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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Prolonging Summertime Fun Straight from Midtown Manhattan with
Fresh Home Made Gelato, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Crispy Panini, Sweet & Savory French Crêpes and Much More

Not quite ready for sweaters and scarves and blustery forecasts? Neither is Peachy Deegan!  Lucky for New Yorkers, Melt Café & Gelato Bar (1053 2nd Avenue, (between 55th & 56th) NY, NY 10022; Tel (646) 329-6445; has opened its doors and is serving up freshly made Italian gelato, sorbetto and frozen Italian yogurt daily, along with Italian panini, French crêpes, salads and wraps and the richest Italian coffee.  Already a popular chain across the US, this new store in Midtown East marks Melt’s first entry into the New York City dining scene. Now open 7 days a week, with these tasty treats that are so sinfully rich tasting and yet so guilt-free on the waistline, you’ll be hard pressed to not come back for more!  

Specializing in ‘Italy’s ice cream,’ Melt offers more than 50 flavors of gelato, sorbetto and yogurt from blood orange and strawberry to tiramisu and cookie dough. The intense flavors and creamy texture come from the density not the fat.  Melt’s sorbetto and frozen yogurt flavors are fat free, while the gelato flavors have significantly lower fat content than regular ice cream. 

“Our primary goal is to offer the customer supreme quality products using the finest ingredients while at very affordable prices.  We strive for every ingredient on the menu to be healthy, natural, low in fat, salt and calories.  Currently 60% of all Melt’s sweet items (gelato & crepes) have calories counts of between 60 and 200 calories and 45% of our savory items have calorie counts of below 500,” said Clive Barwin, Founder & CEO Melt Café & Gelato Bar. 

Looking to satisfy a bigger hunger? Melt’s panini are prepared to order and range from breakfast combos of ‘Bacon, Egg & Cheese,’ to simple decadence like ‘Just Cheese’ to traditional Italian combos such as ‘Parma,’ made up of prosciutto, spinach, shaved parmigiano, and olive oil.   

Additionally, Melt’s trained staff will whip up freshly made crepes from savoury to sweet, including ‘Parisian,’ - ham, fresh poached eggs, cheese; ‘Andalusian,’ - avocado, spinach, tomato and cheese; ‘Banana Caramel,’- fresh banana, nuts, caramel sauce and whipped cream; or ‘Strawberry Royale,’ - fresh strawberries, banana, nutella and whipped cream. 

“New Yorkers will appreciate the authenticity of our products.  Our gelato recipes are created by one of Italy’s leading gelato makers and are made fresh in our store every day. We also take pride in our blend of traditional Italian flavors with a more eclectic American style,” said Joe Sparacello, Owner Melt Café & Gelato Bar New York.

Sparacello and his business partner and brother-in-law Gino Parente both put a great deal of time and effort into the design of Melt Café & Gelato Bar New York.  Adding stainless steel to the traditional brown and white Melt colors, they created a contemporary looking Melt café with a New York edge look and feel. 

Founded in 2003 by CEO & President Clive Barwin, Melt has since expanded across the US and currently has 22 franchise locations in more than five states.  Each Melt store carries the same dedication to delivering a quality product and unique concept reflecting traditional gelaterias popular in Italy.    

About Melt Gelato®

Melt Gelato was founded by Clive Barwin in 2003.  The menu offers 50 flavors of gelato, sorbetto and yogurt piled high with fresh ingredients, sweet and savory crepes, Italian panini, wraps, salads, smoothies, Italian Iced drinks, and rich brewed Italian specialty coffee.  With 20+ franchise-owned locations and rapidly expanding within its existing and new territories, Melt Gelato is introducing North America to the centuries old, traditional snack foods of Europe and creating the ultimate European Café. 

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