief, while the essential lavender oil calms, and the dandelion extract soothes...pure enjoyment!  Can be used to quickly, revitalize any dry, cracked or chafing skin in an instant.  Made with the finest ingredients, without parabens, petrochemicals or animal testing AND in the U.S.A.  ALL AMERICANS SHOULD USE AND SUPPORT THIS WELL-DESIGNED AND USEFUL PRODUCT!  THANK YOU  !!!"

"This product, called shoe survival balm, lives up to its name.  It is an invisible moisiturizing balm that you apply to your feet so that they can happily fit into your shoes--which you love but happen to rub you the wrong way.  It comes in  a chic silver dispenser.  The dispenser will fit neatly in your purse.  It can be used when shoes are off on cracked heels.  Or it can be applied wherever your skin is rubbed or chafed.  The product is natural.  It is made without parabens, petrchemicals and animal testing.  It contains jojoba--which doesn't stick, to your skin.  It contains lavender oil which calms.  And it contains dandelion extract which soothes.  If you have feet problems of any kind, this product is a godsend!  It allows you to prevent sore spots from rubbing against the shoe and causing discomfort. It allows you to dance all night!

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm by Sidewalk Skincare.

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