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Friday, November 20, 2009

NIGHTLIGHT: Divalysscious Moms Enjoy a Fabulous Soiree Hosted by Ivanka Trump at her Boutique featuring Ivanka's new Book: The Trump Card. Lyss Stern did a GREAT job again!

The most divalysscious Moms in Manhattan last night enjoyed a lovely evening with Ivanka Trump, author of "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life."  Not only are such divalysscious occasions wonderful opportunities to meet other accomplished mothers and a chance to bond, but they also can be wonderful shopping opportunities as the one last night was!  Attendees enjoyed a Divalyssious discount....there were many jewels on display worthy of Rock Your Body!  A raffle was also held which was another highlight of the evening.

Lyss Stern is a fabulously gracious host always, but if you have been reading Whom You Know, you know when we were only a few weeks old we started covering this fabulous group at the equally fabulous Julien Farel Salon, where Suelyn and Julien were also gracious hosts, with Lyss's book launch: we recommend the book, and we do hope the martinis are made with Star Vodka!

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