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Friday, November 20, 2009

DAYLIGHT: Peachy Deegan has BREAKFAST AT SOTHEBY'S Kerry Taylor Auctions in Association with Sotheby's to Sell a Historic Collection of Audrey Hepburn Couture and Accessories

Peachy Deegan has been busy as ever and this morning was no exception: she had Breakfast at Sotheby's!  It was a delight to meet Lauren and hear Kerry Taylor's wonderful presentation of what will be auctioned on Tuesday, December 8th in London!  ALL MANHATTANITES: THIS IS SOMETHING TO SEE.  It is in Manhattan only this weekend, so visit Sotheby's:

November 21st and November 22nd from 10 to 5pm.  Of course, Sotheby's is at 72nd and York.

Above: A Givenchy domed jade green velvet hat, 1964

The total collection is 36 pieces plus accessories, and the highlights have been transported to Manhattan for our viewing this weekend.  We are so lucky!  It is our understanding this is the only viewing in America.  Hepburn's rags to riches story is inspirational to all and these have survived through the good care of a friend of hers who received them from Audrey in Europe, prior to Audrey's move to America.  As she lived through the war, Hepburn did not want to waste her beautiful clothes so she gave them to her friend! Also included are letters she wrote- we like how she mentioned her love for ice cream in them!  

The venue for the auction is La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London.
The details of the exhibition we will mention after this weekend, because we want you to concentrate on visiting this fabulous exhibit at Sotheby's in New York this weekend!!!  Items date from 1953 to the late 60's and includes dresses by Valentino, Elizabeth Arden and Hubert de Givenchy.

Below: A Givenchy haute couture shocking pink silk crepe sheath, Autumn-Winter 1966-67
Audrey modeled a variation of this gown and was photographed for US Vogue by William Klein for the October 15th 1966 issue 

Hepburn was not just a film star: she was one of the style icons of the 20th Century and this is an exhibit not to miss!!  Her trademarks are of course her simple elegance and it is amazing to see the actual pieces that she wore.  When available, photos of her wearing the items are displayed.  We look forward to speaking with Kerry Taylor more about this exciting topic!

Below: A Givenchy haute couture turquoise cloque silk cocktail gown, Autumn-Winter 1966
She wore this to promote "Two for the Road"

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