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Friday, November 6, 2009

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Arthur Chi'en, three-time Emmy Award winning Reporter/Host, WPIX-TV Channel 11

Arthur Chi'en is a three-time Emmy Award winning Reporter/Host currently with WPIX-TV Channel 11 in New York. Joining the station in 2005 his General Assignment duties focus on the PIX News at Ten reporting on a wide range of national and local stories including the Transit Strike, the Miracle on the Hudson and the Sean Bell Shooting.

Beginning in 2009, Arthur can also be seen as the Host of PIX's food show "Dining PIX" a series of 30-minute original specials featuring top local restuarants, hidden food spots and entertainment segments.

Chi’en attended Columbia University and began his journalism career in 1993 at NBC News, working his way up as a Producer for NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and as a New York Bureau Producer for the Today Show. Also a member of the Specials Unit, he covered several high profile events from hurricanes to plane crashes to major trials including the Crash of TWA Flight #800 and the Megan Kanka Murder trial. His other assignments there include the Oklahoma City Bombing, the arrest and subsequent trial of O.J. Simpson and election coverage for Decision ’94, ’96.

In 1998 Chi’en left the producing ranks to join New York 1 in New York as a Reporter. During his 4 years there he covered a variety of subjects, from hard news to features, to investigative work. While he found an expertise in transportation, the September 11th Attacks and the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal took over a bulk of his work in his later years there. In 2002 Chi’en moved to Boston as a General Assignment Reporter for WFXT Fox 25, eventually returning to New York for WCBS-TV as a General Assignment Correspondent. During his time there he covered national and international events such as Hurricane Frances and the devastating Tsunami in South East Asia.  Whom you know is so pleased to present him as our latest Mover and Shaker!  Peachy Deegan interviewed Arthur Chi'en for Whom You Know.

Peachy Deegan: When did you realize you wanted to be on TV and why? 
Arthur Chi'en: Born and raised in NYC, I grew up watching old schoolers like David Diaz and Pablo Guzman with wonder. Reporters with their fingers on the pulse of the city, fearless, involved. It was always in the back of my mind as I headed into Finance. Very glad I took the time to try out broadcast television, it has been an amazing experience.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while on air? 
Have had a few good laughs over the years, usually when things don’t go as scripted. That’s when everyone’s true personality emerges.

Peachy Deegan met you while you were in a cooking contest with Chris Wragge, whom we have featured, and another anchor.  What was that like?  You won? 
I did win, but Chris Wragge and Harry Martin made it very very tough. We all know each other and respect each other so it was tons of laughs. We all work hard to serve our audience, its fun to compete on another forum.

Congratulations on your Emmies; what does it take to win one in your opinion? 
A lot of luck, experience, the trust of your bosses and the ability to live in a receptive state (not your typical trait in New York).

What stories have you enjoyed covering the most and why? 
There is an amazing ability we all have in the face of conflict that really highlights our character. My favorite stories have been where people have risen the moment they were needed most. They’re not necessarily rich, nor powerful.. just full of excellence.

What or who has had the most influence on your pursuit of excellence? 
My Family, my friends, and my mentor Phil Buckman. He keeps me on point.

What is your favorite place to be in Manhattan? 
Chinatown, it’s a lot closer than China.

What is your favorite shop in Manhattan?
I love finding fun disposable items at H&M and Forever 21 armed with my shopping buddy/photo editor Sharon Suh.

What is your favorite drink? 
A Mojito, and this is important: with a good Tequila instead of rum.

What is your favorite restaurant in Manhattan?
IL Bagatto. The place is like my kitchen, the people are my family.

What is your favorite Manhattan book?
Stories that weave real New York history with crime sagas, for example, Caleb Carr.

What has been your best Manhattan athletic experience? 
Running the marathon in 2001. The support of strangers was so heartwarming during such a difficult time.

What is your favorite thing to do in Manhattan that you can do nowhere else? 
Shop in SoHo, visit museums, play Volleyball by Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park.

What has been your best Manhattan art or music experience? 
From NuBlu to Smalls, Gates to Sway, hearing amazing musicians and dj’s perform at clubs, and all just for the love of it.

What do you think is most underrated and overrated here? 
Most underrated without a doubt is the compassion of New Yorkers, great people. Most overrated, sawwwreeee, the Meatpacking District. Which I preferred when it actually *was a meat packing district (don’t get me started on the loss of Florent).

Other than Movers and Shakers of course, what is your favorite Whom You Know column and what do you like about it?
Peachy's Picks-restaurants you recommend-because it is all about the food.. and I love hearing about which places people like.

What else should Whom You Know readers know about you?
I love food. Naturally, good food.

How would you like to be contacted by Whom You Know readers? 
Twitter, Facebook.. I’m on television so I’m not hard to find. ;)

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